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In any organization, there is a high chance that you will find productivity decreasing because of the following seven deadly wastes.

  1. Defects: Not delivering a good-quality product or service
  2. Overproduction: Providing things not demanded by the customer
  3. Over-processing: Depending on inspections instead of creating a process that eliminates all problems
  4. Motion: Unnecessary movement of employees to complete a transaction or request
  5. Transport and Handling of Goods: Movement, either physically or electronically, of a customer transaction which consumes resources and costs, but is not required to satisfy the customer
  6. Waiting: Unnecessary wait for other processes to finish before resuming your work
  7. Inventories: Awaiting further processing or consumption

Convergence Services’ uKnowva, an enterprise collaboration platform, has been developed in such a way that it can or can be evolved to beat these wastes and improve an organization’s productivity. Here’s how uKnowva effectively tackles these wastes.

  • uKnowva’s Project Manager:

    Allows you to create projects, add members, tasks, milestones and all project related files & specifications. Since the correct information is relayed to all members there is little or no scope for miscommunication which leads to better understanding and hence, better quality.
    Wastes tackled: Defects, Overproduction, & Inventories

  • HRM:

    Check all you scheduled holidays, leave history, and apply for leaves directly online without having to download any forms and waiting for manual approval.
    Wastes tackled: Waiting

  • Document Repository:

    Upload and store all your files in one location, share them with only the users you want to share with, keep the files updated by saving versions. This app reduces the dependency on emails to send files to colleagues.
    Wastes tackled: Transport and Handling of Goods & Over-Processing

  • Lead Management System:

    Keep a track of all your leads and the employees working on each lead. This LMS keeps track of all the tasks and users working on the tasks. It can provide detailed reports about all the leads and helps speed up the lead management process as all resources and members meet at one point thus reducing the need for any kind of external communication.
    Wastes tackled:Waiting & Inventories

  • Extensibility of uKnowva:

    uKnowva is so modifiable that you could link it to or create an app that could give the users direct access to archived information or office hardware like fax machines and printers.
    Wastes tackled: Motion

uKnowva is a highly adaptable platform that can be moulded to meet every user’s needs. Even with just the core functions of Social Intranet, Knowledge Repository, Documents, Polls, and Instant Messaging, uKnowva can be the ideal intranet for any organization. Add to that its extensibility and uKnowva can become an HRM System, LMS, Inventory Management System, or anything else that you would want it to become. All these features are aimed at making an organization perform better by empowering employees, reducing downtime, and increasing work effectiveness.

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