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Many businesses have in-house payroll teams to manage the processes manually which is tiresome and error prone. On the other hand, for outsourced payroll processing, the issue of security and data leaks arises. The current payroll system requires entering the necessary employee data like attendance, PF deductions etc. manually, which consumes time and induces human errors resulting in either prolonging the process or leading to negative consequences like tax errors and penalties.

As a business owner, salary not paid on time can lead to employee distrust & higher attrition which can affect employee productivity.

uKnowva’s automated salary feature collects the attendance data and automatically generates the salaries taking into account the investment declarations, employee benefits & tax deductions. Salary slips are generated within seconds and real-time salary is processed directly through integrated banking feature to the employee bank accounts without the need to upload or sending files to the bank.

Automated payroll will help in reducing the complexity and the cost of doing business.

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