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According to the various studies by Great Place To Work, we’ve seen that strategic Singapore HR leadership impacts the bottom line of the native companies. In the long run, such companies in Singapore face issues related to improving productivity, discipline, operational effectiveness, and general business performance. 

Singapore companies have a strong sense and need for constant and serious innovation. The need has grown at least twice or more with the involvement and emergence of AI in 2023. 

So, this blog will help you understand at a great length when you want to know how Singapore HR leadership can maximise business output at all levels without roadblocks or interruptions.

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5 Steps for Strategic Singapore HR Leadership to Maximise Business Output

Analyse and democratise data available to the stakeholders.

Singapore HR leaders need to access data on time. They must not depend on the external approval of the super admin when they are in a higher position in the firm. This data is like an enabler to the HR leaders for gauging the right workplace condition regarding potential and performance. 

The democratisation of data would mean that there will be fewer approval chains when accessing the data. However, the entry to the portal must be highly encrypted and safe to protect the safety and security of the consented employee data in Singapore firms. 

Analysing the data in the unified portals is one way to strengthen the HR leadership in Singapore. HR leaders or people managers would know if their teams are working as per expectations. If not, they must sign their teams up for rightful coaching and mentoring sessions without delays. 

Leverage personalised dashboards for categorising the star performers.

Singapore HR leadership takes a sharp turn and evolves continuously when the HR leaders have the right tool and power to categorise their best performers. They need this data and categorisation at a team level. Thus, the personalised dashboard experience is a must-have here. 

With the personalised dashboard, people managers can tweak the 9-box grid view. They will know how many team members under their leadership are doing well, great, bad, or poor. This grid hints them to take the right step as a course correction to maximise the output of each deployed individual on the project. 

Also, if the person they are viewing or profiling is performing terribly and has no more scope for improvement in the firm, the leader would know when and how to make the harsh decision to let them go or help them find a better opportunity.

Follow a continuous chain of feedback with your team members. 

Set up a process even in the Singapore HRMS software or portal to give team members frequent feedback. They need to know how they perform each month or quarter to improve their performance for the next period. 

The serious ones will be interested in the feedback and would like to discuss the shortcomings in depth to know if they can improve their performance despite the situation. 

The ones who have no interest will show no improvement. At that time, strategic decisions have to be made regarding Singapore HR leadership practices and approaches. 

That can also mean putting the underperforming person in the PIP plan or giving them the ultimatum to improve their performance within the duration. 

Provide automated tools for humans to work with passion and concentration.

As an HR leader in Singapore, you must provide your staff with the latest AI tools to reduce their workload when it comes to completing daily mundane work on time. 

AI Suggest, CV Parser, Chatbots, Auto-save, and Auto-writing tools are such examples for HR and their staff to reduce their work drastically. These tools and features help them to reduce their manual effort in Google research. 

They can generate job descriptions with interview questions within 15-30 seconds. This activity took easily an hour or more earlier with manual efforts from the recruiter. 

So, when a recruiter can save an hour for every new person to hire and interview, imagine the rapport they can create in the market. They can be the torchbearers or company ambassadors when recruiting for top talent without wasting time on creating job templates.

Provide platforms for your teams to learn on the move. 

Singapore HR leadership can help people managers garner better business output with an improved skill set. Each worker or employee can do multiple tasks if they are eager and want to explore new avenues in the same firm. 

This topic is closely related to empowering team members to be change-ready, flexible, and agile. Today, we live in brittle, non-linear, and anxious times. 

So, team members, especially from the knowledge industry, have to keep learning new skills and programs and be proficient in using and leveraging new AI and online tools. 

uKnowva helps HR leaders offer that with our eLMS function. Employers can upload new courses and training episodes there. Employees learn new content on the go, downloading the same after the permission to do so is granted by their immediate manager or supervisor. 

The people analytics syncs the data from this function to know who is adept at learning new tools, sessions, courses, or chapters. 


Find five steps to conclude the outcomes of the Singapore HR leadership when you implement intelligent, future-ready, and AI-forward tools like uKnowva in your organisation. 

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