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The workplace of today is highly complex and competitive, even for an HR professional. They have to accomplish challenging tasks like valuing, training, mentoring, coaching, and developing great talent in the organisation, all the while completing their KPIs and targets. It definitely is not an easy job or profile to spearhead. However, human resource professionals make it look like one when they build a successful remote HR career for themselves. 

For that to happen, the right assistance of intelligent, future-ready, change-ready, and scalable HR management software is needed. Without such a tool, the gap between HR leaders and C-suite will keep on increasing. But when you know the right tips to build a successful career for yourself as an HR manager, leader, professional, or strategic partner, the journey ahead will be more streamlined, meaningful, and aligned with the organisational goals. 

So, if you think that’s your problem too, you got the right post to overcome it. Click below and start figuring out the best possible ways to build a career in HR while working from the comfort of your home offices. 

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What are the 9 tops for building a remote HR career?

  • Be available at the right time for your staff through the intranet. 

The first thing you need to build in your remote HR career is the way you come across your colleagues and other employees. You have to sharpen your communication skills continuously as the employee expectations keep changing in an organisation. 

For that, you need to be always available to handle the escalations, errors, misconceptions, and misunderstandings. Now, when you work remotely, you cannot be physically present. 

However, a social intranet bridges that gap for you. Your team members and other staff are a click away. You can always solve their issues in a zap. They can build rapport with you and put their trust in you in record time as long as you leverage the intranet that is anywhere and at any time accessible to you, even on smart devices. 

  • Set the right KPIs to meet organisational goals even from home. 

Build your HR remote career correctly right from the start. That means your KPIs or KRAs have to align with the organisational goals even when you are working from home. 

Keep the employer in the loop and be honest about your future goals and what you aspire to be later on. Leverage the AI Suggest that we provide. It drafts the entire KRA template within seconds for different roles in the chosen category as per the latest market standards. 

  • Delegate tasks to your peers with the task and project management. 

One of the smartest skills you should learn while revamping your remote HR career is the way you delegate the work around. Make use of the task and project management to the core. 

Identify who is available to handle more projects with efficiency and effectiveness. Be aware that you can’t always handle all the tasks alone when the company is growing and expecting a better rate of results from you. 

  • Make the most of the request and approval management system. 

Provide your employees with HRMS software that is self-serving. Employees will easily put in their leave, attendance, loans and advances, and reimbursement requests. The system can guide them through the steps when they open the panel. 

The instructions or buttons are clear, and so is their font size/style. So, this reduces the dependency on the HR. 

Now, what you all need to do is keep checking the pending approvals in your panel. This way, you know when to approve and how many of those to approve. The system will also give you an alert of these approvals at the right time.

So, employees would not be chasing you even on the intranet to approve the requests. This approach saves time for you and everyone else involved in the chain of approval and requests. 

  • Schedule reports to the concerned persons on time. 

You can easily schedule reports with the low-code HR software and everyone’s time. For example, our HRMS allows you to send your HR teams and yourself scheduled reports on pending offer letters, probation confirmations, leave and attendance requests, resignation requests, onboarding requests, etc. Everyone who is involved gets timely reports, and no one has to chase one another for updates on such matters in the HR department. So, each HR professional has ample time to make strategic decisions and be a better leader. 

  • Leverage AI tools to speed up the hiring process. 

We provide AI tools like CV Parser, AI Suggest, and HR chatbot. Use these to speed the hiring process when you can draft job descriptions, KRA templates, and interview questions within seconds. 

Then, you can resolve hiring queries by conversing with the HR chatbot. Then, you can filter the resumes smartly after receiving them in a great lot. It can sharpen your profiling skills like a pro. 

  • Utilise the employee sentiment and engagement analysis for data-driven decisions. 

Our HRMS provides on-the-spot employee sentiment analysis based on the Happiness Meter. Each user punches in and punches out of the system using the mood-o-meter we provide. 

A database is collected at the backend. You get access to the database of your staff’s daily emotional or sentimental trends and analysis. That means you know instantly who is happy, sad, bored, or tired. 

Then, you also get to figure out who is more productive and who all are not. That way, you also make the right decision to coach, mentor, and guide them well as far as their daily work deliverables are concerned. 

  • Plan your vacations accordingly with the holiday calendar.

Make the remote HR career shine through even when you are working remotely. That is when you get to exercise the best work-life balance for yourself. You need this to set an example for the staff to show them the kind of work culture you are building. 

When you plan the holidays in advance, you can delegate the upcoming projects and tasks to your team members effectively. 

This set an exemplary precedent in the firm for everyone to connect with the organisation's policies more and act proactively as far as their productivity and performance are taken into consideration to leverage the holiday planner later on. 

  • Lock the attendance virtually for everyone after the go-ahead from managers. 

Now, you don’t have to chase everyone in the organisation literally to regularise their attendance for the month. This can save hundreds of hours for you each month. 

With the smart HRMS, every user can mark their attendance, and the reporting manager can overview and approve the data. 

Then, an HR manager like you can lock the data for everyone and proceed with the salary disbursement for the same period. That means a process is set by the system. No one actually follows up with anyone as such to complete their attendance records.

 In fact, the system sends automated reminders or notifications alerting the person of late punch-ins or missing attendance. 


You read about 9 tips for building a sustainable, agile, and flexible remote HR career in the post above. All this and more is easy to attain when your organisation implements our HR software. 

Our tool provides the right assistance, user-friendly experience, workflow automation, and so much more at an affordable cost for the employer. So, reach our team today if you want to streamline all your HR tasks in one place effortlessly. 

Contact us here. 

FAQs on Remote HR Career

Q: How can I stay updated on remote HR trends and best practices?

A: Engage in webinars and online courses and join HR forums. Regularly read industry publications and follow thought leaders in remote HR.

Q: Are there specific software tools crucial for remote HR work?

A: Yes, platforms like uKnowva social intranet for communication and virtual meetings and its HRIS (Human Resources Information System) for managing employee data are commonly used.

Q: What skills are employers seeking in remote HR professionals?

A: Apart from traditional HR skills, adaptability, tech proficiency, and strong virtual communication skills are highly valued.

Q: How can I build a strong remote HR network?

A: Attend virtual HR events, join LinkedIn groups, and actively participate in discussions. Networking helps in gaining insights and job opportunities.

Q: How can remote HR professionals foster employee engagement?

A: Utilise regular virtual check-ins, encourage open communication, and organise virtual team-building activities to strengthen the team bond.

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