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Personal development is a must-have strategy or roadmap to achieve your professional and personal goals. So make this roadmap an integral part of your New Year resolutions today. Prioritise your career goals this year and reinvent your personal growth journey. 

Wait no more for others to invest in you for lifelong learning. Rather, make continuous learning a habit when you are working with intelligent and intuitive HRM software with a heart. By that, I seriously mean that you can tread on a professional growth path with endless learning opportunities. 

Software like ours helps you to move with grace, integrity, and intelligence in life when you enroll in online courses recommended by the system personally for you. 

If you’re ready to devise a professional development plan this new year to acquire new skills, read the post ahead. I will introduce you to the steps to help yourself and your teams in the workplace to get smart and personal career goals like a pro. 

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How to set up a skill development plan for your employees this new year?

You need smarter tools to develop career advancement and skill development plans this year. Read the inferences below to relate the most to enhance the productivity of your team members from pre-hire to post-retire. 

  • Identify the top performers from the rest of the lot. 

The first and foremost thing to do when implementing and devising a career development plan and skill enhancement is to know your top performers. Know who they are, what their traits are, how they manage their time, how often they upskill, etc. 

Leverage the 9-box grid in the personalised dashboard of uKnowva to identify 9 different types of employees in your organisation. Then, proceed further to talk to the star performers to help elevate the level of others in the team. 

Try to replicate their work-life balance for your team members if they, too, find it productive. Let your top performers mentor and coach the rest of the team to motivate them to do better this quarter. 

  • Survey your employee expectations this new year. 

Roll out a sensitive, empathetic, and considerate survey to your teammates. Write open-ended questions there and let the employees jot down their new year skill enhancement expectations. 

Know what type of personal development plan they want to develop for lifelong learning. Let employees write down what drives them to work, what motivates them, and what changes they want to bring in the next quarter. 

Analyse the answers to these surveys and plan a course of action to implement the necessary changes. That means you need to execute a smarter and more purposeful professional development journey for your team members this new year. 

In fact, when you do so, your employees will respect you more. They will know you care about their growth in the firm. This time, they will start opening up to you when it comes to concerns, roadblocks, and problems. They will expect more from you and deliver the best of their potential when there is transparency on the career development plans to execute.

  • Launch a suggestion box for your employees on the portal. 

Another smarter step is to devise a suggestion box in the uKnowva portal of your organisation. This helps the HR teams and leaders to gather feedback and suggestions from every department. You can make these suggestions anonymous if you like for a faster execution objective, that is, to remove bias and change the workplace ethos that provides continuous learning opportunities to all equally. 

  • Invest in succession and manpower planning. 

That is one of the smartest strategies and approaches to invest in long-term training programs. With succession planning, you can leverage multiple tools. One such is a 9-box grid. Such models highlight the quality of your current workforce. 

Accordingly, as a HR team leader, you will know how many more employees to hire and utilise the pre-approved budgets under the manpower planning module. 

What are the top personal development opportunities to utilise in 2024?

Personal development opportunities empower employees to leverage skill-building activities. They become the most desired version of themselves when they step out of their comfort zone. That is only possible when they have enough educational resources, collaborating opportunities, and the right tools to exercise their new skills. 

So, as the time to make New Year resolutions is near, focus on the opportunities listed below. As a reporting and HR manager, you can provide these easily to your employees on the uKnowva portal. 

  • LXPs and eLMS for online courses and continuing learning opportunities.

LXPs and eLMS portals are a part of training programs to enable employees to leverage self-directed learning. LXPs recommend to employees the courses that would help them be better in their profession. It prepares them for a rapidly changing future by reading past trends and drawing an analysis for personal recommendations. 

eLMS are better for a sort of linear organisation that wants to focus on self-improvement for all. Course creators can upload multiple courses there and help employees belonging to various departments access the course content at once. It helps them reskill and upskill their existing talent and potential. 

Employees can find new courses and content uploaded in eLMS, the one which we offer to our clients. It allows super admins to grant access to various user groups. Otherwise, the reporting manager might get the notification to allow content access to their teammates. 

This chain of approval brings more transparency to the team to know who is eager to relearn, unlearn, and reskill their knowledge and expertise. 

  • Group discussions and chat messenger for successful corporate communication.

Group discussions or chat messengers, which our portal offers seamlessly, are vital sources of strengthening internal corporate communication. Everyone in the team has access to the same portal, group, or channel. 

So, there is seldom any chance of misconception or misunderstanding occurring when people belonging to the same or different teams can sort out their issues at once. Such a portal is accessible anywhere, providing mobility to the modern workforce. 

Consider this as one of your New Year resolutions to clear your differences with teammates and work in unison. 

  • AI-driven tools for improving technical skills. 

We are sliding and striding into the new dawn of AI and automation. Without these approaches, we would not be able to operate and scale our value in projects we spearhead. So, as a part of continuous learning and skill enhancement, we have to consider utilising AI tools even in the HR landscape. 

uKnowva takes this initiative and trend seriously by launching tools like AI Suggest, Chatbots, and CV Parser. We are literally on a mission to prepare the recruiter of this new generation to become the next strategic partner to the CXO-level people. 

With automation and AI, recruiters can get their mundane tasks off their plates easily – in seconds. They utilise the saved time in creating rapport with one another, finding the best talent, spotting trends, and knowing the relevant changes in the job market. 

In fact, now they will have more time to be change-ready and future-proof themselves effectively. 

  • Fostering a culture of care and praise for better emotional intelligence. 

One of the transferable skills to learn in 2024 is to care, praise, and appreciate your teammates or workers. As the world is becoming more technical and digital, we are soon forgetting how to be humans. 

But to bring back the humanised efforts in work, especially in HR, we have to learn to care with genuine heart, mind, and soul. For that, uKnowva becomes a catalyst here. We provide a social intranet platform to our clients and employees. 

On the intranet, employees or registered users can wish other people happy birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries, and any certification they learn. The network helps you to connect the system with the CMS as well. 

So, you can congratulate your team members when they publish a new piece of report, whitepaper, or case study. These small wins make a big difference in someone’s life and mind. 

They can strive to work better and be more punctual and productive when everyone treats them with respect and kindness for their emotional labour. 

  • Endorsement of skills to improve internal personal connections. 

Another one of the personal development opportunities to grasp this new year is to endorse your team members. 

Give them like, thanks, and appreciation like endorsement on the intranet itself. Show the other mates that you know that one person deserves appreciation for a skill or talent they have. 

That is a positive reinforcement to the person who is receiving extra endorsement for the skills added to their profile. 

Next time, even the reporting manager will find that person helpful who has more endorsement points to take on projects with high impact. 

  • Promoting self-reliance with a self-serving portal for effective workdays. 

Set one of the New Year resolutions this year to be more self-reliant. Take more ownership of your tasks. Do not let others define the way you work when the outcomes affect you personally. For that, you need a self-serving and intelligent tool like our HRMS. 

This tool helps you to set your own goals, KPIs, or KRAs. Later, the reporting manager will have to approve the same or make minor changes. That way, you will be honest about what you can deliver and what is slightly impossible for you right now. 

In short, this can be a lifelong learning experience for you to become an entrepreneur in your life. You can carve the best outcome for yourself when you align your goals with the organisation’s using our portal. 

Next, you can also self-rate yourself using the performance management system through the uKnowva portal. Leave remarks on your achievements and show you are adding value every day in the organisation. 


I hope this blog copy was an eye opener for you when it comes to setting new year resolutions. Now take the learnings from this copy about the personal development opportunities and plans, and start executing the same. If you are ready to take your personal and professional goals to the next level for you and your team, consider implementing uKnowva in your organisation. 

Contact us here to know more. 

FAQs on Personal Development Opportunities for the New Year 

What distinguishes an LXP (Learning Experience Platform) from traditional eLMS for personal development?

A: An LXP focuses on a more personalised and social learning experience. It utilises AI to recommend content based on user preferences, fosters collaboration through discussion forums, and adapts to individual learning styles, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

How can a self-serving portal enhance my personal development journey in the new year?

A: A self-serving portal empowers individuals to take control of their development plans. It enables easy access to learning resources, tracking progress, and setting personal goals. The portal's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and personalised experience.

Can an intelligent HRMS (Human Resource Management System) contribute to my career growth in 2024?

A: Absolutely. An intelligent HRMS goes beyond administrative tasks, incorporating features for performance management, skill assessments, and career planning. It facilitates continuous feedback, identifies learning opportunities, and aligns personal development with organisational goals.

How can a self-serving portal support collaborative learning initiatives?

A: A self-serving portal fosters collaboration through discussion forums, group projects, and shared resources. It encourages knowledge exchange among peers, creating a collaborative learning community that enhances personal development through shared experiences.

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