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Employee lifecycle gets a makeover with the introduction of intranet software. It’s a feature-rich AI-backed tool. For best reference, the uKnowva social intranet tool is highly useful amongst new-gen companies to revamp their workforce experience. 

However, if you would like to know how the total employee lifecycle stages change and reshape using it, read the blog post.

Here, I will explain how HR digitisation brings new avenues and opportunities to companies, helping them nurture employees fruitfully. 

enhancing employee lifecycle stages

Ways in which Intranet Software is reshaping and enhancing employee lifecycle stages:

Outreach and talent hunt:

The intranet software helps HR teams source talent rightly on social media platforms. Their investment or talent hunt costs get optimised. The software often has automated features where the search is more advanced. It depends on the keywords and key phrases pertaining to the job profile. 

It’s easier to form instant personal connections with potential candidates. Therefore, the time to acquire and hire talented workers is less. HR teams can hire a specific type of professionals on different social media sites. That will save time in searching for specialists at a lesser cost. 

Later, they can follow up with these candidates without switching tabs. The intranet software has enough features to integrate third-party social media apps and job portals. 

That’s one way the employee lifecycle begins smoothly, with clear and transparent information on whom to hire, how, and where.

Easy job postings:

HR teams of modern firms can post job vacancies on multiple portals. They save their job posting templates in the HRMS tool. Later, they integrate it with the intranet to post jobs automatically. 

That happens when posts are open to hiring in bulk, and you need to interview many employees. Instead of manually posting jobs at every site, learn to integrate your accounts on the centralized uKnowva intranet software network.

This type of HR digitisation is helpful to save long manual hours of scouring talent and job postings every quarter. 

HR teams, even if less tech-savvy, can effectively post jobs on more than 2-3 portals at once. They can edit the job vacancy information in the network, which is automatically reflected on each portal. 

Smooth onboarding:

With social intranet software, new employees connect with existing ones more purposefully. The tool works as an ice breaker for initiating engaging conversations fast. 

Everyone loves to congratulate new team members in their organisations. There is euphoria in teams to know that someone new is joining.

This practice boosts inclusion and diversity. It shows the workforce in the firm is more empathetic and respectful. Such HR digital transformation is becoming the norm amongst modern firms.

So, new employees do not feel out of place or space. They can easily know what documents to upload and get their queries addressed on the platform at once, without leaving their workstations. That is even more optimising for off-shore and remote workers. 

They do not feel alone or isolated even on their first day on the job. The panel of the chat process on the intranet software shows who else is online. If they are in trouble, they easily connect with one another using streams. 

The text there is readable for everyone properly. In fact, admins can tweak the entire interface for specially-abled workers who newly joined the firm for a better onboarding experience. That shows there’s no better way to initiate a super respectful employee lifecycle than this. 

Training of employees:

Social intranet software, specially provided by uKnowva, enables HR teams to train employees at once on the network. Teams can connect online and join in team-building activities and programs. 

HR executives share learning material online for training purposes. They can add certificate courses on demand. That is also possible for discounted modules and full-length courses. If they want, they can upload educational and training videos and demos. 

It will improve employees’ knowledge and learning power, and capabilities. With new skill sets, employees can work on better projects. Such HR digitisation is necessary to provide a remarkable journey to each employee at every stage of their employment. 

More learning and development opportunities make employees feel that they are valued. They see their future career growth and prospects there. If that happens, overall retention and reputation also improve. 

Conclusively, the uKnowva social intranet tool has a higher potential to convert your new and existing employees into brand loyalists and ambassadors. They would look forward to learning new tools, modules, and courses there at their pace. 

It makes their journey more interesting and worthy to share and talk about in front of their relatives, friends, and other social circles. 

Performance record and appraisal:

Intranet software helps encourage employees to record their performance on time. They see their teams progressing and getting appraisals on time. After receiving rewards and accolades in front of their teams on the intranet, employees are pumped up to score well. 

Everyone needs appraisal and appreciation. These elements bear more engagement and involvement in employee job roles. 

An intranet tool meets that requirement based on the performance records and productivity ratio. 

Indirectly, employees grasp the importance of using the HRMS tool for updating their project information. It shows that their performances are evaluated on time as the major part of pushing the employee lifecycle forward. 

The tool can also send them automated reminders to complete their project and performance records. These automated reminders or messages boost engagement and interaction on the intranet network.

Engaging team-building activities:

Teams build better bonds on the uKnowva social intranet software with the transparent and purposeful exchange of information. The tool allows them to connect on multiple streams, which can be categorised as per the delivery of the message. 

There are features for teams to create their separate groups and streams on the intranet without disrupting the entire organisation’s workflow. Such HR digital transformation is more meaningful and goal-oriented. 

In fact, more activities like conducting and participating in polls, pulse surveys, publishing posts, and discussion forums happen there. 

Teams know which employees are engaging more. They get to connect and see each other virtually daily, even if they are physically hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

In crux, this tool brings teams together that work on their synergies to accomplish common goals faster. 


Employee lifecycle gets reshaped and reimagined by social intranet software like uKnowva to a greater extent. Some examples of employee lifecycle stages are listed in the blog post above for reference to know the real figure. 

Each employee and company might have different expectations and experiences. The uKnowva intranet is flexible enough to meet those employee experience expectations at every stage. 

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