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From Pandemic to Endemic, Covid-19 has changed many lives during the last 2.5 years. This impacts how employees want to work and how HR professionals hire talented people. Therefore, it’s mandatory for recruitment trends to watch out for in 2023.

As we are heading towards the peak of the first quarter of 2023, HRs must utilise their hiring season the most. For this, they have to know queries like:


  • Where are people likely to get hired the most?
  • Why are candidates taking more caregiving leaps in their profiles?
  • Is the year gap allowed and respected from both ends?
  • What would be the possible hiring channel that fits the bill for your firm?
  • Is the current hiring channel giving you the best talent pool at a given budget?
  • What more ideas can you as an HR bring to the table to exercise the best talent acquisition practices?
  • Which jobs matter to your firm the most at present, and how soon will you fill the same with full potential and efficiency


The list of questions and queries can go to an HR professional for recruitment trends to watch out for. However, with a trusted, agile, and dependable uKnowva HRMS, many daily HR tasks can get automated to save time.

Besides that, continue to read the blog to understand the top recruitment trends to follow in 2023.

5 Recruitment Trends


5 Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For In The First Quarter Of 2023 Are:

1. Make inclusion and diversity a priority:

High achievers can belong to any race, gender, nationality, religion, or region. What you need to do is to accept the fact. Your next talented person could be from a very small town, feeding her kids with a unique name, religion, and complexion. 

But those specificities shouldn’t matter. What values the most is that person can bring more growth and productivity to your company. So, the next most favoured recruitment trend to watch out for is harnessing more DEIB-oriented company culture. 

This will help you bring more harmony, respect, power, and synergies in one place for completing different projects. 

2. Do not shy away from hiring remote workers:

Covid-19 has taught us, HR industrialists and professionals, to hire from anywhere. This means more focus was on remote working as well because of the obvious reasons. 

Now that employees have experienced remote and hybrid working styles, they often want to continue with it. There are multiple reasons to justify that on their behalf. 

First could be: remote working gives employees the flexibility to maintain their personal life commitments too. 

Next, they can be self-reliant and self-serving with the right tech tools offered by the hiring firm. Lastly, they can fulfil their dreams, travel, and live anywhere they want while earning a stable income.

However, remote working too has its distinctive pros and cons. At times, there could be a wagering trust factor between employees and employers. That’s where a reliable, mobile, and interactive uKnowva recruitment management software can be put to use. 

Using this software, HRs can interact with remote teams and hires at any time from anywhere. So can the reporting managers. 

They would watch over their performance levels too. Overall talent acquisition to talent engagement journey becomes less bumpy and more effective. That’s why this point is also one of the amazing recruitment trends to watch out for in 2023.

3. Make sure your brand values are strong and stand out:

Employees want to work where the company has a strong value and scope. 

In other words, if your firm cannot provide them with a sense of recognition, appreciation, and scope of growth, hiring would be difficult. 

High achievers usually look out for those companies only where their values match and stand out. For this, you need to recheck and reconfirm your company’s:

  • Goals
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Priorities and policies
  • Values

After clarity, you can create a job posting around that. The verbiage would matter. It should be crisp, clear, and concise. You must deliver an understandable message to the high achievers when onboarding. 

They must know how they can grow in your firm after being hired in the next 1-5 years. So, your company’s internal and external values should be well-defined and robust. 

That’s one of the most respected recruitment trends to watch out for in 2023. 

4. Automate job postings:

HRs have scattered hiring source data. There are new websites or portals where potential candidates register and apply every day. Going to these sites manually for every job posting is time-wasting.

But HRs cannot afford to miss the opportunity to onboard the right candidate in 2023 or ever. The best alternative here is to automate job postings. That is possible with a trusted and automated HR management system in place. 

In fact, that’s one of the interesting recruitment trends to watch out for this year. As hiring clubbed with automation is an intriguing concept for new-age HRs. Their time is well saved and utilised when they schedule job postings on various channels. 

For example, with the uKnowva recruitment engine, HRs have the facility to integrate the same with other hiring or career portals. As soon as they publish a job posting, it will highlight on other career platforms. 

Candidates can apply from any of these portals, and the data directly enters into the system. This saves a lot of working hours every day for HRs in a growing company. 

5. Invest in employee referral programs:

Employee referrals are a must-have recruitment option in today’s age and time. They are already working in your firm. You would probably know what type of an employee is giving you a referral for a new hire. 

A high achieving candidate would give you a similar contact most of the time. Whereas, an employee who mismanages everything is to be trusted less. 

In any case, HRs have an easy way to onboard the right talent using employee referrals from reliable and outperforming candidates.

Under such recruitment trends to watch out for in 2022, referrers also get reward points highlighted in the HRMS system. So, it’s a win for all situations to solicit employee referral in the long run. 

Plus, HRs can trust new hires effectively when an outperforming employee refers to their profile for a job opening.


You can find multiple recruitment trends to watch out for in the first quarter of 2023. But the 5 discussed above are really famous and in vogue. Most of these can be streamlined with recruitment management software. 

Such software assists HR in automating their daily and boring tasks. Then, HRs themselves can focus on hiring the right talent for the vacant job effectively. 

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