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If you are a company that prefers to maintain a good work culture and you’re not using polls, this is a must read.

One of the biggest mistake companies make is assuming they know what their employees want. They set the rules and they decide the provisions to be given. But employee satisfaction and work culture does not need such expert assumptions; in fact the best way to understand your workers is by simply asking them.

Now asking each and every employee about their likes and dislikes is definitely not a piece of cake. So what do we do? Here is where polls help you analyze your employee needs with minimal efforts and in the quickest way.

Polls are an excellent way of interaction with employees whereby you post a question give them few options (preferably not more than 5) and let them choose the option which is closest to their answer. This means you need to just post the question in the open forum for your employees which doesn't take more than 5mins and your employees have to just click on their preferred option, again not more than 5 mins. But the collective result that you get from the poll can be a great tool in analyzing what is the majority’s choice.

For example, you are planning to add an international cuisine to the office canteen menu but are not sure which one to go ahead with. At such times, simply make a poll and ask;

Which cuisine would you like to be added to the office canteen?

  1. Chinese
  2. Italian
  3. French

And say 70% employees choose Chinese. .. there is your obvious choice!

Polls need not just be informal; you can discuss office matters and conflicts also to get the real opinion. And in fact you could keep the poll anonymous to ensure that the results are genuine.

You can have a poll daily to keep getting insights from employees on day to day happenings.

How to add a poll?

Create one on your internal office forum or use an Enterprise Collaboration Software like uKnowva.

Want to get uKnowva? Click for details:

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