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HR leaders must remain transparent to their workforce and earn their trust over time. When things are not going well, it is hard to maintain that. Employees feel more vulnerable when the attrition rate is increasing, the recession is approaching, and they see no significant hike in their pay scale. Thus, HR then has to learn to thrive through talent turmoil and manage their resources effectively. 

This requires them to develop a shared sense of purpose in the culture. They may also need to engage with the staff regularly and prioritise the humanised tasks, while automating the redundant ones. 

This will enable HR leaders and strategic partners to focus on building a culture of productivity, progressiveness, and trust, even in times of talent crisis. 

However, HR leaders are not equipped enough to do it alone. Technology in HR plays the right role here. It will assist and partner with the new-age HR leader in customising, configuring, automating, digitalising, and scheduling tasks on time.

If you’re an HR professional who requires this level of assistance and more in-depth knowledge on thriving in the talent turmoil to mitigate attrition or turnover rates, read this post ahead. 

Get enough insights and strategies to get your talent management and development strong at every step of the way. 

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How to Thrive Through Talent Turmoil This Year as an HR?

  • Provide new challenges and opportunities to existing talent. 

Talent turmoil is always an ongoing issue. It makes finding the right talent for ad hoc jobs and upcoming tasks difficult. An HR manager usually takes 1-3 months to search, negotiate, and lock in a challenging and more demanding position. 

So, while the talent hunt is going on, your firm needs to provide new challenges to the existing talent. They need this level of exposure to know their full potential. It will improve the mental and core competencies of the existing staff in the office. 

This could be one of the cost-effective ways to develop the existing talent to tackle ad hoc projects with low risk and great impact. You can track their productive hours and completed tasks/projects in the project and task management module we provide at any time. 

  • Capture employee sentiments and refine the culture. 

Avoid unnecessary and uncalled-for turnover rates in your organisation. Know the behaviour, engagement, and sentiment levels of your staff beforehand. Trust uKnowva to install a Happiness Meter and management system in your culture and organisation. 

This enables and empowers the HR team to keep an eye on their staff. They know if their currently deployed staff is happy, tired, overworked, underutilised, or on the verge of burning out. 

By reading the real-time analysis of an employee’s mood and engagement on the instance, HR managers know if they want to actively coach and mentor that person, especially if they are loyalists and high-performers. 

Otherwise, they can decide whether to put the person in the PIP and help them recover from the downfall at the right time. 

  • Encourage continuous learning and growth with eLMS. 

Provide personalised training programs and platforms to your staff. That is more in demand when you know that you want to thrive through talent turmoil with smart strategies. 

With a gamified, personalised, and unified eLMS, HR managers also have better access and admin control. They can decide which employee or user group to empower next and develop the most effective talent pipeline in the upcoming period.

Also, when there is an eLMS in the organisation, it makes the way for continuous learning for the deployed staff. They grow a forever curious mindset and learn new skills and talents to be the best and maximise their potential as long as they are in the organisation. 

This will also build a better portfolio for every individual who learns new skills and plans to execute the same with new projects in the organisation. 

  • Ensure to mobilise talent and leverage cross-functional teams. 

Manage and utilise your staff at all levels at any time when you have complete visibility into their:

  • Skills, talents, hobbies, and core competencies
  • Availability through working hours
  • Work locations
  • Reporting Managers
  • Pending projects and tasks

With uKnowva, you have all this information and more at your disposal as a super admin, reporting manager, or HR manager. You know which employee is working at full capacity and which department needs more staff at the moment and on priority. 

That way, you can mobilise the talent for the time being to the other team or department if they possess the right skills. It saves everyone’s time to locate new talent or outsource one at a higher cost. 

Plus, individuals get more exposure to work with different teams and departments, increase their influence and network, and get more references in the long run. 

  • Invest in succession planning to prepare future leaders. 

Create future leaders by assigning them new and impactful projects. Create a roadmap for the high-performers or star players in your organisation, belonging to distinct departments. 

That way, today’s leaders can take a more strategic role in the future and delegate most of the groundwork and set up a process with these leaders who want to excel in their careers and get an appreciation for their forward thinking and foresight to grow business models more organically. 

A 9-box grid, available at the backend of uKnowva, provides real-time insights into star players, high-performers, hard workers, and even bad hires. It makes decisions for HR managers easier to create a legacy of the best people in the history of their organisation and let go of the ones who do not seem to have any scope for improvement in the future. 

Succession planning, in short, helps to cut down costs on acquiring new talent. 

It gives time, space, and efforts to the HR managers and reporting managers to focus on developing, retaining, and appreciating the best talent they already have and transform their journey of exceptional contributions for better business outputs. 


In the post above, we studied five ways to thrive through talent turmoil. However, each organisation has a story of its own. However, the baseline of developing any talent remains the same. 

Everyone wants to be heard, respected, grow with stability, and have ample opportunities to grab and never fall short of income-earning possibilities even in the same organisation. 

Such an organisation becomes favourable to the staff members who want to remain in the organisation for a long time. 

So, develop an organisation that becomes your staff’s top choice today with an AI and EI-enabled technology like uKnowva. 

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FAQs on Thriving Through Talent Turmoil

How can individuals thrive during Talent Turmoil?

Individuals can thrive by continuously upskilling, staying adaptable, and building a strong professional network to stay abreast of industry changes.

How can employers effectively manage Talent Turmoil within their organisations?

Employers can manage talent turmoil by fostering a culture of continuous learning, providing growth opportunities, and implementing flexible talent management strategies.

What are the key skills that are highly valued during Talent Turmoil?

Skills such as adaptability, digital literacy, creativity, and emotional intelligence are highly valued during talent turmoil.

What role does employee well-being play in navigating Talent Turmoil?

Employee well-being is crucial as it contributes to job satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity, helping organisations weather talent turmoil more effectively.

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