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In one of our earlier posts, we read about the influx of SaaS fatigue in the Indian economy. However, we would like to highlight the causes of SaaS fatigue for HR leaders. This way, our readers get clarity on how to tackle the challenges in the long run when they make their way into the HR ecosystem. 

Today’s and tomorrow’s HR leaders need to prepare for this kind of uncertainty. They need not worry about the right software and service to invest in if they have the information on what causes them to have this level of fatigue in the first place. 

So read the post below and be ready to dive deeper into the journey of dealing with a myriad of SaaS options and still finding the right balance to streamline business operations with a promising tool. 

Without delays, let’s continue to read the post.

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What are the top causes of SaaS fatigue for HR leaders in India?

We read about the emergence of SaaS fatigue in our previous blog post. Now, let’s shift the perspective a bit and understand what is causing SaaS fatigue for HR leaders. 

They do not have defined objectives for implementing a SaaS tool.

Choosing a tool for HR to streamline their daily activities can take time. Most likely, they are already using multiple tools or features to streamline their daily work. Trusting a complete HRMS package looks overwhelming, and hence, at times, HRs might not have a clear objective at present to decide if they are ready to switch to a future-ready and future-proofed HRMS package or not. 

Searching the market for a perfect tool without clear objectives makes them waste their time and other limited resources. They end up getting over-excited or completely disappointed thereon. Then, the hours lost on searching kick in when they realise they still have a long list of pending work to do. 

They do not have time to prioritise their research on SaaS tools.

Another scenario is that CHROs do not get time to research even if they are clear on what they need from an HRMS suite of their choice. They end up failing to prioritise the tool to utilise for scaling up their daily operations with minimum efforts. 

Inability to decide which tool can fit changing business needs without extra cost.

The third perspective here is that HR leaders and CHROs might fall into the trap of an endless SaaS products market. They find themselves going back to square one when they fail to find the right software or suite that helps their businesses streamline their operations and automate daily work without paying extra charges. 

Moreover, a business might be following a particular revenue model right now, and it might end up starting another one in the next period. In such a scenario, it’s difficult for the CHROs and other CXOs to keep switching between multiple HR tools to streamline their processes from pre hire to post retire. 

HRs have higher expectations

This point can be counterintuitive to the earlier ones, but it is still a scenario that causes SaaS fatigue for HR leaders and decision-makers. When they have already consumed, tested, and researched a lot of SaaS products and services, their expectations are unnecessarily high for the next one. 

The next one might be in the industry for one module or another. However, it won’t make the cut because of the higher expectations in UI/UX or other similar experiences. So, SaaS owners need help understanding the current mindset of their target group (HR, entrepreneurs, business heads) in India, MENA, and Southeast Asia regions. 

HRs do not want more products

HRs get exposed to a myriad of SaaS products and services because of the proliferation of the global SaaS market. There comes a time when HR leaders or CXOs don’t need a new tool for the time being. They are already stuck in the conundrum of heaps of SaaS apps and tools, which they are finding difficult to let go of or cancel their subscriptions for a better and more unified alternative. 


By understanding the causes of SaaS fatigue and implementing effective coping strategies, HR professionals can harness the full potential of SaaS solutions without succumbing to overwhelming feelings. That means CHROs and HR leaders can collectively trust smarter AI and EI-powered SaaS solutions like uKnowva that promise what it delivers from pre-hire to post-retire. Therefore, they wouldn’t be so overwhelmed when they want to switch to a better SaaS product and accomplish the desired business results without adding to the operational cost. 

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FAQs on SaaS fatigue for HR leaders

  1. What are some signs that HR leaders may be experiencing SaaS fatigue?

HR leaders experiencing SaaS fatigue may exhibit several telltale signs, like getting overwhelmed, a decrease in productivity and efficiency, budget constraints leading to indecisiveness, issues with integration of the software, and frustration from endless feedback loops. 

  1. How can HR leaders evaluate the ROI of adopting new SaaS platforms?

To assess the Return on Investment (ROI) of adopting new SaaS platforms, HR leaders should consider the following steps:

  • Define key metrics
  • Compare the cost and perks of the tool
  • Track the progress of the implementation
  • Gather constructive feedback
  • Take corrective actions
  1. Are there industry-specific SaaS solutions that cater specifically to HR needs?

Yes, there are indeed industry-specific SaaS solutions like uKnowva HR management software in India tailored to meet the unique needs of HR departments. uKnowva helps streamline and automate HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement. It has other nestled features like an applicant tracking system, employee self-service interface, and HR analytics, providing comprehensive solutions for HR professionals on time. 

  1. Can SaaS fatigue be mitigated by outsourcing certain HR functions to specialised service providers?

Yes, outsourcing specific HR functions to specialised service providers can be an effective strategy to mitigate SaaS fatigue. By entrusting tasks like payroll processing, benefits administration, or recruitment to external experts, HR leaders can reduce their reliance on a multitude of in-house SaaS tools. This allows them to focus on core strategic initiatives while ensuring that specialised tasks are handled efficiently and with expertise.

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