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Often HR professionals have the responsibility to create a sense of belonging at workplaces. They have the responsibility to manage and develop at work at their pace so they feel heard and valued. However, there is a gap in creating a sense of community for HR teams themselves. Today, we are going to focus on how to create and cater to a community-based culture and environment for HR leaders and professionals in the workplace. 

We have uKnowva as the solution and the lens to observe and conquer this issue, especially for remote HR teams who might feel isolated at the start of the new year or when coming back to the office after a long weekend. 

So, read the blog and find out ways to create a community for your HR leaders and boost their engagement levels with a shared purpose. 

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What are the ways to create a sense of community for HR teams?

Read the points below to understand inclusive, diversified, and equitable ways that any organisation can follow with our HRMS software in India

  1. Allow every new hire to introduce themselves.

To create a sense of belonging and community, let everyone introduce themselves as they like when they are onboarded. This activity helps them break the ice and gives time and space to others to congratulate and welcome the new hire as a part of the team. 

This way, there is no outsider in the organisation. Soon enough, even the new hire can feel that they are a core part of the team and the organisation when they see various other people congratulating them for being hired and onboarded. 

  1. Ensure every HR team member has the platform to connect.

Make sure to provide the HRM platform to every HR member to streamline their daily activities. They can see and sync the employee data at once on the platform. That makes them smarter like other HR team members. 

Also, with the right HRM, they can connect with other HR members of the organisation, despite their different locations or time zones, to log in or log out. They can find like-minded HR members and team players on the intranet or instance which we offer and feel that they are not alone, even when working from offshore locations. 

  1. Help your HR teams to create topic-based groups on the intranet.

The intranet or instance we offer helps HR teams create discussion forums and groups. There, HR teams can put new lines of thought. They can ask each other different and difficult questions to streamline and strengthen their workday from pre-hire to post-retire. 

So, they are never in a fix. In fact, we offer an HR chatbot. They can talk to the chatbot and resolve their queries on time without depending on the other staff members. However, talking their way out in the discussion forum is a more creative way to connect with other HR leaders and professionals despite their different time zones or locations. 

At least, then other HR team members can relate to their issues and would be readily available to sort HR issues in the group discussions. This activity consistently boosts the sense of camaraderie within the organisation for HR leaders. Also, individual HR leaders get multiple viewpoints on a single issue to expand their horizons of knowledge and expertise. 

  1. Let HR teams create polls and events to actively engage everyone. 

Another creative and smart way to create a sense of community for HR leaders is with polls and events. HR leaders find these options in the intranet we offer. With polls, events, or even surveys, HR leaders can connect with anyone in the organisation who participates. 

They can put a poll for everyone or for a specific user group. It depends on them and their need for answers or responses. Nonetheless, everyone who has permission gets the notification on the newsfeed. So, then, the engagement automatically shoots up when they participate in polls or surveys. 

Plus, the HR leader can post a formal notice on the announcements, inviting everyone to participate. This gives the leader an edge and full visibility, even if they are newly onboarded in the organisation. 

  1. Show your HR leaders you care with timely praises.

Employers and senior management must show that they care for their HR leaders. They have to timely praise them for their feats and high-performing activities or projects. 

For example, if recruiters are locking in new talent for the organisation smartly and effectively, that’s a big achievement given the conditions of the widening talent war or shortage in the market.

Such praises help HR leaders feel that they belong and they hold more value in the organisation because they are one of the driving forces behind the success of the team and the organisation. 

  1. Communicate with an open-door policy and complete mindfulness. 

Let HR teams connect with their seniors or the management with an open-door policy to create a sense of community and belonging. They need to know that they have people in the organisation who are ready to hear their woes, grievances, or concerns at the right time. 

Most of the time, HR generalists and specialists hear and solve the concerns of others in the organisation. Even these people need someone to hear their issues out or at least mentor/guide them in the right direction. 

That is why most modern companies or firms also hire a Director of People or a Director of Communication. These people are masters of solving communication problems even on the move. 

The intranet, which we offer, becomes the catalyst to connect everyone on the go. The HR leader or generalist can connect to their management, C-suite leaders, or the DoP to close the loopholes or loose ends and get work done on time. 

When HR leaders have that faith in their organisation and management, they can feel a sense of community and belonging without external efforts. 

  1. Assign your HR with other teams to embrace cross-team sharing opportunities.

HR teams, too, need exposure to upskill and reskill themselves. That is why management and C-suite leaders must help HR teams like recruiters, talent managers, talent developers, coaches, or AVPs connect with other functional department heads or members of the organisation. 

Business heads must assign different and unique projects to HR teams and other core linchpins of the firm to connect, co-create, and collaborate on the go. This exposes an HR team member to cross-team sharing opportunities for expanding their perspectives, mindsets, and experiences. 

Rest, HR, and people analytics will keep collecting data on the progress of the project and tasks assigned to all team members to eliminate doubt and micromanagement. 


The blog teaches you 7 creative solutions to create a sense of community for HR teams when you implement a smart and interactive HRMS like ours. Find more reasons and solutions when you actually start working with your HR teams and HRM platform to streamline, digitalise, and automate their redundant work and allow them free time to brainstorm, break through, and build rapport with a purposeful mindset. 

Contact us now. 

FAQs on a Sense of Community for HR Teams

Q: Why is building a sense of community important for HR teams?

A: Building a sense of community fosters a positive workplace culture, improves team collaboration, and enhances online employee engagement, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

Q: How can HR contribute to fostering a sense of community within the team?

A: HR can organise team-building activities, facilitate open communication, and create inclusive policies to promote a supportive and cohesive work environment.

Q: What role does effective communication play in developing a sense of community?

A: Effective communication is essential for understanding team members, resolving conflicts, and sharing common goals, creating a foundation for a strong sense of community.

Q: How can HR address conflicts within the team to maintain a positive sense of community?

A: HR can implement conflict resolution strategies, encourage open dialogue, and provide mediation services to address and resolve conflicts promptly and constructively.

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