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Companies must stay updated on the newest HR technology to support the staff in providing the best culture, given the continually shifting nature of the workforce. HR divisions are in a unique position. 

Human resource departments may boost employee satisfaction and make the company function more smoothly by combining the correct corporate culture with cutting-edge HR technology. Successful employee management is easier to understand and formulate based on fully integrated HR solutions. uKnowva HRMS, as an example, provides the best solution to promote harmonised WFO culture. Refer to the post below to know how that is.

Employee Management


7 Ways To Improve Employee Management and WFO Culture With HR Technology:

Purposeful communication channels

Creating a two-way digital communication channel where staff can quickly speak with management and one another at any time is one of the most excellent methods to boost employee management.

Real-time texting and other HR technology facilitate communication between HR professionals and workers. This enhances productivity at work because:-

  • Employees spend less time waiting for answers to queries about business policy, operations, product details, or anything HR-related.
  • Customised mobile security and notification settings enable employees to communicate instantly, which is essential in time-sensitive scenarios like responding to a customer's query.
  • Teams are together under one digital roof, complementing one another's work and fostering honest team spirit.

uKnowva allows that to happen with its social intranet tool. Teams connect there anytime and get the job done. The interactions there are purposeful and transparent between streams. 

Digital onboarding

HR technology helps teams save resources (time/money/efforts) via the digital onboarding process. Users may be synced with uKnowva automatically because of the employee directory’s integration with the Aadhar card. Also, your HR staff may deploy HR chatbots to respond to frequently asked questions from new hires once they have been given their login credentials for the uKnowva app.

This allows employees to grasp the culture and values of your business quickly. In addition, any contemporary HR communication plan would benefit from the addition of onboarding materials that introduce new hires to the duties and responsibilities of each department.

Paperless scheduling 

Keeping track of one's work schedule can be difficult and time-consuming for shift workers. However, employees at all organisational levels may quickly check their schedules online, thanks to HR IT connections.

Going paperless with HR solutions saves your HR staff the hassle of dealing with paper documents and printouts. Also, other HR communication processes can be automated with the mobile uKnowva HRMS app. 

A chatbot might help employees by promptly answering their questions, saving them the time and energy they'd otherwise need to spend looking things up or contacting HR.

Employee feedback 

Initiating employee surveys to collect feedback is one of the most excellent methods to continuously assess employee happiness levels when your HR department is responsible for maintaining high workplace satisfaction levels. 

uKnowva provides this HR tool to assist in boosting business morale. Your HR staff can focus solely on analysing the replies after automating the process using digital HR technology. They are no longer required to manually process the responses. This gives your HR department the authority to distribute surveys often, opening the door for a continuous flow of HR communication that will keep your business operating smoothly.

Brainstorming tools for teams to synergise their efforts

The optimum strategy for maintaining competitiveness is to work smarter, not harder. One method is building a culture where your staff members are encouraged to provide suggestions for enhancing the business. 

HR technology may give workers a platform where they can submit feedback anonymously to feel secure and encouraged to do so. Employees also have the option of voting on their coworkers' ideas. uKnowva social intranet helps employees to share ideas openly. They smartly engage with the tool and are open to suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism. It helps teams to level up their analytical and creative thinking skills. They evolve their stature to move ahead and be more strategic. They add more value with regular brainstorming and idea creation sessions on the social intranet by uKnowva. 

Employee referral programs

When you're doing what you love alongside people you respect and like, a job feels less like work. Therefore, everyone benefits when you recommend friends, family, and anybody you know to your firm. Many businesses also include bonuses for any referrals that land jobs.

Scouting the best candidate fit for the culture

uKnowva HRMS’s HR technology reads the applicant's CVs and resumes better. The application utilises machine learning to find the best applicants for the jobs you are trying to fill by accessing your workers' networks.

  • It aids in identifying applicants who are above average.
  • The tool's friendly introduction increases applicants' likelihood generally.
  • It increases staff retention.
  • The cost of recruiting is also less when you hire the best worker.


Your workers are the key to success in every form of business. They serve as the most impactful recruiters, market information sources, and brand advocates. Because of this, employee management becomes a bigger concern. That’s why uKnowva HRMS can assist you in increasing revenue, enhancing company culture, and luring and retaining top employees.

When your workers feel appreciated, empowered, and in charge of their career path, they will respond favourably. In the end, you'll quickly realise that investing in HR technology yields excellent returns through raising staff productivity.

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