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HRMS software is a package of multiple modules like attendance and leaves management, payroll management, applicant tracking software, communication and collaboration system, etc., that is well-designed to automate all the time-consuming HR tasks. 

It helps HR professionals to be more efficient and effective in their decision-making. One of the most desirable features of HRMS software is that they are cloud-based that works from anywhere and at any time, and stores the data on a cloud server that gives 100% security of your data. 

Indian startups can make full use of this software, but they have to choose it with care and precision. The market is full of such software, but as you are a startup, you have to know what fits right for you in the long term so that you don’t have to make repeated investments in the same thing.

uKnowva HRMS is the software that stands fulfilling all your business and operational needs along with its personalised features in it. The software updates regularly to enhance and enrich the user experience and engagement rates over a period. 

Let’s read the post further and explore more about HRMS. It includes benefits and features like a mini guide to help you make the sound decision for a human resource management tool. 

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Benefits of HR Software for Startups

HRMS software overpowers the old conventional business ways and offers ample benefits for operations and employee management in the organisation. It reduces tedious and redundant tasks for HRs and highlights the importance of online work in the world of digital HR transformation. 

Find the top benefits that HRMS can offer to a startup to increase its market value:

  • It makes employee onboarding and offboarding efficient.
  • Error-free calculations in calculating the payroll, attendance, leave management, and further HR-related operations reduce the management stress of checking it repeatedly. 
  • A well-structured incentive, appraisal, and reward are declared to avoid any type of bias which leads to conflict. It brings diversity and equity among employees and motivates them to perform great in their assigned work, helping in the productivity of the company.
  • Training aspects, modules, and courses are well defined and monitored regularly for the new employees as well as the existing ones to provide career development opportunities.
  • AI-powered tools are used to set filters for job postings so that good talent gets hired based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. Job postings can be done online with direct integration with the company website. 
  • Employees can have a detail about any of their colleague’s skills, qualifications, professional capabilities, the department they work for, and other details on the platform itself.
  • It provides a social intranet platform that helps to establish transparency in communication between the senior officials and the executives working with them. 
  • The affordability of the platform will be beneficial for the companies in the long run. 

Top 5 Features of HR Software in India

Given below are 5 features that you must know about human resource management software before buying it for your startup. 

  1. Storage of data in a systematic manner

The HRMS software helps to store employee data that include joining dates, personal details, projects worked on, overworked hours, etc. The data gets accessed by the stakeholders in the company as and when required. It doesn't take long to find an employee and skim through the profile to check the information required at the moment. 

  1. Tracking of leave approvals 

It cut short the time-consuming tasks of sending emails for leave approvals. The employees can easily apply for leaves and get a pop-up on the HR dashboard that they can approve according to the situation of the company. 

  1. Track the completed training ratio

With the help of the software, all the training, courses, and seminars attended by the employees get recorded safely. Reporting managers and super admins know how many employees complete the training modules on time and how many are left to even start or enrol in the course/module. It shows the seriousness of the staff to make necessary advancements in their careers while they are at their current job position in the firm. 

  1. Regular updates on tasks

Human resource management software keeps a record of everyday tasks allotted to the employee and records their working hour with every punch in and punch out. Thus, it saves time for HRs and managers. There is then no need to micromanage the staff when they are following the process and practices to foster a disciplined work culture, even when working from remote locations. 

  1. Goal tracking

With HRMS software, everything gets automated, and thus tracking long-term goals also becomes easy. It gives the report of the success of the goal and the time and talent to complete it. 


HRMS software in India is an essential investment for businesses of all sizes. So implement uKnowva HRMS today to make your business and its HR operations more efficient and effective. Switching to the right HRMS will help your businesses to scale up their revenues and operational effectiveness in the long run.

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Why do startups need HRMS in their initial steps?

If HRMS gets involved in the initial stage of a startup, it will be easier to set and achieve the goals and mission of the company in less time. From the beginning, the time-consuming tasks get streamlined, which saves manual work and the need for extra employees, thus saving a lot of money with time. 

How uKnowva HRMS software in India helps in the overall growth of a company?

uKnowva software is a 360-degree solution to all HR problems. It offers various features that simplify daily work and give sufficient time to HRs and managers to look after their workforce and plan accordingly to enhance the growth of the company.

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