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Modern HR practices shape the way HR managers and professionals deal with the employees and the management in the office. They form policies, complete redundant admin work, and find themselves in endless feedback and follow-up loops. 

They have multiple other duties and responsibilities that go overlooked and unrecognised. However, with modern HR practices and solutions, they can become more of a strategic partner to the senior management and C-suite leaders. 

When they learn to go paperless and automate their daily work, they can have more time to handle daily escalations, improve internal communication and processes, and ensure that everyone has clarity of their roles and responsibilities from day one. 

They bring back humanised efforts in the HR department when AI tools automate time-consuming tasks. 

So, in short, modern HR tech helps HR leaders to be better at their jobs, achieve more in less time, and focus on driving purpose, passion, and productivity at every touch point, independent of the location, gender, or any information of the talent they hire/onboard. 

If you’re an HR person who wants to streamline the current cumbersome process in your organisation and match the speed of the thriving and evolving HR tech world and ecosystem, read the post below. 

It highlights multiple HR tools and solutions, which uKnowva offers to be the hero/heroine of your workday from pre-hire to post-retire. 

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What are the 11 steps to streamline your modern HR practices?


  • Become an automation-friendly organisation


Be ready to automate daily HR work in a zap. Your HR teams need this automation to reduce the workload of mundane tasks and focus on streamlining the process of complexities and escalation that arise. 

We offer a great range of automated and AI-driven tools: AI Suggest, CV Parser, Chatbots for HRs, HR Calculator, Auto-saving feature, workflow automation, etc.

HRs leverage these functionalities from pre-hire to post-retire tasks to give way to better human-AI collaboration. They have free time to focus on tasks that add more value and are not easy to quantify. 


  • Integrate important HR modules for actionable insights 


Build and create smart HR teams when they take action proactively with insights available at a click. Leverage the HR analytics and personalised dashboard we offer with our software in the full version. 

This enables HR leaders and decision-makers to turn data into actions that draw desirable impact. The working of a seamless HR analytics and personalised dashboard is possible when it collects data from dissimilar sources. 

It can be payroll, leaves, attendance, task and project management module, resignation, recruitment, etc. So, the software must integrate all these modules and sync the relevant data in analytics to create intelligent reports and insights on demand. 

These reports and dashboards are customisable for HR leaders to make the right predictions and promptly set a course of corrective action in place. 


  • Invest in a self-serving interface


When you consider investing and attending to modern HR practices, have a self-serving interface as a priority. You do not want to miss it when you want to empower your HR teams at all times to attend to their daily challenges to the best of their capabilities. 

The self-serving portal assists not only HR teams but also the staff. An average employee gets to save hours of time per week when using and surfing a self-serving portal. They can view or access the granted information like their employee details, salary slips, promotion letters, offer letters, next event in line, participate in polls, add new employees to their network, check holidays, apply for leaves, etc. 

For all this and more, they do not need the help of an HR administrator anymore. That means the role of an average HR and recruiter is becoming more strategic in nature when you implement a modern HR app and tool in place with a self-serving interface. 


  • Ditch the paperwork era


Craving to streamline your modern HR practices like a pro already? The best way is to ditch the paperwork. Ensure that every other HR activity is online on the portal. It becomes easy to track, measure, monitor, control, or waver according to the industry standards and newer policies. 

HR admins do not have to continually prove themselves and their productivity levels. For example, the portal can show how many employees a recruiter hires and how many of those are efficient, prominent, and loyal to the company. 

This shows the quality of the hire, the utilisation of the hiring portal and process, and the efficiency of the recruiter. 

Now, this work doesn’t need a paper trail when everything is online at the portal or in its backend. Recruiters don’t need to depend on Excel workbooks or sheets. They can track the candidate pool and log in to the recruitment engine itself. 


  • Be a compliance-ready organisation 


To get rid of the paperwork in the long run, you need to be a compliance-ready organisation. Have your policies, processes, and systems updated at all times when you do uKnowva. 

It means you can set reminders to file for returns or trigger actions in the workflows if the process has to be redundant. That makes the task easy for the HR admin to make the organisation compliance-ready. 

In fact, you can get consent from your employees at once digitally when you attach the new policy or document at the time they punch in. So, they have to read and digitally acknowledge the document, whether the handbook or any updated policy, before starting off their day while using the HRMS portal

This activity and feature saves HR admins time that is originally invested and wasted in following up with every employee, especially when the organisation is at a growing phase to hire more employees at scale. 


  • Blend AI tools with human intelligence at work


Human intelligence is in need – more than ever with the advent and emergence of AI tech, becoming mainstream this year with ethical purposes and lenses. Without human intelligence and intervention, jobs will be robotic and full of errors even if AI dominates the same. 

At the same time, humans cannot take the overload of the uncertain, complex, brittle, and non-linear journey ahead at work. They need time and enough breathing room to identify patterns even in the most random and perplexing times in the workplace. 

AI helps and comes to the rescue, especially for the knowledge workers. It can help automate and make redundant tasks easier by recommending the best solutions at a single prompt. 

So, recruiters can easily generate multiple job descriptions, as an example, when they use AI Suggest by uKnowva. Similarly, they get all the answers to navigating and leveraging the HRMS portal when they interact with our chatbot

It resolves all mundane queries, shares links and documents, and takes you to the right knowledge centre at uKnowva. This saves hundreds of hours of emotional labour put in by an average user when learning a new tool. 


  • Templatise and schedule reports and letters


Get to save the templates of your documents like offer letters, promotion letters, etc. Create a depository of these documents at the backend when using uKnowva. Edit them whenever you want to, and add the touch of the branding at the same time. 

Then, set timers to schedule the reports and such templatised letters to send to the chosen stakeholders. It removes the need for everyday emotional and manual labour from your end. 

Modern HR tech provides these functionalities so that you can get away from paperwork and streamline your document repository and report scheduling processes. 


  • Become a hub of virtual employee management 


Provide your teams with enough tools and elements to engage on the move. Let them create polls and events, roll out surveys and open new dialogues in the discussion forums. Large teams can connect with one another using these features. 

They also congratulate each other seamlessly on the intranet and the embedded chat process. Winning small achievements seems valuable and important when there are people to celebrate it along with you. It creates a sense of community and belonging. 

People retain themselves for longer tenures in the firm if they find that they can engage with one another with a purpose, add value, and interact like a respectable family member. 


  • Seamless leaves and attendance


Let employees control their work-life balance when they can track their leaves and attendance in a zap. They must know how many leaves they are eligible for and what the rate of their punctuality is when they mark their daily attendance. 

When a user logs into uKnowva, they can see the percentage of their attendance in the home. However, this report can be tweaked by the super admin. This report shows whether you are one of the punctual employees or not. 

It is a self-serving feature of the tool that helps you become more disciplined to log onto the system on time. Then, you can regularise your attendance if you missed out on it by common errors:

  • Lost internet connection
  • Technical error
  • Glitches in the system
  • Forgot to log in and log out on time

Your employees can see the daily attendance calendar. From there, they can manually enter the data of their attendance along with the reason to regularise. The approver gets an automated notification. So they do not have to manually follow up with the approver.

Also, leaves and attendance seamlessly integrate their data with holidays, performance management, and, ultimately, payroll. The salary calculation is also seamless after the HR manager locks the attendance for the month for everyone. 

That is why regularisation is also important for the user to ensure they are not missing out on the data that can impact their monthly dues. 

Ultimately, the entire process of recordkeeping and seamless integration is online. Employees seldom have to chase the HR manager or their immediate supervisor for approvals or follow-ups. 


  • Synchronised shift management 


HR managers need the shift management module when their staff is working on multiple shifts. Managing their attendance, leaves, holidays, and other benefits or incentives becomes tougher. 

Thus, when they use uKnowva, they can manage and automate the attendance pattern for a particular user group for a specific period. 

This helps both the user and the HR manager to not miss out on the real-time attendance markings according to the currently assigned shift of the user on the system. 

Yet again, this functionality helps HR managers get away from paperwork or dependency on Excel workbooks. In fact, our system is intelligent enough to change the shift timings after a certain period, defined by the supervisor or the ultimate approver of the roster. 


  • Communicate to collaborate 


The next modern HR practice to follow is learning to communicate and collaborate online. Often, when we do try this offline, we meet failure because of our own barriers. 

Some of us are introverted and shy. Some do not have patience, and others might feel awkward and confused when they are asked to initiate and break the ice to collaborate with different team members. Also, such conversations usually do not have a trail to follow back on. 

Conquer this hurdle easily when on the social intranet. We provide you with the chat messenger. Talk to the person directly on the chat and ask them for the opportunity to collaborate. Follow up with the last message that never gets lost in the chain of other information or communication with different people.

This channel of communication makes even the most introverted people masters of communication. They can do this regularly to connect and create a rapport with people from various departments, and that too, without having to leave their office or workspace. 


In this blog, I talked about 11 modern HR practices which every modern HR generalist, recruiter, or talent manager can follow. They can easily let go of the paperwork and Excel workbooks. 

They also learn to automate daily boring and time-consuming tasks. What remains is what matters to them and the organisation. Their creative, analytical, and decision-making skills are tested when they streamline 150+ HR modules in a zap with uKnowva. 

Contact us now. 

FAQs on Modern HR Practices

  • Why are modern HR practices important for HR leaders in 2024?

We are living in the BANI - Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, and certainly Incomprehensible times because of the daily business complexities that we deal with. Thus, it puts pressure on the HR admin and leaders to level up their game when it comes to conquering their day. So, they need to implement modern HR practices in 2024 to streamline their processes, acting out as the strategic partner to the C-suite leaders to garner the best output.

  • Are all modern HR practices easy to follow?

Not all practices might be easy to follow or understand initially. However, the HR admin, leader, and professional must be keen to learn. These practices are, though, pretty easy to implement with an intelligent and easy-to-use uKnowva instance. 

  • Can modern HR practices save HR’s time and effort?

Yes. That is why these modern practices are meant to be implemented. Once done, these allow HRs to have more time and control over their daily tasks and deliverables. 

  • What skills must an HR professional have to follow and implement modern HR practices?

An HR professional and leader must be equipped with skills like digital dexterity and intelligence, communication, eagerness to learn, curiosity in the workplace, humility and humbleness despite their position and power in the organisation, hunger to achieve more with less efforts, and drive to motivate team members to work smart for better and greater business impact. These are just a few skills and attributes to nurture and imbibe in one’s character when planning to implement modern HR practices and get ahead of the competition for astonishing business opportunities and results. 

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