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With dynamics of business changing faster that it was thought, companies are building collaborative organization in a quest to better stand the competitive environment and flourish. Though it is easier to say that collaborative organization offers some degree of advantage over the closed types business but implementing and making it a success is where all the effort lies. Collaborative system works at a different level for different people and David Straus developed a concept called “rings of involvement” that shows different type of people or team involved in the collaboration effort in the organization.

1. Implementers

This is a sort of cornerstone for the collaboration in organization Implementers are the employees of the organization, who take the mantle of searching for the collaboration vendor and adopting strategy for adoption. These are the torchbearer of collaboration system and are full-time employees who dedicate their time in making the enterprise collaboration a success. 

2. Enablers

Enablers are the second most important group of people in the organization these are the ones who take on the extended work of implementers to find out the right person in the organization who can be brought into the fold of collaboration system. Enablers make the job of implementer easy by taking the charge to find the evangelist who fit the bill in the whole enterprise collaboration and assist the implementer in putting together the big picture.

3. Strategists

Strategists are very important people in the whole enterprise collaboration system implementation process. They work closely with Implementers and enablers by offering them the blueprints of the collaboration system. At times the implementer and enablers take on the role of strategist.

4. Feedback Providers

These are employees or team in the organization who use the enterprise collaboration system and offer initial feedback to make the project more relevant. Feedback Providers do not take part in strategy building or implementation but they can share their ideas, thoughts, recommendation and insights regarding the enterprise collaboration system.

5. Update Seeker/Advisor

These set of employees are more interested in knowing what exactly is happening with enterprise collaboration system. These group receives updates through email, newsletter etc.  Executives and certain management staff are the update seeker they may not actually be a part of the enterprise collaboration process but they do seek regular updates of what is going on in the enterprise collaboration department.


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