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In today's business world, managing human resources is super important. But, handling lots of HR paperwork the old-fashioned way with paper and files is a hassle. That's where HRMS software comes in. It's like a one-stop shop for paperless HR document storage for all HR executives and professionals in an organisation. So read more about the workings of HRMS software below to know how it helps in data storage and management at a click. 

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The Evolution of HR Document Management

Let's travel back in time a bit to see how HR paperwork has changed. In the old days, HR professionals used physical filing cabinets and tons of paper to keep track of employee data and credentials, like contact details, salary information, etc. But this system had lots of problems. It was manual, slow and not very safe. Then, as technology got better, people came up with HRMS software to save the day.

In fact, today, more than 3 Lakh users are trusting uKnowva to manage and streamline their employee data every day. 

What Is HRMS Software?

HRMS software, also known as HRIS or HRM software, is like a super toolbox for HR tasks. It helps with things like keeping records of employees, handling pay, and, more specifically, storing and finding HR documents easily.

What Does HRMS Software Do?


  • All-in-One Document Storage


HRMS software keeps all HR documents in one digital place. No more hunting through paper files - it's all right there on the encrypted portal.


  • Quick Document Search


With uKnowva HRMS software, you can find the documents you need super fast. It's much quicker than flipping through piles of paper.


  • Strong Security


Keeping HR info safe is crucial. HRMS software has lots of security features to make sure only the right people can access the documents. 

For instance, uKnowva has passed multiple VAPT-2 reports and is already GDPR compliant


  • Tracking Changes


It's important to know when something changes in a document. HRMS software keeps track of all changes, so you're always up-to-date.

Going Paperless with HRMS

So, can HRMS software really help us go paperless with HR documents? Absolutely!


  • Scanning Paper Docs


HRMS software can turn old paper documents into digital ones by scanning them. This keeps important records and saves trees. In fact, HR professionals can store their important documents in the advanced data and document repository at uKnowva in multiple formats. So, there is a factor of ease of use even when scanning and uploading their documents for the teams to review and acknowledge. 


  • Online Document Submission


Employees can send documents digitally, like signing contracts online. This speeds up HR work and uses less paper. uKnowva HR management software integrates with eMudhra to help employees or users sign the document digitally with a click or a swipe. 


  • Cloud Storage


Some HRMS systems put documents in the cloud, which means they're safe on the internet. There is no need for big filing cabinets anymore.


  • Mobile Access


HRMS software often has apps, so you can access HR documents on your phone. No more lugging around big folders of papers. uKnowva lets you log in to your account, even from a smartphone or a tablet. You can work around your team's documents and data even when you're on the move. This helps you to maintain a regular work-life balance and carry on with the best of both worlds. 

Why Going Paperless is Great?

Getting rid of paper in HR with HRMS software brings lots of benefits:


  • Saving Money


Less paper and no need for paper storage means saving cash for the company.


  • Helping the Environment


Using less paper is good for the planet. Fewer trees get cut down, and there's less pollution from making paper.


  • Working Faster


HRMS software makes HR work faster and easier. HR pros can focus on important tasks instead of paperwork.


  • Keeping Info Safe


Digital HR document storage is safer. It's harder for bad people to get your info.


Switching to paperless HR document storage with HRMS software is a smart move. It makes HR work smoother, saves money, helps the environment, and keeps info safe.

So, if you're thinking about using HRMS software for your HR tasks, remember, it's not just a tech upgrade; it's a big step toward making your HR department more efficient and eco-friendly.

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FAQs: Paperless HR Document Storage with HRMS Software

What exactly is HRMS software, and how does it help with HR document storage?

HRMS software, short for Human Resource Management System, is like a digital assistant for HR tasks. It helps HR teams store, manage, and find HR documents easily. Imagine it as a super-organised digital filing cabinet.

Can HRMS software really make our HR department paperless?

Absolutely! HRMS software allows you to scan paper documents into digital files, lets employees submit documents online, and stores everything securely in the cloud. It's like waving goodbye to paper piles.

Is my HR data safe when we go paperless with HRMS software?

Yes, it's super safe. HRMS software comes with strong security features like locking the digital doors with passwords and encryption. Your HR info is like a secret treasure chest.

What are the big advantages of going paperless in HR with HRMS software?

Going paperless saves money, helps the environment, makes HR work faster, and keeps your HR data locked away from prying eyes. It's a win-win-win-win situation!

Is HRMS software complicated to use, or do I need a tech wizard to handle it?

Nope, it's designed to be user-friendly. You don't need to be a tech genius. It's like using your favourite apps on your phone - just easier and more organised.

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