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Successful performance appraisal conversations are the key to overall performance and growth. Traditional appraisals are boring and a source of headaches for both HRs and employees. Thus, new methods with HRMS software are coming into view to make the performance appraisal conversation smooth and easy. 

Success-driven organisations know human resource management software benefits. Some benefits are better-working relationships, the ability to undertake succession planning, improved motivation, and enhanced employee engagement. 

Calculating and performing these conversations periodically can be difficult without the use of a good human resource management system.

A good performance conversation strategy helps managers to motivate employees and drive success in the organisation. It creates and fosters a safe working environment where employees are free to express themselves, avoid unnecessary burdens, and ask for guidance when facing hurdles. Let’s explore and further know more. 

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Best Five Tips for Performance Appraisal Conversations

To prepare an effective performance appraisal conversation, we have listed the five best tips below for HRs and managers to implement for overall productivity. The points ensure a balance between both employer and employee and help them to maximise business efficiency.

  1. Use the right tone and language 

We don’t release, but sometimes the tone of the sentence can destroy everything. To make your performance conversation smooth, create a safe environment where employees can freely express themselves. 

Your words play a significant role in the whole scenario. They can either motivate employees to perform best or lower employee engagement and increase the turnover rate. To deal with it efficiently, you have to focus on the business behaviour or performance and not on the individual employee. 

In this case, try to focus on constructive and honest feedback so employees can work on their skill sets for the greater good and be complacent. This helps you to build a positive or progressive work culture. 

  1. Offer regular feedback

Regular feedback helps the employer to know the status of improvement in the employee’s performance which can’t be helpful by taking an annual performance review. 

Discuss the problems with your employees on a regular interval so that you can arrange some training and development programs to keep them updated in their fields. 

The performance appraisal conversation helps to deal with the performance issue and solve it as soon as possible. 

Try to give feedback humbly and politely, and always give specific examples for clear understanding. Make this a habit and see the difference you will feel in the working style of your employees. Continuous evaluation helps in continuous improvement and success.

  1. Celebrate success 

Employee performance increases when they see that their hard work matters to the company. Celebrating the success and rewarding the hard work through social intranet helps your remote employees to interact better and get engaged with the company’s daily happenings. 

It is one of the best ways to empower them and boost their esteem about their work. 

Flashing their names on the main dashboard of HRMS in India motivates and encourages them to maintain or increase their job performance. 

Their work should impact the business and give success to their personal and the company’s goals. The more employees perform, the more the company will grow. With this ripple effect, employees can plan their employee journey with complete psychological safety in mind. 

Plus, celebrating success in front of other team members helps to motivate everyone to do their best. In no time, it can become a pattern which shifts the company culture radically to attract and invite more top performers. 

  1. Align individual and business objectives 

When the objective of the company and the employees are the same, there is no end to the success teams can achieve together. 

The workforce must know their role and purpose and work together to reach the same objective. Working together builds a greater sense of belonging, loyalty, and commitment. So, it increases and improves employee retention scores in the long run. 

The conversation related to recording progress, role expectations, and identifying employee strengths and limitations helps HRs to act and make better business decisions. 

Your employees must understand what the organisation is trying to achieve, and how. Their roles and responsibilities must be aligned together to achieve the same goal. 

There will be less discrepancy when managers and executives are on the same page. They achieve targets on time and know how to do it well for others to join the race of achieving bigger milestones with pride. 

  1. Align expectations for your employees

Performance appraisal conversations happen more often when employees aren’t achieving goals or objectives as per their area of expertise. 

You can address your workforce and understand the areas where the real problems lie. Give your employees the freedom to explore themselves and know their roles in depth. 

They should know beforehand when and where the meeting will take place so that they can prepare themselves. It will help employees to make themselves clear and well prepared.

They should know what is going to be discussed, and keep themselves confident and motivated throughout the meeting. The preparation must be enough to know questions the manager or HR might ask. There should be clear communication between everyone in such meetings to get the right download on the responsibilities to perform.


It’s time for your traditional performance appraisal system to need an upgrade. Opt for the latest human resource management technology and look for a personalised tool that can modernise your appraisal process effectively. 

The bottom line is to choose an HRMS that enhances the ability of your workforce in the long run. uKnowva HRMS enables quick and easy performance feedback from team members, managers, and customers. It will help you to see the area where you are lacking behind. The improvements are going to be consistent when you trust the mobile-enabled and paperless performance management system at uKnowva.  

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Why are performance appraisal conversations needed?

Performance appraisal conversations are needed to provide feedback, evaluate employee performance, set goals, identify areas for improvement, recognise achievements, align expectations, foster employee development, enhance communication, and make informed decisions regarding promotions, compensation, and training needs, ultimately improving overall organisational performance.

What are the benefits of performance appraisal?

Performance appraisals provide several benefits, including improved employee performance and productivity, identification of skill gaps, alignment of employee goals with organisational objectives, enhanced communication and feedback, recognition of achievements, and informed decision-making for promotions, rewards, and development opportunities.

In what ways can it be increased in the company?

Performance appraisal can be increased in a company by implementing clear evaluation criteria, providing regular feedback and coaching, encouraging employee self-assessment, promoting a culture of continuous improvement, offering training and development opportunities, and ensuring the process is fair, transparent, and aligned with organisational goals.

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