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When it comes to saturating multiple vacancies within a small timeframe, organisations must work to achieve hiring efficiency as it can be challenging for HRs to manually handle the whole process.

With the aid of hiring efficiency strategies, HRs can gain the best talents despite the given short period.

A strategic approach significantly enhances the candidate's experience, leaving an optimal impression on the potential employees. This upholds the company as a desirable employer, which is crucial for long-term success in talent acquisition.

Follow this blog on how to achieve hiring efficiency in 2024 and how uKnowva can help you in the process.

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8 Ways to Achieve Hiring Efficiency in 2024.

Automate Preboarding:

The best way to make the hiring process efficient is to automate the whole process from pre-boarding to onboarding. It saves time for the HRs as well as for the candidates to not rely on each other for the exchange of instructions and pieces of information.

Scanning the QR code sends the candidates to the portal and they get guided throughout the process on the portal to where to put what relevant information and documents.

Clicking on the accept button in the offer letter sends an automated email from where candidates can reach the preboarding portal and help themselves complete the KYC process with their Aadhaar or any other government-issued and verified ID.

Auto-send reminders to candidates:

Scheduled reminders from the system are sent to the candidate for completing their KYC, job assessment, interviews and responding to the offer letters. 

HR managers and TA specialists no longer have to bother about manually keeping up with the candidates and sending reminders for completing the application process and collecting data from the candidates.

Generate automated job description templates:

Manually building bespoke JDs for different job roles is a hectic process for HR during mass hiring drives. Leverage our AI Suggest tool to accelerate the JD creation process by creating templates for compelling and inclusive JDs in no time.

The templates can be saved for future use and can be modified, in case of high-volume hiring for multiple job roles.

Integrate job portals with the company site’s career page:

Integrating job portals to the company’s career page makes it easy for HR to get all of the resumes in a unified interface. It saves the HR time and unnecessary efforts as the HR does not have to visit different portals to collect the CVs.

Publish vacancies easily on social media:

Except for handling multiple tabs of different platforms to post job vacancies HRs can benefit from the simple feature of a one-click option to effortlessly publish vacancies with pre-made templates tailored to each role on social media and job portals which are integrated into the system.

This eliminates the hassle and time spent in manually posting JDs on each portal.

Create a bank of required skills in seconds for a new role to hire:

To speed up the resume and JD building process, figure out the required skills for every job role with the help of our AI Suggest tool. Simply enter the job profile into the tool and it will render the latest and most relevant skills for the role in the current job market.

This comprehensive approach helps recruiters identify what requirements are sought in candidates that align both with the job responsibilities and the company’s culture.

Automate sending offer letters in bulk:

Our system also brings the flexibility of automation of sending multiple offer letters to selected candidates. 

Once the assessment is done you can select multiple candidates and the system will automatically forward the offer letters based on the positions that they are being hired for.

HR can also check the status of approval of the offer letter and take action accordingly, directly from their dashboard.

Profile resumes in seconds with a CV parser:

Hand-picking resumes is quite a time-consuming process in a high-volume hiring drive. Entering multiple keywords in the CV Parser helps sift through all the resumes quickly to get the most accurate resumes according to the required skills.


Achieving hiring efficiency in a high-volume drive is all about avoiding unnecessary efforts and automating every possible aspect of the hiring process.

With the help of our generative AI integrated system organisations can fulfil their bulk-hiring exigencies without compromising the quality of hire, along with making the whole process effortless for their HRs and TA specialists.


  • What are some emerging trends in hiring efficiency?

Some of the industry trends include the use of AI&ML for predictive analytics in recruitment, remote hiring and onboarding practices, skills-based hiring, and the use of virtual reality for candidate assessment.

  • How can one ensure diversity and inclusion in hiring while maintaining efficiency?

Implementing inclusive hiring practices such as unconscious bias training, diverse candidate sourcing strategies, and structured interview processes can help ensure diversity and inclusion without compromising efficiency.

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