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Christmas is around the corner. All the office mates are going to look forward to celebrating the same for an ultimate bond with one another. To make the celebrations stand out, read this blog. It will tell you about the crazy, creative, and smart 7 ideas to celebrate Christmas in office. 

Follow these Christmas gift ideas to create exciting holiday traditions. This will allow you to start with the regular holiday decorations for the upcoming Christmas parties to be more memorable in the long run. 

So, without wasting time, continue to pursue the blog copy and find out what you can implement right away. 

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What are the Top 7 Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in Office You Can Think of?


  • Decorate the Workspace Wonderland


There are going to be fantastic Christmas sales near you in the coming days. So, you and your team members can decide to split the cash and decorate the office with beautiful Christmas ornaments. 

This might include buying Christmas trees, Christmas lights, bells, and much more. Take charge and ensure the decorations are under the approved budget by HR. 

You can even raise a ticket on our HRMS software to know about the budgets. 

Otherwise, create a poll or an event on the social intranet to check who is interested in participating in decorating the workspace on this day. 


  • Secret Santa Extravaganza


The next option to make the holiday traditions more special this Christmas is to indulge in the Secret Santa activity. Most of the corporate offices create this event for their employees. 

This event allows you to find new gift ideas and ensure to send someone a gift anonymously. Only the HR will know who is paired with the other person. This makes way for the breaking of the ice between two different employees, who might also not be a part of the same team. 

In fact, the HR leaders themselves can create an event or a poll to discuss more about this event to see and validate if the employees are excited about this Secret Santa Claus event as one of the ideas to celebrate Christmas in the office this year. 


  • Ugly Sweater Day and Dress-Up Themes


Celebrate Christmas a special way in your office by following a theme party of Ugly Sweater Day or any other theme of your choice. Similarly, post a poll or create a survey on the intranet to ensure that everyone participates from your organisation. 

Encourage them to participate in a live news feed announcement as an HR. Such themes make the holiday events for Christmas even more special. This could help your team members and subordinates create beautiful memories when they come to the office in wicked Avatars for the party. 


  • Festive Office Potluck


Do you love amazing luncheons or dinner parties? Then read Christmas recipes online and encourage your team to do so because the potluck this Christmas has to be very special. 

That’s why this is our fourth amazing idea to celebrate Christmas in the office. When everyone brings something special, homemade, and something with a deeper meaning, then the Christmas parties turn out to be more lively. 

You can open a discussion forum on your social intranet, which we offer. Put up a conversation on who is bringing what to the potluck party on Christmas Eve. Where some people can bring Christmas desserts to the office, others can bring homemade, tasteful, and delicious full-course meals. 

All in all, when people share this kind of meal together, they build beautiful and unbreakable relations in the office. 


  • Holiday Desk Decorating Contest


This is the right time to bring out the artist in you and your colleagues when you participate in the contest for Christmas crafts to shine through. It is also one of your ways to clean your desk, organise it better, and ensure that it suits the theme of the day. 

Announce the same on the intranet and let everyone know about the prizes for the winner. Ask people to comment and like to show their participation in the same news on the intranet feed. This will automatically improve the regular engagement of the employees as well. 


  • Virtual Celebrations for Remote Teams


Another creative and crazy idea to celebrate Christmas in the office is to do it virtually with your remote teams. If the majority of your workforce is working remotely, this could be another chance to bring those people together. 

Executive remote events like playing Christmas music and Christmas cards and inviting people to be each other’s Santa Claus in secrecy. You can also play a treasure hunt online by leaving different clues in your posts on the social intranet and HR tool. 

However, you should plan this at least a month in advance and ensure that you communicate the prizes that the winner will get. That way, participants pay more attention to daily online posts on the intranet. 

Additionally, everyone will be looking forward to celebrating this Eve, even if it is online, to share the joy of such events. 


  • Team-Building Games and Activities


Make your Christmas parties unbeatable and unforgettable for your employees from the get-go. To do so, event theme parties or other team-building activities. It will be another opportunity for new and existing employees to connect with each other. 

They can be in a team and will be coaxed to communicate to win the predetermined prizes. Activities like potluck, treasure hunts, hackathons, Secret Santas, dumb charades, and more are some of the easiest events for building a better bond with everyone, despite the department they belong to. 


You read about 7 workable ideas to celebrate Christmas in office. Implement these along with the smart tech in your office or organisation to ensure that everyone gets to participate in one way or another. 

Contact us to know more. 

FAQs on Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in Office

Q: What are some inclusive Christmas celebration ideas suitable for a diverse office environment?

A: Consider activities like a "Holiday Potluck" where employees can share traditional dishes from their cultures or a festive decoration contest that embraces a variety of holiday traditions.

Q: How can we organise a Secret Santa gift exchange without making anyone feel uncomfortable or excluded?

A: Encourage participants to create wish lists with a diverse range of affordable items. Additionally, establish a spending limit to ensure fairness and make it optional for employees to participate if they have personal or cultural reasons not to.

Q: Are there any virtual Christmas celebration ideas for remote teams?

A: Yes, you can organise a virtual holiday party with activities like online games, a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange using mailing services, or even a team-building activity like a virtual escape room with a festive theme.

Q: How can we maintain a professional atmosphere while celebrating Christmas in the office?

A: Incorporate low-key activities such as a festive office decoration contest, a holiday-themed dress-up day, or a charity drive. Emphasise participation as voluntary to respect different preferences within the workplace.

Q: What are some budget-friendly Christmas celebration ideas for a small office?

A: Consider organising a "DIY Holiday Crafts" session where employees can make decorations together, host a holiday movie marathon during lunch breaks, or arrange a potluck meal where everyone contributes a dish to share, keeping costs minimal.

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