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Recruiters will be on the lookout for hires with skills-based hiring techniques in the coming year. They realise that most of the talent wants to work for a firm where they can continuously contribute at scale. Such organisations and work cultures provide workers the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. They get to work on difficult projects and take the lead; it makes no one else prouder than a talent hunter or a recruiter to see their hired talent soaring. So, it’s peak time for the management to focus on sparking enthusiasm in recruiters with AI

If you have read till now, I have the right tool, uKnowva, here. It can spark enthusiasm, engagement, and efficiency in next-gen recruiters at a click. Continue to read and know more in a jiffy. 

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Top 6 steps to spark enthusiasm in recruiters with AI and automation

Screen CVs automatically with keywords and phrases.

Recruiters in growing companies deal with a lot of resumes. They literally run out of time to read resumes and select the best candidate. They end up being biassed, bored or burned out. Automating the process with our CV Parser to filter out CVs can prevent you from feeling tired or bored. It saves you time in actually reading, sifting, and shortlisting relevant resumes for the job role. 

Save time on offer letter management, from templatising it to scheduling it. 

Be the master of your workday and time management as a recruiter when you can templatise the offer letter creation and generation process. Our intelligence allows you to auto-save the template of offer letters for various clients, vendors, roles, etc. It saves you time in finding the right offer letter when you’re hiring multiple people for the same role or job. 

We allow you to manage your time in following up with the person even better when you scan and schedule the time to send the offer letters. You don’t have to manually do it. You can select the time, email ID, and other filters from the same interface of our offer letter management module. 

So, it saves you precious time switching back and forth between various apps or tools. 

Hire for any role without sweating when with AI Suggest. 

Don’t have the expertise to hire for various roles yet as a recruiter? We can assure you that AI Suggest helps to keep up with the enthusiasm in recruiters with AI tech it is powered with. 

Recruiters can use this tool to generate:

  • Job descriptions and roles
  • Interview Questions 
  • Top 5 or more skill sets
  • KRAs and core competencies 

All these and more redundant tasks of generating and completing a job profile are completed within seconds. Now, you don’t end up wasting your time online or running after the requisition manager to hire the best talent in your candidate pool or network. 

AI Suggest helps to supercharge your 15 hours of productivity in 15-30 seconds, irrespective of the job role or category. 

Onboard young talent quickly with a scanner-based process. 

  • Hiring in bulk? 
  • Shortage of time? 
  • No paperless initiatives in hand? 

These questions are like your pain points as a next-gen recruiter working for a conventional company. However, you can change the scenario with an Aadhaar card- and QR-code scanner-based pre-boarding and onboarding. 

Run an extensive recruitment drive offline with ease now. Put up the QR code scanner at entry. Let new hires and candidates fill out their application forms automatically without you having to assist them further. 

Save time and be enthusiastic enough to close the vacancies with the best fit in less time. 

Generate employment codes within seconds to remove manual errors. 

Employee code generation is smooth, easy, and automated when you do uKnowva. Your half of the battle to onboard the new hire accurately is won with this feature. 

You can completely eliminate the manual errors when you are trying to assign a unique employee code to the new person employed in the organisation. 

That means there will be no omission, duplicacy, or factual errors in the employee code. You can configure the code and build logic in the mechanism as well to configure it further as per your recruitment and onboarding needs. 

For that, the DevOps team at uKnowva will help you flawlessly fix the employee code generation process as per your current needs. 

Ask uKnowva to assist you in finding relevant documents and policies. 

Be a revolutionary recruiter, someone who is self-reliant and empowered with AI tools like the HR chatbot, which we have in our toolkit. Once you set up a DIY instance of uKnowva at your firm, for example, you need the right steps to configure the hiring and recruitment policies. 

The Ask uKnowva chatbot allows you to do that. It frees you from dependency on external sources like our DevOps to know how to make your way around the portal and ensure that you have important candidate data in bulk, safely, timely, and easily. 


The blog post above lists 6 critical steps in ensuring enthusiasm in recruiters with AI tools and features. These processes and initiatives end up saving a recruiter’s manual efforts, intervention, and time in the long run. They can sit back, connect with the staff, and focus on what they do best, scouting the world-class talent for the organisation, fitting for the role, equipped with future-ready skills and a likeable attitude. 

If you’re an HR and want to reimage the way you hire, preboard, onboarding, and watch out for the new talent in the job market, focus on building streamlining processes that are humanely intelligent to assist you till the end, freeing your time at every step of the way. 

Contact us now. 

FAQs on Enthusiasm in Recruiters with AI

What role does enthusiasm play in the recruitment process, and how can AI contribute to assessing it?

Enthusiasm is a key factor in creating a positive candidate experience and fostering a vibrant workplace culture. AI can assess enthusiasm by screening resumes on time, generating complete job descriptions, and automating redundant or time-consuming recruitment tasks like offer letter generation and employee code generation to complete the preboarding.

In what ways can enthusiasm be a predictor of success in the recruiting field, and how can AI algorithms leverage this insight?

Enthusiastic recruiters often demonstrate resilience, effective communication, and a positive attitude, which are crucial for success. AI algorithms can identify these traits by analysing historical data and correlating enthusiastic behaviours with successful placement outcomes.

Can AI help identify patterns in successful recruitment scenarios where the recruiter's enthusiasm plays a crucial role?

AI can absolutely analyse past successful placements and identify recurring patterns in recruiter enthusiasm. This information can then be used to train and guide recruiters towards behaviours that have historically led to positive outcomes.

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