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Purpose-driven company culture directs engaged employees to acquire common organisational goals by implementing predetermined business strategies. 

What matters then is how companies set desired employee behaviours in motion aligned with the firm’s goals and strategies. Then, HR teams, heads, and employers must foster the correct company culture for that to work.

foster the correct company culture


 What Is Company Culture?

A Gallup article suggests that company or work culture is “how we do and accept things around here.” By here it means the firm. In other terms, a company’s culture is a mix of notions and values pertaining to:

  • How do we do things?
  • Why and which things do we prioritise here?
  • How do we acquire, develop, manage, and engage employees here?
  • What, when, and how do we deliver our brand promises to our immediate stakeholders?

Such questions determine the core values of an organisation. Answering them would mean a company has a unique company culture, harnessing its USPs and KPIs. 

It then has ideal company culture because it knows where it is headed, why, how, within how much time.

5 Effective Ways Company Culture Impacts Business Strategies:

1. Improvised and consistent brand image:

Companies have certain values. They should formulate their key performance indicators around those. One of the KPIs that determine a unified work culture can be:

  • Listening to the right and progressive opinions,
  • Including team members in their active participation,
  • Promoting strengths of employees inside the firm,
  • Have the same brand voice in different communication channels,
  • Ensuring all employee data and profiles are set with HRMS portals like uKnowva. 

Plus, with consistent delivery of the same brand image, a company can attract loyal buyers regularly. Even employees would want to work in a company where values are transparent and according to changing times. 

2. Increased profit margins and revenues:

There is a close connection between workflow management and key performance indicators. When employees know their responsibilities/KPIs in a firm, as a part of its culture, they achieve deliverables fast.

And when a company's strategic goals and tasks are on time, it will eventually attract more sales and the right profit margins. Because as per an HBR article, loyal employees would attract more passionate workers to the firm. 

Such behaviour enables the company to meet its strategies and business units’ goals with zeal and unparalleled passion. 

A study by the revered Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found that happy and knowledgeable employees are 12 percent more productive. This also means companies get enough scope to become scalable and profitable ventures for their customers. 

3. Healthier competition between teams for finishing their deliverables:

Workforce management in tandem with insightful company culture helps to bring and promote transparency between teams. 

For instance, reporting managers would know quickly using the workflow and project management features in uKnowva HRMS about their subordinates’ deliverables. 

Plus, amongst teams or peers, this transparency invites healthy competition. It makes working toward a project enjoyable and energetic which can further help employees do each task better. 

4. Removal of micromanagement:

Businesses grow well with loyal employees. Team leaders can trust them only when employees have the freedom to deliver their tasks as per their work-life style. So, an ideal culture promotes different working styles, flexible hours, and the well-being of an employee.

In return, operating heads don’t worry about the micromanagement of mundane tasks. uKnowva HRMS automates many repetitive HR tasks to save time, cost, and daily invested efforts. 

5. Employees turning into brand ambassadors:

Workforce management and employee engagement features aid in turning loyal employees into brand ambassadors. That happens when employees have the accessibility to build their persona with the brand while working. 

When employees can relate to the company culture and its values, they will talk about it more. They would indirectly promote the brand or the company’s positive culture to others in their private life. 

As a by-product, this behaviour helps make employees believe in the company's vision. They can share that vision with their immediate circle. It won’t involve extra cost than the one invested in acquiring and nurturing top performers. 

5 Effective Ways Company Culture Impacts Employees’ Behaviours:

Managing employees from various locations is an easier task when an aligned culture in the firm. A strong and visionary work culture can help reshape employees’ behaviour in numerous forms. 

Find some of them below. 

1. Higher employee engagement:

Companies should show employees that their work matters. It drives them to work harder, smarter, and more productively. Doing so by using the Social Intranet feature in uKnowva HRMS is more fun. 

This employee engagement system helps teams connect using newsfeed, chat boxes, group chats, polls, and surveys. They can also use discussion forums for detailed conversations. 

2. Keeping employees happier:

Happy employees drive more sales to a company. Same has been narrated differently already above. But the company has to know how often it satisfies its employees’ moods daily.

That is why the happiness meter is accessible in the uKnowva HRMS. Using that, daily punch-in and punch-outs are more interactive. Employees’ happiness mood is stored in their attendance or employee profile.

HR and admins can read that data about each employee. Later, they can chat with the concerned employee to boost their morale and work-life balance. 

However, if employees are continuously happy, it shows that the internal culture of the company is growing and in accordance with the staff. 

3. Retain employees more and reduce absenteeism:

Admins, reporting managers, and HR teams have access to certain analytical reports highlighted in uKnowva HRMS dashboards. These visuals ease the workforce management when reporting managers know if the employees are working on time. They would know if each project cost is justified. Then, they can see employees count combined with calculated working hours from a particular location in a happy/sad/tired mood. 

These insightful reports help change overall onboarding to offboarding processes in the work culture.

Also, HRs get surety on employees’ satisfaction and happiness index. With a high score, employees tend to stick around more. They then love to go one extra mile to grow the business with their team leaders. 

Conclusively, staying happy, heard, and appreciated motivates employees to stay longer in the firm.

4. Employees can find a better career path in an organisation:

There should be learning modules available for helping employees to reskill. With that, their talent sharpens. 

They would want to contribute more to the firm, which assists them in choosing a career path. It shows and gives out a message that the company they belong to is appreciating their skill and valuing it simultaneously. 

5. Help impart entrepreneurial skills:

By removing micromanagement, company culture can help employees become self-reliant and self-serving. Features like rating yourself for appraisal, marking your virtual attendance, checking your mood every day proves to be important in that journey. 

uKnowva HRMS provides that to HRs and their employees. 


A company has to have a strong and visionary culture. In return, it helps shape an employee’s work-life journey as a hire. 

Plus, deliverables are met on time, brand value improves, and the employer-employee relationship too strengthens. uKnowva HRMS here plays a pivotal role for companies and their teams. 

It has features like an automated payroll system, recruitment engine, happiness meter, and workflow management. Together, these features make a company tomorrow-ready and stand robust against the test of times like the Great Reshuffle


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