19 May 2022

Over the next 5 years, uKnowva will be specifically targeting countries like KSA, UAE, and Egypt to become the most preferred HRMS software platform... Read More

18 May 2022

In today’s competitive market, retention and hiring are the keys to promoting organisational growth. While some turnover allows businesses to infuse fresh, new talent within the organisation.. Read More

07 May 2022

Vicky Jain is one of the Founders of uKnowva, cloud-based HRM software that happens to be the brainchild of Convergence IT Services. Vicky along with his co-founding members.. Read More

04 May 2022

With AI-driven technologies and collaborative tools, companies are able to foster regular discussions amongst managers and employees about their objectives, progress.. Read More

17 April 2022

Single or childless married employees are marginalised when it comes to leaves. FPJ examines the reasons behind this discrimination  .. Read More

14 April 2022

Malfunctions may occur across almost every domain in an organisation. But it could mean a huge cost when such malfunctions are straight from the HR department... Read More

12 April 2022

Can job-hopping lose its stigma in a fast-changing job market characterised by fierce talent wars and fickle Gen Z employees? Know what HR experts think about job hoppers... Read More

06 April 2022

In a recent case study, it was found that redesigning an office space and making it healthier reduced absenteeism by 50 per cent and staff turnover by 27 per cent.. Read More

19 March 2022

Over the past couple of decades, Human Resources (HR) has evolved significantly adapting to the needs of a transforming business environment... Read More

19 March 2022

Over the past couple of decades, Human Resources (HR) has evolved significantly adapting to the needs of a transforming business environment. With the outbreak  .. Read More

17 March 2022

The Sapphire Connect recently concluded the 2nd Annual ReThink HR Conclave 2022 that was focused on exactly how the HR Leaders.. Read More

08 March 2022

According to a study, Gender in Marketing, women are much more likely to start a career in marketing: 21 per cent as compared to 16 per cent men.. Read More

23 February 2022

HR Tech is gaining wide popularity in the field of HR sphere with new innovations coming up. On Innovation Day, ETHRWorld brings the top innovations shared by.. Read More

17 February 2022

Statistics by an online portal Salary show that 64 per cent of employees visit websites that are not related to their jobs. Amidst the pandemic when working from home became.. Read More

15 February 2022

Organizations have started to understand how crucial HR solutions are in the industry and how they make everyone’s life easy... Read More

09 February 2022

Businesses are realising that tech-enabled HR processes along with worthy data can not only help organisations create a better-engaged workforce but also help in the overall.. Read More

04 February 2022

In a panel discussion organised by YourStory, Prashant Maurya, Founder of blockchain startup Spheron, and Vicky Jain, Co-founder of uKnowva... Read More

20 January 2022

Wockhardt operations are spread across 23 states, and set up in many villages and remote locations... Read More

19 January 2022

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and function. An increasing number of organisations are starting to adopt new practices and measures to support their.. Read More

18 January 2022

Shifting away from traditional approaches and manual processes, businesses are embracing next-generation AI solutions, virtual agents, and customer self-service solutions to.. Read More

10 January 2022

A recent study by CEB analytics showed that companies that successfully adopt HR analytics can enhance their talent outcomes by at least 9 per cent... Read More

09 January 2022

While 77% of respondents feel positive about this concept and are ready to evaluate its usage, 28% said they would use a EWA product.    .. Read More

29 December 2021

From soft skill management and payroll automation to AI in recruitment and using technology to improve physical and mental wellbeing, HR technology can.. Read More

24 December 2021

Earlier this year, a prime agency network drew a lot of flak for allegedly calling employees to office during the peak of the second Covid wave, which eventually resulted in two of them losing.. Read More

23 December 2021

The HR tech landscape has also witnessed the inception of cutting-edge technology to assist in talent management, recruitment, learning & development.. Read More

14 December 2021

After explaining the pros and cons of the Open Salary Policy to his boss, Mr HR faces the realpolitik questions: Should we reveal salaries of all departments and .. Read More

14 December 2021

With this newly added feature, they have become the first in India to create an HR portal that can be accessed by people regardless of their abilities  .. Read More

11 December 2021

To keep the organisational culture alive, it is important to encourage communication, collaboration and transparency so that employees work unitedly and not.. Read More

29 November 2021

The primary challenge was capturing attendance of disabled people when they were working from home... Read More

07 June 2021

It has become paramount for companies to invest in a comprehensive and robust HRMS to help them keep their employees more engaged... Read More

08 April 2021

Collaboration is the buzz word and exciting news things are happening in a variety of fields to leverage the 'collective power'. Uknowva (username and password below to try.. Read More

23 August 2013

Ask Vivek Paul, who recently sold his enterprise social collaboration startup, and you’d probably get the sense that it may not rain for enterprise social networks in India,.. Read More