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Different applications for tracking time and attendance are transforming the HR processes that help in managing the mobile and remote workforce, which is one of the hardest things to track. Instead of depending on the excel sheets, which are hard to verify and easy to dodge, the employees can clock in and out digitally by making use of the smart practices described below.

This can give you a clear idea that the best hr software should be used to improve productivity and performance at work. There are top 4 best practices for tracking time and attendance. Let’s have a detailed look at all of them below.

Ditch paperwork & excel sheets, switch to a cloud-based solution

In this technological era, you must eliminate paper trail for tracking attendance and time in your company. It is because the manual systems can be filled with errors and inaccuracies. For basic payroll information also, you need to collect papers from different departments.

The best practice which can be utilized is a cloud-based solution for tracking time & attendance for centralizing the time capturing and offers access anytime, anywhere.

A system to capture accurate information

Presently many of the businesses have installed the biometric attendance system in their companies. as it is an automated system that captures accurate information. Through this system, the attendance information can be entered easily and can be availed instantly. The company policies and compliance with regulations can also be set in advance.

This system is unique as no one can forge or duplicate anything here. This system asks for biometric identification which even eliminates the cases of arriving late, leaving early and unauthorized overtime too.

Get a system that can streamline your time tracking and offers accurate information for running payroll quickly. The result is that people’s jobs get easier, the pay is timely and accurate, and regulatory issues are covered.

Use wall mount system for card swipes

The wall-mounted system for card swipes can be considered as the updated version of the punching card system. The timecard is replaced with an employee ID that can be used for the clock in and out. The captured time and attendance data get transferred to a computer automatically where the working hours are calculated for tracking employee records.

Mobile attendance system

Tracking employee working hours and attendance when they work away from the facility or office is impossible without a mobile attendance system. This practice can be used for integrating information with a payroll system for accurate records.

The global positioning satellite, generally termed as GPS, works on smartphones. The employers can easily confirm working hours from the data collected through a company phone which is GPS enabled so that movements can be legally tracked.


With the best introduction of human resource management software mentioned above, it is easier to automate time tracking and attendance. These systems help in streamlining HR processes and tasks such as attendance and payroll gets easier when things are organized.

These above mentioned 4 best practices for tracking time and attendance acts as a secure and convenient solution. It is because with the best installation of these automated systems, your employees can be more alert and alarmed and they will follow the strict rules of punctuality and regularity. Avail their rich benefits today.

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