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The word HRMS, or human resource management system, refers to the entire set of processes and modules that connect human resources with information technology. To put it another way, HRMS is an automated HR software that enables HR to store employee data securely and digitally in a single location to reduce human labour and help oversee workflow productivity. 

Choosing the right HRMS like uKnowva will save money, free up bandwidth, and lighten the load on HR teams. HRMS for enterprises is an important decision for many reasons. The goal of uKnowva's HRMS is to increase business productivity and efficiency by automating manual and repetitive operations. 

This also frees up the existing HR team's precious time at hand. The extra bandwidth can subsequently be applied to the human resource management function's more critical and essential company responsibilities and a reduced cost. Read about 5 ways to leverage the uKnowva HRMS software for enterprises below. 

HRMS for enterprises


5 Reasons To Leverage uKnowva HRMS For Enterprises

An upgraded workforce 

uKnowva benefits administration and employee profile tracking. More advanced systems include descriptions of the responsibilities inside the organisational framework of the company, matching employee profiles to open positions, and recommending training when profiles don't match. 

HRMS can help managers plan for moving employees along organisational career paths that fit their profiles while also evaluating employee performance with job requirements. If a specific person departs the company, uKnowva helps you evaluate the right employees to include in your organisation's succession planning function to help management select one or more candidates to take over each role. All of these advantages from uKnowva help your organisation create a better and upgraded workforce. 

Advanced directory for storing employee information 

Keeping correct records of the employees is one of the crucial tasks performed by the HR department. The following are a few of the crucial data items that must be kept up to date: employee name, date of recruitment, contact information, past employee information, education, bank details, pay slips, visa and passport details, etc. 

uKnowva manages this crucial task for the HR division and makes sure that the employees' accurate and up-to-date information is kept safe and secure. The management and managers base a lot of organisational decisions on this data. 

Manage employee attendance and time 

To track an employee's average time spent productively at work, HR can use uKnowva's HRMS time and attendance system to record the employee's punch-in and punch-out times. You can set policies, shifts, or rotational patterns and successfully enforce them in your organisation, using this robust advantage to oversee your organisation's workforce better. 

To help you track attendance more precisely and even in remote locations, the attendance management system is built with features including a happiness metre to promote mental health and wellbeing during the clocked-in/-out time and enhance workforce productivity. 

Easy HR set up for any organisation 

The number of HR employees an organisation needs is solely determined by its size. Typically, businesses do not hire an HR director if there is a small organisation with less than 50 employees. On the other hand, large companies require a lot of HR support. The number of employees directly affects the type of HR requirements your organisation needs. 

With uKnowva’s HRMS, regardless of your organisation, you get different service packages for your organisational needs. Talent management is typically less crucial for small, emerging companies than the ability to handle employee salaries and benefits. 

Small and growing firms do, nevertheless, require some level of people management tools, particularly automation in the hiring process. Big companies benefit from automation, project, and performance management. With uKnowva, all of these needs are handled with simplicity and ease.

Automating daily crucial tasks

uKnowva HRMS software for enterprises is crucial. It helps automate daily tasks like a pro management solution, accessible on the go or on the move. Managers can leverage this tool for their organisation to integrate it with multiple workflow plugins. Later, they can enable their organisation and workforce to work on autopilot for managing and completing mundane and menial tasks. 

This can include shortlisting new candidates for a recent job posting, automated punching in and out of the system, automated filling up of timesheets, and sending automated reminders to employees or potential candidates for any major updates. 

Ultimately, such an HRMS for enterprises saves an HR personnel’s bandwidth to complete human-centric tasks and make their division more efficient. 


There are many unique services that uKnowva can offer for your organisation's HR department, depending on various functionalities and features. Allowing uKnowva to manage your company's tiresome and low-value tasks will save a lot of time and, in addition, save company resources. You can get all the benefits of uKnowva all at a good price because it is very cost-friendly. It is easy to set up even for smaller companies and teams. 

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