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AI progresses every day to match the learning capabilities of a human brain. From automated training machines, pattern recognition, and security systems, we find AI everywhere. The recruitment system is no different. 

AI in employee recruitment is taking centre stage. The uKnowva recruitment engine features are enabling AI to do the same.

Be it automated CV parsing and shortlisting or ATS, HR leaders use AI in recruitment to hire better. Read the blog ahead to understand its changing role and propositions in recruitment. 

The Emerging Role Of AI In Employee Recruitment:

Chatbots for connecting with potential candidates

HR leaders benefit from using chatbots throughout their hiring, talent scouting, and onboarding processes. These chatbots connect with potential candidates by asking and answering the most common questions. 

They inform the candidate about the latest job opening, the expected CTC, work culture, working hours, location, etc. Candidates fill out the form by asking chatbots the links to the vacancies and other sites. 

Chatbots are bias-free. They provide all the solicited links by any potential candidate. They also store the information asked and fed by the candidate.

Later this information gets fed to the HR analytics to draw necessary inferences on the fruitfulness of this SPOC. That way AI in employee recruitment becomes more interesting, automated, and time-saving.

Automate selection of resumes

HR leaders find it difficult to read and sort resumes when they have multiple other tasks to perform and deliver. Automating tools embedded in the uKnowva recruitment engine then help to a greater limit. 

The automating tool in recruitment can read multiple resumes at once. It can detect the keywords the HR leaders have entered in the selection process. 

These automating crawlers will ensure that the CV with that key phrase or keyword gets short-listed without manipulation or negligence. HR leaders no longer have to read CVs or candidate resumes for long hours.

The talent pool increases automatically as the bots collect important and relevant CVs.

Evaluate video interviews

AI for recruiting is simpler when automated functions read candidate behaviours in the uKnowva recruitment engine. These features help read potential candidates' mannerisms, behavioural cues, interest in the job and culture, etc. 

The automated functions draw inferences from the video interviews to help hiring managers recruit better and more effectively. These automated elements also help conduct interviews with common and job-related questions. 

For that, smart development of virtual assistants is possible when connecting with the DevOps team. 

The recruitment engine by uKnowva is quite flexible for boosting artificial intelligence in hiring. You can connect with the developers’ team any day to clear the confusion and get started with the automated hiring process effectively. 

Help HR leaders in bulk hiring

Bulk hiring is possible when automated crawlers read candidate CVs rapidly. These do not delay reading, crawling, indexing, and shortlisting bulk CVs but multiple candidates for various job openings. 

These automated functions are no less than the much-required virtual assistants for leading HR managers and executives. The AI in employee recruitment boosts productivity and effectiveness without doubt by automated bulk hiring. 

HR managers can later overview or audit the result of the first bulk selection by the system. They can keep fine-tuning the automated bot by letting it read multiple CVs repeatedly. 

The AI system, like the uKnowva recruitment engine, is smart and learns on the go. It advances by feeding on more information every day. HR managers can see the improvement in recruitment when artificial intelligence takes centre stage.

Advanced parsing stages for sorting job-fit candidates

AI for recruiting is now most fruitful for employers. That is when bots parse the resumes and applications effectively and more accurately.

It can read and draw analyses from various assessments, resumes, and applications at every stage of the predefined hiring process. 

This is a process hiring managers adopt to remove bias, fatigue, and negligence from the process. They will get the right justification to hire or remove any candidate’s information from the system. 

The advanced parsing automatically removes unfit CVs and job profiles. This automation feature again ends up saving and freeing hiring managers’ valuable time.

They use it for advancing their manual efforts in the end process of recruitment and onboarding. 

Track the applicant status automatically

One of the most amazing and useful functions is the applicant tracking system when we talk about AI in employee recruitment. It consistently follows up with candidates based on triggered emails and responses to actions they perform. 

This removes the time gaps in viewing the job application, filling the same, and getting selected for overall assessment. The automated recruitment engine sends emails to candidates for completing their applications.

Afterwards, the system helps hiring managers know the online applications' effectiveness and productiveness. Managers know if their job postings are easy to fill, reach the targeted market, and are attractive or not. 

They can tweak their job postings process with that information to grab more eyeballs and attention. This will digitally transform their hiring and recruitment. 

Plus, potential candidates do not sit idle for long. They have better and objectified chances to clear the interview, screening, and assessments with real-quick reminders. 

The ATS also sends alerts or assembles the information in the HR analytics. It notifies managers about:

  • Total applied job postings
  • Total view count of the job postings
  • Total completed applications
  • Total completed assessments
  • Total candidates further selected for the hiring process
  • Total number of candidates opening reminder emails.

Such highlights are available in the dashboard to know the real-time implications of their job portals and postings. These information bytes are for a particular period.

Managers can compare the period or overview performance of their ATS for a particular month or week.

Gender-neutral hiring

Artificial intelligence in hiring is gender, race, orientation, and demographic-neutral. Candidates must have the required skills, experience, strengths, and knowledge.

Their CVs must have the keywords or phrases entered in the automated system. 

This process leaves no room for manipulation, favouritism, or nepotism in hiring or onboarding new talents. The system selects CVs based on their merit and the information it feeds on at the backend as instructions. 

Those instructions are visible to hiring managers, admins, and controllers of the instance or C-suite management.

Thus, no one can tweak the system without being answerable to the higher management. The transparency remains, which reduces manipulation or bias.


AI in employee recruitment is mind-, process-, and game-changing for new-age hiring managers. It has multiple implications and advantages with the implementation of the uKnowva recruitment engine. The above-mentioned/listed points prove the same. 

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