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This year, we are marching towards another trend in the HR world, that is, to handle high-volume hiring. The potential is immense in the corporate world. However, it is difficult to spot the right talent when the talent gap is widening, and the pressure from upper management seems more challenging to handle at times. However, talent acquisition specialists can get this sorted in large organisations with recruitment drives and other smart initiatives that you will learn about in this blog copy. 

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What are the ways to handle high-volume hiring with AI-driven HRM software?

  • Generate job descriptions in seconds for any role. 

Our AI-powered HRM software expedites the job description creation process with AI Suggest. Generate successful templates for compelling, inclusive job descriptions in seconds.

No matter what the role is, get the description generated in a zap. Edit and save the template for future use if you are to have high-volume hiring for similar roles frequently in the future. 

  • Leverage an in-built CV Parser to filter profiles sincerely. 

Getting too many resumes in the current high-volume hiring drive? Have limited time to sift through those resumes but have to lock in for the roles in a defined period? This could be an issue which many TA specialists go through in an organisation. 

However, uKnowva helps you tackle that with an in-built CV Parser in our Applicant Tracking System. This way, you can enter simple terms in the Parser and filter the resumes at once. You will improve the chances of shortlisting the right candidate based on the skills and phrases that matter the most to your firm at this moment. 

  • Craft interview questions without worrying much.

Reduce the stress of asking the right questions to candidates you literally only have a bit of information about through CVs. Leverage AI Suggest, which gives you a complete list of questions to ask as per the role and category. 

Do not waste your limited time in research anymore. Edit and save these questions for future use. Generate more questions after every click on the tool, and it provides the latest questions as per the industry trend for the job role and designation. 

  • Define skill sets for the high-performers you want to hire first. 

Have a limited idea of what skills must your next hire have? We've got you covered. Leverage AI Suggest embedded in our HR software India. 

This tool allows you to get a checklist of the new-age skills required for the post or job role you enter in the tool. Then, you do not have to crosscheck the same on the internet or keep chasing the requisition manager. 

Save hours of your time to lock and finalise the new-age skills at once. Improve the quality of hire and double your productivity in locking the best culture-fit and process-fit talent you can grab and onboard at the right cost. 

  • Conduct Aadhaar-based onboarding and preboarding on recruitment drives. 

Process the KYC of new candidates with a swipe of the government-issued ID like an Aadhaar card. It removes the delays in the pre boarding and onboarding process up to 4 to 5 times. 

The candidate will be guided on the portal to upload the required set of documents. They can save the link and upload other information later on. They also get timely reminders from the system to complete the application. 

So, the entire process completes and automates with the automatic and Aadhaar-based onboarding and preboarding module. HR managers and TA specialists no longer keep chasing the candidate manually to complete the process where they need to upload all their relevant documents. 


Handling high-volume hiring is not easy at times. There is immense pressure on the TA specialists and recruiters from the organisations and candidates. They have to find and fit the right match of candidates with the culture of the organisation within a stipulated time. 

However, this blog copy teaches you the right mode of speeding up the hiring process when you are hiring for bulk, helping large organisations to close the requirements of the hire on time. 

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FAQs on High-Volume Hiring

Is AI-driven HRMS suitable for small businesses with limited resources?

Yes, many AI-driven HRMS solutions offer scalable options, making them suitable for businesses of various sizes.

Does AI in HRMS compromise candidate privacy?

AI-driven HRMS systems adhere to strict privacy regulations, prioritising the confidentiality and security of candidate information.

How does AI contribute to employee retention post-hiring?

By analysing data patterns, AI can identify factors influencing employee retention, aiding in the development of targeted retention strategies.

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