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An HR person has numerous responsibilities on their shoulders. From the hire to retire process, everything comes under their supervision. Laying off employees is one of the hardest things that they have to do as a leader. Thus, it is important to learn how to manage layoffs with smart HRMS to find the organisation’s way back to operational efficiency and equilibrium in work deliverables without dismissing the brand value and image. The software helps in the efficient and smooth process so that it doesn’t impact the remaining working workforce.

Layoffs cause serious psychological and financial distress to the affected employee. Thus, uKnowva HRMS software in India helps HR to take necessary steps and sort their balance account as fast as possible so that the employee can have the most dignified exit possible. Let’s explore this topic further to have a better understanding of it.

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4 Ways to Manage Layoffs Efficiently

The need for managing layoffs efficiently is increasingly high in 2023. Employees play a significant part in an organisation, and sudden layoffs can impact productivity, work culture, engagement, and much more. 

An effective and innovative HRMS ensures that the decorum of the organisation remains intact. It will help in retaining a good relationship with current employees, continue successful hiring and retention, and protect your business reputation. Find the list below to learn the four correct ways to manage layoffs efficiently.

  1. Be transparent to preserve morale

Sudden layoffs can decrease the trust between employees and HRs. Other employees can feel apprehensive about their future and distrustful of leadership. 

At the time of layoffs, employees have several questions in mind, so be sure to answer all the questions with transparency, and if there are chances that it could happen again, make it clear to your workforce in advance. 

It helps in rebuilding the company’s culture and employee morale with time. HRMS keeps employees updated about their work and its quality and gives them enough time to make changes to avoid such critical situations.

  1. Continually address staffing to optimise your workforce

Strategising the hiring process helps a lot in dealing with layoffs. Staffing strategy continuously helps HR to avoid layoffs and optimise the employees. With HRMS, HR can note down daily tasks achieved by individual employees and calculate how their work impacts the ROI of the company. It helps HR to take a compassionate approach and keep the left behind employees engaged in the company’s growth and productivity.

  1. Plan Ahead

Proper communication and calculation of the effort by every employee with the management team with the help of smart HRMS ahead of time will preserve relationships and respect among existing and departing employees. 

Disclose the list of laid-off staff before the date so they can have sufficient time to deal with this. As an HR, you also have time to do something for them, like referring them to a partner company or a client. 

  1. Offer benefits and references

To help the layoff employees and retain your relationship, you can offer benefits and references as a tribute to their hard work for your company. Most importantly, in the past, the exit documentation took a lot of time which wasted employees’ time. 

With a smart HRMS, the exit documentation is easy and done in a few clicks. You can offer the following:

  • Employment assistance programs and career resources, such as recruiter partnerships.
  • Special packages that include financial benefits, such as a couple of weeks’ salary.
  • Rehiring benefits for different positions at your company or with a partner company.

You can also write their LinkedIn recommendations and serve as a real recommendation for your talented workforce.

4 Tips to Manage Layoffs

  • Transparency and open communication make this critical situation much more important, as employees know the real reason for their layoffs. It boosts trust and motivates the remaining workforce to work hard and look into the weaker sections. As an HR, be mindful of the words you choose while laying off your employees. The situation is delicate; one can get hurt easily, which can result in negative engagement and work culture.
  • Every minute detail gets noted down, and a strategic approach should be taken to fill out the vacant position. For the company’s benefit, you can make some legal notice about the layoffs for the future workforce. It gets highlighted in a separate section of the HRMS without loading HR professionals with another task to communicate the news across the board. 
  • Try to fix a meeting in person with every laid-off employee so that your relationship remains professional and you can help them in any way possible. It helps in bringing some sort of relief to employees.
  • Lastly, ensure that a full and final settlement is done using a fully integrated exit module or system so that no dues get unseen and a smooth exit can be planned. The same can be offered by uKnowva’s exit management system without delays. 

The Bottom Line

To make your HR manager pro in executing these layoffs, make sure you do uKnowva. It provides the required support to make the transition smoother for both parties. It helps HR managers to manage layoffs in an organised manner so that productivity, engagement, retention, turnover rate, trust, and many more factors that define a company culture may not affect the remaining workforce.

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