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Generative AI can improve HR work experience by making work life easier for HR professionals. When HR leaders start to incorporate generative AI features like AI Suggest by uKnowva, they can optimise their operations from hiring to making employees permanent in their organisations. They also know which questions to ask, how many to ask, and how to set the performance evaluation templates to proceed with the approaches of building high-performance teams at a click. However, you will learn about the functionality of generative AI in a broader sense and viewpoint below. Read it to transform your organisation from hire to retire and make sure that the HR leaders or CHROs at your organisations are bringing back the human factor in the HRD.

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The Rise of Generative AI in HR

Generative AI, a well-known subset of artificial intelligence, is a cutting-edge technology that has gained traction in various industries, including HR. Unlike traditional AI, which relies on predefined rules and data sets, generative AI leverages deep learning models to generate original content or responses. In HR, this technology is utilised for diverse applications, such as candidate screening, employee training, personalised onboarding experiences, and much more.

Top 3 Ways In Which Generative AI Can Improve HR Work Experience:

Generating complete job description in seconds:

With generative AI tools like AI Suggest by uKnowva, recruiters get to generate job roles and responsibilities within a couple of seconds. They don’t have to do the hard work and follow up endlessly with the requisition manager. This helps them save hours of manual work when they are planning to hire workers or employees in bulk.

The tool helps them focus on other mission-critical tasks and make those the priority for greater business impact. The hiring of the new workforce does not stop now if they do not receive timely replies from the reporting managers. They can at least get started with the job posting and publishing with the accurate roles and responsibilities according to the job post defined as per the category.

The AI Suggest feature fetches data from the internet for recruiters to judge the accuracy of desired job roles and descriptions. Recruiters can later tweak or edit the data fetched and listed from the feature. They can then add new job descriptions and save them in their Designation Master menu option at uKnowva to use later.

Basically, they no longer have to write and prepare for job roles repeatedly for the same role. The system also helps to store the information for future use cases of recruitment drives or virtual hiring.

Complete list of KRAs and core competencies at a click:

Reporting managers to make their lives super easy with AI Suggest when they want to extract Key Responsibility Areas and core competencies for their employees. These activities or tasks are listed down by the software or feature within seconds. They do not have to search the internet or wait for their employees to discuss the key roles from scratch to elevate their performances.

This feature is very useful for first-time and new managers in the team. They do not want to waste time following up with individual team members. If reporting managers are managing a high-performance team with increasing numbers of team members with similar job roles, this is again a feature to depend upon.

They can tweak the performance metrics and know whether each task is qualitative or quantitative. These reporting managers can also assign different weightage to each task. Later, they can share it with their reportees to discuss and make amends, if needed.

This activity with the AI Suggest saves at least 15 hours of productivity and sums it up within 10-20 seconds. Thus, making it super-efficient for the reporting managers or team leaders to coach their team members instead of discussing the number of tasks to deliver on time.

They can focus on nurturing the growth mindset of their employees and spend more time with their workforce. AI Suggest is their next best virtual assistant in sharing the workload to complete the performance cycle within deadlines, irrespective of the team size.

Ask interview questions accurately:

Recruiters have the facility and ability to scale up their capabilities to hire the best talent with AI Suggest. This feature helps to narrate the best questions to ask the candidate getting interviewed for a particular job role.

Recruiters or interviewers do not spend hours on the internet to search for the list of questions to ask and shortlist those further. Rather, each job role’s interview assessment question will be presented to the recruiter within seconds.

It makes hiring in bulk easier, faster, and more reliable when the questions fetched from the generative AI feature are accurate and strictly role-based. Interviewers can save these questions and make changes to those if they feel like it.

They do not need to have the expertise or knowledge of the job role now. They can simply depend on the accuracy level of the generative AI to get started with the candidate interviews and lock in the right hire within stringent deadlines.


There are multiple use cases of generative AI. As per my knowledge and experience, generative AI can improve HR work experience from hiring and recruitment to employee/manpower planning and performance evaluations. Many of the cases are listed above. The tool by uKnowva has no bounds or limitations. Stay tuned to this blog copy as we will be coming with more news on AI Suggest is redesigning recruiters and reporting managers’ life around at workplaces.

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What is generative AI, and how does it improve HR work experience?

Generative AI is a form of AI or artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to create content or data that closely resembles human-generated content. In HR, generative AI streamlines candidate screening, personalised onboarding experiences, revolutionises employee training, enhances employee engagement, and much more, ultimately improving the overall HR work experience.

How can HR professionals collaborate with AI-powered HR assistants?

AI-powered HR assistants, such as chatbots and virtual HR advisors, can work collaboratively with HR professionals. These assistants handle routine queries, freeing up HR staff to focus on more strategic and human-centric tasks.

What are the future trends in AI and HR?

The future of AI in HR holds exciting possibilities, including predictive analytics, AI-powered employee engagement surveys, and even more advanced automation. HR professionals must stay informed about these trends to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

How can organisations address challenges in AI implementation?

Organisations can address challenges in AI implementation by proactively addressing concerns about job displacement, conducting thorough ethical reviews of AI models, and fostering a culture of openness to change.

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