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The HR tech trends for 2023 are changing and reshaping the new world of work. Change is evident everywhere in the HR world, from work locations to business outcomes. There is more application of modern and intelligent tech.

For example, uKnowva HRMS contributes equally to changing the new working culture. It enables the new-gen and millennial workers to enjoy autonomy with automation. Read more about such HR technology trends taking charge in 2023 below. Then, you can start implementing the new world of work in your corporations too. 

Current HR Tech Trends For 2022 In India

Welcome more hybrid work styles.

The working environment is no longer limited to just the office desk jobs. We have seen this norm change drastically in the pandemic. The preferred hybrid style of working stayed even after the pandemic. 

Workers now prefer to work as per their own time schedules. This is one of the most looked-after HR trends to follow. uKnowva HRMS enables modern firms to promote the hybrid work culture effectively. 

Employees set their KRIs and OKRs transparently on the workflow tool. They can assign weightage to each KRA. The reporting manager can make changes or approve those KRAs. The system is flawless. It does bind the employee to keep themselves logged in. What matters for the modern firm is to complete the targets and projects on time. 

So, there is no burden on the employee to only work as per the set roster. As long as their daily targets are met, they can work flexibly.

The laser focus on employees’ mental health during working hours.

HR tech trends for 2022 equally focus on calculating the happiness metre of employees. The uKnowva HRMS enables firms to do so with the Virtual Biometric System. It has an in-build happiness metre. 

Every employee can clock in their happy mood while punching in and out of the system. This is necessary data fed to the system. The in-build analytics use this data to determine low- and high-performing employees. Employers also identify the overall mood of the team members on any given day or week. 

The statistics also show how efficient a reporting manager is in keeping the team uplifted. The reporting manager also read this data to improve their bonds with each member. They recognise which employee needs motivation at the moment. 

The visualised data will also reflect the possible chances of burnout. Then, they can reduce their employees’ duties for a while. In contrast, they teach them the importance of time management as their role becomes more demanding. 

Better coordination and transparency between teams. 

Modern HR tech decreases office politics and gives a way to increase transparency between teams. uKnowva’s HRMS suite also follows the same policy. With streamed group chats or social intranet, teams connect as a unit. 

There is no room for confusion or working in silos without sharing crucial information. Reporting managers are always in the loop of such conversations. It increases the visible impact of the organisation’s shared mindset. 

Team members also receive timely notifications whenever there is an important message. They can access the social intranet instance by uKnowva even if they are away from the system. Using a registered mobile device is enough. They can keep the account logged in from their account to stay updated with the team’s communication. 

This process helps teams stay ahead of the timelines and complete projects. Overall, there is a sharp rise in the team’s productivity when such conversations are on time. 

Fair treatment to all employees.

Initially, the shift between work-from-home and work-from-office employees was harder to manage. It led to multiple misunderstandings and shifts in employees’ dynamics in the team. 

However, with modern HR technology, employers can bridge this gap. Every employee receives fair treatment. They can use the uKnowva HRMS as an ESS portal. 

It gives them similar experiences at every point or click. The system has no place for discrimination against employees working in different locations or time zones. 

Employees can download their salary slips, ITR forms, company policies, and other important documents. 

The system updates the documents uploaded by the HR departments or senior management. It is visible to everyone, despite their job roles or workstations. 

Similarly, employees connect on the dedicated helpdesk to raise queries or concerns. It is available for all teams across multiple time zones. So, every query is heard on time without discrimination. 

The dedicated help desk helps raise and solve to refine the internal work culture. This is a technologically-advanced strategy to welcome Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity based culture in the firm. 

Employees also favour the HR tech, which collectively supports fair treatment and service at every touchpoint. 

Learn new skills with enthusiasm.

Being employable and a valuable asset to the firm is becoming harder to maintain. Without the involvement of the eLMS function, employees’ growth in learning and development aspects is slower. 

uKnowva offers an eLMS for all its users and organisations. Teams can collectively learn new digital skills while on the move. They can host video lectures or lessons and teach each other vital corporate skills. Some may include:

  • Learning to communicate with difficult people.
  • Learning to listen better and respond professionally.
  • Building better with one’s time to deliver goals and targets on time. 
  • Learning how to handle different teams and growing as a leader. 
  • Learning new tools like Excel, Power BI, etc. 

There is no end to learning with the involvement of eLMS. Employees can also teach one another different languages and something new about their religion and culture. Such learning never gets wasted, especially if an organisation operates regionally or globally. 


Every quarter there are new HR tech trends for 2023 to follow this year. But teams are ready for it when they incorporate uKnowva HRMS. They learn how to develop and grow as the time demands in the firm using functionalities available in this tool. 

This tool also helps automate mundane work. Employees have ample time to finish their high-priority tasks. They can leave the tedious work to the algorithms to automate and complete. 

This wouldn’t impact their work efficiency. Instead, following the HR tech norms is essential for growing companies. Their culture gets refreshed and refined by following up on new HR norms in the industry. 

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