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The recent report by market research firm IDC has put a big question mark over the very survival and existence of PCs. Personal Computer has become part of our daily lives, whether we want to accomplish any professional or personal work nothing is complete without PC. The increasing consumption of Tablets and Smartphone is the chief reasons for decline of PC sales. But have you ever thought of what will happen if there is no PC in future. Let us see some scenario what will happen to our lives in the absence of PC.

1. Change of behavior -

Human behavior is hard to change and our digital world is weaved around traditional PC till now. We are so used to pressing the power button, seeing the windows screen, working on Microsoft office, doing VFX, Design related work that life won’t be same around tables. It will take us a while to shift our behavior and change around tablet PC. 

2. Cannot play high end games -

Playing Games on PC is altogether a different experience than playing it on tablet. You won’t be able to play Crysis 3 with full setting on tablet. For all those professional gamers tablet won’t be a preferred choice for gaming.

3. Cannot multi-task -

Multi-tasking like launching multiple applications, opening multiple windows can be easily done on PCs but tablets offer various degrees of multi-tasking capabilities.

4. Cannot attach multiple accessories –

Tablets do not offer multiple USB ports (android based tablet offers 1 USB port or so) to connect accessories like headphone, external hard drive, mouse, speaker etc.

5. Cannot use heavy applications –

If you want to do some serious work on software like Photoshop, coreldraw, movie editing, sound mixing then tablet will be a poor choice. All these professional work require powerful PCs with different set features.

6. Cannot upgrade your tablet –

Many PCs allows you the option to upgrade the system, you can increase the RAM, Monitor, Cabinet, Motherboard, Hard disk, SMPS change wired keyboard to wireless etc but the same is not the case with tablet you have to live with what you have form the manufacturer at the most you can increase the storage space that to limited.

7. Size of the tablet screen-

is limited since the purpose of tablet is mobility and on the move computing for large spreadsheets with huge data tablets are not the ideal choice. Whereas large PC monitors are available and hence complex data sheets can be easily analyzed.

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