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Ensure equity and fairness in HR policies when you set up a process and invite stakeholders to be equally responsible for updating and implementing the policies. They have to remain conscious of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in mind while practising these approaches. 

It means equity and fairness in HR policies is quite important to reduce conflict and provide a progressive and productive work culture to an employee. 

When you enable inclusive workplace practices in the organisation, either as an HR leader, people manager, or reporting manager, it leads to better individual performances and contributions. We see a significant decrease in absenteeism, absconding, or disinterest rates when there is equitable and fairness in the workplace. 

  • Employees enjoy showing up at work.
  • They engage more. 
  • Their workflow is fast. 
  • They communicate and collaborate with a clear mindset.

All this and more happens when you practise, monitor, and measure the impact of fair and equitable HR policies. So, read the post to know the right steps to proceed with equity and fairness in all your HR policies from pre-hire to post-retire. 

Make the task easy when you implement uKnowva in your organisation, as the cornerstone of such changes and stay compliant with the cutting-edge expectations of your dissimilar and distinct workforce. 

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Steps to ensure equity and fairness in HR policies

Assess your existing HR policies

Get the right reality check done of your current HR policies related to diversity recruitment and other concepts. Before you involve other stakeholders, as a CHRO or Chief People Officer, you must know if the current HR policies are already fair, inclusive, diverse, and equitable enough or not. 

You can download all the latest policies from the document repository we provide in our software. This way, you don’t chase or get stuck in the follow-up loops with your policymakers or compliance officers in the team. 

Drop them a message on the intranet to give you instant access if you still are not able to find the document, and get a lightning-fast response with each tag to resolve the matter. 

Invite stakeholders to put forward their points of views

The step to ensure that your firm is implementing fairness and equity in HR policies, be it attendance, leaves, holidays, incentives, payroll, etc., you need to involve the management and other stakeholders like the employee council members. 

Later, if the company is very open, upfront, and highly inclusive, the management can involve all its employees or union members. Collectively, they can come to terms with what type of HR policies should be made for an inclusive, diversity, and equity rich culture going forward. 

Design your new HR policies with equity and fairness in mind

After a detailed discussion with all the stakeholders, it’s time to start shortlisting the new HR policies. Delegate the task to your policymakers in the firm to start formulating new HR policies as per the meeting agenda completed in the earlier step.

Give them the task and deadline on the task and project management module using our tool if need be. This brings more clarity on how much time the HR executive will take to update the policy terms and conditions. 

Implement and monitor these HR policies

This is a crucial step to ensure equity and fairness in HR policies. Now is the time to implement the new HR policies. However, for that, first, employees and all other internal stakeholders must digitally acknowledge the new documents to remain on the same page.

Our portal allows you to embed the new policies in each login to facilitate the acknowledgement process from the get-go and complete it without delays. 

Review and continue to update if required

Set the metrics in place before and after you revise and implement your HR policies, keeping equity in mind. You don’t want to make progress and have no idea where you’re headed. Instead, review and continue to upload the HR policies. 

The metrics can be an improvement in employee engagement, retention, work satisfaction, and reduction in absenteeism, low productivity, or unplanned absences from work. 

The majority of these metrics are available in the analytics or the personalised dashboard of our portal. You can customise it further according to the metrics of your organisation to see the progress related to diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) in your company or particular teams. 


We’ve explained the steps to ensure that you’re keeping up with the equity and fairness in HR policies. If you’re ready to take drastic measures, our software is there to assist at every step and task to reshape the work environment and bring in positive positioning and branding of your company for the internal stakeholders from day one to the last. 

Contact us now to know more.

FAQ on Equity and Fairness in HR Practices

  1. What is the importance of equity in HR practices?

Equity empowers HR managers to ensure that all staff members are treated fairly, regardless of their background or characteristics. It promotes a just and inclusive workplace. 

  1. How does HR distinguish between equality and equity in the workplace?

Equality aims at treating everyone the same, while equity focuses on providing individuals with what they need to succeed, addressing disparities and promoting fairness.

  1. What steps can HR take to ensure pay equity within the organisation?

HR can conduct regular pay audits, address wage gaps, and establish transparent salary structures to promote fair compensation for all employees.

  1. What role does unconscious bias play in HR decision-making, and how can it be mitigated?

Unconscious bias can influence recruitment, promotion, and performance evaluations. HR can provide training to raise awareness and implement measures to reduce bias in decision-making.

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