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Concept of Company Culture

Wondering if you should be concerned about your company culture, or is it just another buzzword? Company culture is an important concept, and it has very little to do with the theme of your company's interior decor, and if your cafeteria serves vegan options as well.

Let's hear it from an expert, HubSpot's Katie Burke defined company culture as the promise you make to every element of your organization and the efforts you make to fulfill it every single day. Company culture comprises of the core values of your management, operational, and supporting staff. The decision process, workflow management, setting, and achieving those targets define your company's culture.

Impact of Automation on the Company Culture

The arrival of smart HR management software stirred the HR industry, and we are concerned about the company culture afresh. Will this software replace our experts? What will happen to our company culture?

We have some sincere and straightforward answers in the aftermath of automation on the company culture.

Yes, just like attendance and payroll system, more HRMS tools are going to replace manual labor. Your organization will rely heavily on the interactive bots instead of their HRs or point of contact. The good news is, as a result of this revolution, the experts in your organization will have more time on their hands to work on more significant objectives. The rise of automation is going to create brand new job opportunities and unique positions for both the experts and freshers.

Embracing tools for sharing ideas and communication would definitely increase and propagate innovation and collaboration amongst employees.

Changing the Narrative

The ever-evolving cloud-based human resource management solutions are responsible for pushing our HR force in the right direction. Now we can utilize our resources for the issues that demand complex thinking, emotional intelligence, intuition gained through experience, and higher patience. These inferences itself challenge the old narrative that says jobs will be replaced by new-age tech.

In conclusion, with the new-age tech and automation, we are going to free our employees of the laborious and time-consuming tasks. Instead, these resources will be available for more innovative job positions that will meet the unique needs of modern-day businesses. Our company culture has a higher chance to evolve into a smart, tightly integrated yet highly mobile culture. Cheers to the new jobs and the challenges they will bring!

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