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uKnowva, the enterprise collaboration software, when implemented in your organization offers seamless collaboration across different teams and get the best out of your employees through effective communication and knowledge sharing. Though the usefulness of uKnowva is immense but 10 most effective tools that will help your business is mentioned below. We will see how each tool helps employees in the organization and what their long term benefit.


This is one of the primary features of uKnowva. Network as the name suggest helps people in your organization stay connected. It allows you to stay connected with your colleagues in real-time. Get constant status updates and recent activities of your friends in your network. You can create events, invite members and share it with others to know their availability. You can further make things interesting by creating your profile, uploading photos and videos. Send important messages privately and communicate essential business correspondence with the concerned person. The global notification alerts you with new activities keeping you up-to-date for any invitation or events.


Sharing Knowledge is important for businesses for its efficient functioning. uKnowva’s knowledge allows you to capture and retain wealth of useful information from your employees and make it available for everyone. Create discussion, post your queries, search information, reply to the discussion and more. The amount of knowledge captured through uKnowva is significant and is helpful for employees in your organization looking out for solution.


With tons of data and information generated everyday in the company it is very important to keep them all securely at a single location and uKnowva’s document feature offers you exactly that. This document repository system helps you store files, data, document, photos, videos etc at one place, making it easy to retrieve anywhere, anytime. You can also upload file size 100 MB in a jiffy and save time and space. You can create folder, enhance security of the folder by giving access to the folder, search documents, send direct download link etc.

4.Instant messaging

Communicate with your collegues right away with uKnowva’s instant messaging. It offers a seamless integration of real-time instant messaging (IM) for you to stay connected with your colleagues. You can see who is online, or offline or who is busy. Chat with them, share or send them files. Personalize your message by adding icons and add element of fun by handwriting them through use of pen tool.


Get unbiased and genuine opinion from your team members regarding important issues or topics and make a meaningful difference in the company. uKnowva offers you to create unlimited web polls on various categories to capture valuable opinion of your employee. uKnowva polls offer features like Random Polls, Vote Flooding Prevention, Customizable result display and many more to provide you with flexibility during poll survey.

6.Whistle blower

This feature helps you to blow the lid or expose dishonest or corrupt practices in your company in a simple and easy way. This feature allows a person who wants to blow whistle, from unethical behavior, suspected fraud or violation of the Company's code of conduct, send a secret mail directly to the top management without revealing his or her identity. This is a unique feature available to uKnowva.

7.Suggestion Box

a. suggest an Idea - Tells anything that you bly feel about? Any idea, suggestion or a friendly advice, it can be anything. If you think your idea can bring about good change in the company then go out and make a difference.

b. Report an Issue - If you come across any technical error while using uKnowva you can report your problem to the support center through Report an Issue section. You have to write brief description explaining nature of the problem and attach a screenshot of the technical queries if you have any. This feature is handy in getting uKnowva related queries resolved at the earliest and saves your time and effort.

8.Notice Board

Got something special to announce? A brief meeting or training session, small official gathering, surprise test or anything meant for the team then put it on the notice board and get quick response from them.


You can add/edit quotes for daily inspiration and motivation. This helps to lift the mood of your team    and start the day with bright note.


Every business has different requirements for their day-to-day functioning and no one knows this better than us that is why we offer you uKnowva with various Customization option.

a. Integration of Third party application software - uKnowva gives you an option to integrate various third party applications. The integration of the third party applications depend upon its compatibility with uKnowva.

b. Integration of custom-built application software - You can integrate custom-built application software for uKnowva, as per your requirements.

c. Choose ready-made applications software from uKnowva - The readymade applications like Quiz and Puzzles, Support, HRMIS, Project and e-mail can be bought and integrated with your original uKnowva. This application software gives added functionality to uKnowva and helps you achieve more.

If you want any information regarding uKnowva please visit our website or drop us a mail at or call us right away at 022-25136632 

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