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Nilakshi Garg

Hi my name is Nilakshi Garg. I am a versatile content writer, screenplay writer, published author, and content marketer. I have published two books and worked as a screenplay writer in 12 short movies. Content research, editing, and marketing are a few of my top skills. I love working with creative teams.


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Pre-Budget 2023 Live Updates: Expectations high as stakeholders look for tax benefits Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
Budget 2023 Expectations Updates: Income tax relief sought; Economic Survey 2023 tomorrow Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
LIVE Updates | Union Budget 2023-24 Expectations: Insurance Sector Seeks Removal of GST on Health and Life Insurance Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
Ashneer Grover's suggestion to avoid layoffs: Band-aid or long-term solution? Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
Ashneer Grover’s suggestion to avoid layoffs: Band-aid or long-term solution? Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
HR technology in transformation: What to expect in 2023 Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
Employee Retention Can Be Enhanced With Smarter Onboarding Strategies With HRMS: uKnowva Jan 31, 2023 Newsroom
HRMS Software Advantages: Shortlisting Top 5 Your Team Desires Jan 31, 2023 Blogs
5 Best AI Tools Advantages HRs Can Pay Attention To Jan 31, 2023 Blogs
Do uKnowva & Make Your Employees More Self-Reliant Jan 25, 2023 White Paper
Why Is Work Life Balance Important For Remote Workers? Jan 25, 2023 Blogs
Top 7 Qualities Of A Good HR Manager Jan 25, 2023 Blogs
7 HRMS System Improvement Tips Jan 25, 2023 Blogs
5 Employee Engagement Activities To Plan Using HRMS In 2023 Jan 23, 2023 Blogs
Why Is HR Employee Engagement Important For Businesses? Jan 21, 2023 Blogs
Top 7 Advantages Of Biometrics For WFH Employees Jan 20, 2023 Blogs
10th White Page Leadership Conclave 2022 featuring Asia’s Best Leaders 2022 Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT: Adding digital heft via acquisitions Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
MSMEs Want More Attention Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
Transforming your Workforce using New Age Technology | Vicky Jain | Tech Podcast Series Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
Reskilling and upskilling of HR professionals Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
Why HR professionals need to reskill and upskill Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
Why HR professionals need to reskill and upskill Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
Employee Retention can be enhanced with Smarter Onboarding Strategies with HRMS: Study by uKnowva Jan 17, 2023 Newsroom
How Can HRMS Or AI Chatbots Help Perform Tasks Effectively? Jan 16, 2023 Blogs
How To Take Business Culture To The Next Level With HRMS? Jan 16, 2023 Blogs
3 Employee Reward System Benefits Jan 16, 2023 Blogs
8 Online Work From Home Tips To Attain Work Life Balance Jan 16, 2023 Blogs
Employee Engagement In HR: 4 Strategies To Scale It Up Jan 12, 2023 Blogs
How Does HRMS Make Home Based Work Stress Free? Jan 11, 2023 Blogs
How Can 4 Day Working Week Impact Employee Engagement? Jan 11, 2023 Blogs
8 Core Functions Of Human Resource Management Software Jan 10, 2023 Blogs
4 Day Work Week Benefits You Can Leverage Jan 10, 2023 Blogs
uKnowva Announces Its Star Performers for 2022 with the year-end Awards Ceremony Jan 04, 2023 Blogs
Reimagining Talent Engagement and Retention as You Do uKnowva Jan 03, 2023 White Paper
Verify Your Candidates With Repute, Now Available At uKnowva's Extension Store Dec 27, 2022 Blogs
uKnowva reveals its social Intranet facilitates two lakh interactions among employees every day Dec 14, 2022 Newsroom
How Social Intranet can help in Employee Engagement and Retention? Dec 14, 2022 Newsroom
How social intranet can help in employee engagement and retention? Dec 14, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva & SkillsConnect Hosted A Webinar On Capability-Building For Freshers And Laterals And Its Impact On Business Success Dec 09, 2022 Blogs
Uknowva Conducts Panel Discussion With Industry Leaders Dec 09, 2022 Newsroom
UKnowva Conducts Panel Discussion With Industry Leaders On Capability Building For Freshers And Laterals And Its Impact On Business Success In Collaboration With SkillConnect Dec 09, 2022 Newsroom
How To Boost HR Digital Transformation Continuously? Dec 09, 2022 White Paper
"Never Doubt, Live Your Dreams," CCO, uKnowva Believes Dec 02, 2022 Newsroom
7 Success Strategies that can Help Women Leaders Thrive and Break Barriers Dec 02, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva’s Social Intranet Facilitates 2 Lakh Interactions among Employees Every Day Dec 02, 2022 Newsroom
Celebrating and Recognizing Top Leaders Dec 02, 2022 Newsroom
Team uKnowva’s Annual Picnic to Camp Max at Kalote Dec 02, 2022 Blogs
‘Tech adoption is directly proportional to its simplicity, be it policy, tool or strategy’ Nov 18, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva comes up with two major products for its Extension Store Nov 18, 2022 Newsroom
Destigmatizing Mental Health for India Inc; Creating A Holistic Workplace For All Nov 18, 2022 Newsroom
Strategies To Tackle Quiet Quitting Challenges In A Firm Nov 14, 2022 White Paper
uKnowva & SkillsConnect Conducted A Webinar on Skills Freshers Need for Year 2030 Nov 04, 2022 Blogs
Survey puts spotlight on mental health at workplace Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
How HRMS can help companies upgrade their PCMM level? Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva Adds Two Major Products to Its Extension Store; Updates 15 products in the Last 3 Months Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
UKnowva & SkillsConnect Successfully Hosted Panel Discussion On Skills Freshers Need For 2030 Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva Organises Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders on the Skills Freshers Need for 2030 in Collaboration with SkillsConnect Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
Uknowva, Skills Connect Organise Panel Discussion Nov 04, 2022 Newsroom
Improving Employee Retention With Remote Onboarding Oct 27, 2022 White Paper
Women, digital transformation and the evolution of work Oct 17, 2022 Newsroom
SaaS Content Strategies that Drives Product - Bistriti Poddar, CCO, uKnowva Oct 17, 2022 Newsroom
HR Tech Startup uKnowva conducts survey on ‘How open are Managers to discuss Mental Health at workplace’ Oct 17, 2022 Newsroom
Adopt HRMS to Enhance the Maturity Level of the HR Processes at Your Organisation Oct 06, 2022 Newsroom
News from the world of Education: September 27, 2022 Oct 06, 2022 Newsroom
How To Make Organisations Capable Of Hiring People With Disabilities? Oct 06, 2022 Blogs
How To Initiate Succession Planning In HRM? Sep 26, 2022 Blogs
HR Tech StartUp, uKnowva managed to increase ARR by 1 Crore in just 1 Month Sep 22, 2022 Newsroom
HR Tech StartUp, uKnowva managed to increase ARR by 1 Crore in just 1 Month Sep 22, 2022 Newsroom
Best digital workplace products: our top picks Sep 22, 2022 Newsroom
New HR Glossary In 2022 We Must Know! Sep 22, 2022 Blogs
Current HR Tech Trends For 2022 In India Sep 22, 2022 Blogs
How uKnowva HRMS Software Builds The New World Of Work? Sep 22, 2022 Blogs
Employee Wellbeing Trends In 2022 Sep 22, 2022 Blogs
How To Remove Unconscious Bias From The Recruitment Process? Sep 22, 2022 Blogs
uKnowva Conducted a Webinar on Closing The Gap Between Corporate Expectations & Academic Learnings Sep 20, 2022 Blogs
धक्कादायक बातमी! पुढच्या 6 महिन्यात तब्बल 65% कर्मचारी देणार नोकरीचा राजीनामा; कारण.... Sep 15, 2022 Newsroom
Women In STEM: Know How Number Of Women Researchers In Science & Tech Field Is Increasing In India Sep 15, 2022 Newsroom
How the use of HR tech software can bridge the gender pay gap Sep 15, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva’s ARR value increases by 1 Crore in 1 month Sep 15, 2022 Newsroom
Do engineers make good HR leaders? Sep 15, 2022 Newsroom
How To Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors Sep 13, 2022 White Paper
What Are The Effects Of Overqualification On Employees’ Turnover Rate? Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
7 Key Strategies To Manage Virtual Layoffs Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
Impact Of A Health-Driven Work Culture Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
How To Adopt HR Tech With A People-Centric Approach? Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
Steps to Establish A Human Resources Department in Small Companies Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
Tips To Purposely Reduce Employee Attrition In Your Firm Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
Importance Of Employee Mental Health At Workplaces Sep 12, 2022 Blogs
How Does a People Capability Maturity Model Helps Digitally Transform Organizations Sep 07, 2022 White Paper
7 Effective Team Building Events For Remote Employees And Teams Sep 01, 2022 Blogs
Why Should Employees Go Back To The Office After WFH? Sep 01, 2022 Blogs
List of Challenges Faced By Managers in 2022 And Their Smart Solutions Sep 01, 2022 Blogs
5 Effective Employee Motivation Strategies Using Smarter uKnowva Solutions Sep 01, 2022 Blogs
AI-Backed Approaches To Predict Top Skills In Demand Effectively Sep 01, 2022 Blogs
Return To Office Policy Declining The Happiness Index Of 38% Employees- Employee Happiness Index Report Aug 30, 2022 Newsroom
WFO or WTH! Employees’ Happiness Index tanks as offices resume, many plan to quit soon Aug 30, 2022 Newsroom
65% Employees Are Unhappy Because Of Work From Office Rule; May Resign In Next 6 Months (Survey Results) Aug 30, 2022 Newsroom
Epic Recruitment Strategies: Finding Talent During Skill Gaps Aug 24, 2022 Blogs
How To Make Remote Employees Feel A Part Of The Team Actively? Aug 24, 2022 Blogs
How To Make The Employee Onboarding Process Successful? Aug 24, 2022 Blogs
How To Implement The Importance Of Human Connection For Employees? Aug 24, 2022 Blogs
How To Build A Strong Matrix Organisation? Aug 24, 2022 Blogs
How AI In HRMS Improves A Recruiter’s Productivity In the Long Run? Aug 05, 2022 Blogs
Digitally Transforming Employee Engagement Strategies In 2022 Aug 05, 2022 Blogs
How HR Relational Analytics Drives Home More Business Growth Automatically? Aug 05, 2022 Blogs
How Do Smarter Employee Engagement Solutions Help Tackle Employee Turnover? Aug 05, 2022 Blogs
HR Outsourcing Trends In 2022 To Note And Implement Aug 05, 2022 Blogs
Return to office policy declining the Happiness Index of 38% employees: 65% of such unhappy employees plan to resign in next 6 Month Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
Survey reveals in office employees feel less happy, tend to resign in next six months Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
Uknowva Adds Over 1.5 Lakh New Users Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva Adds Over 1.5 Lakh New Users since the Pandemic as Demand for HR Technology Rises Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
6 ways to remove bias in recruitment using HR tech Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva registers over 1.5 lakh new users since the pandemic Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
‘HRMS’ proactive role in automating and streamlining Agnipath campaign for various Indian government agencies Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
Here's how automation can transform mental-well being in organisations Aug 03, 2022 Newsroom
How AI In HRMS Elevates HR Roles And Autonomy In The Workplace? Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
The Role Of AI In Employee Recruitment Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
How Will You Hire Faster Using uKnowva’s Smart HRMS Integration Features? Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
How A Unified Complaints Management System Helps For HRs To Resolve Queries Quickly? Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
5 Key Employee Experience Pillars uKnowva Provides To HRs In 2022 Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
What Are The Famous 3 Cs of Employee Retention & Engagement Strategies? Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
How Capability Maturity Model Integration Tactics Help Your Businesses Grow? Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
Defining The 5 Common Stages of An HR Maturity Model Jul 26, 2022 Blogs
Employees cite poor tech, legacy tools as key reasons to quit Jul 06, 2022 Newsroom
Influencer tax on barter deals could hurt smaller creators Jul 06, 2022 Newsroom
On the event of International Yoga Day, India Born Startup, uKnowva organised a Yoga Session for 150 working professionals which included their 70 in-house staff and 80 staff of their companions. Jul 06, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva organizes on-line Yoga session for 150 working professionals together with purchasers and staff Jul 06, 2022 Newsroom
How Advanced HR Analytics Enhances Your HR Operations? Jul 06, 2022 Blogs
6 Things You Should Know For Successful HR Digital Transformation Jul 06, 2022 Blogs
Top 10 Ways Modern HRMS Solve Traditional Issues Faced By HR Team Jul 06, 2022 Blogs
All You Need To Know About VUCA - The Dazzling Power Of Uncertainty Jul 06, 2022 Blogs
Workforce Analytics: The Key To Improving Business Results Jul 06, 2022 Blogs
4 Ways Predictive Analytics Increases Employee Retention Jun 28, 2022 Blogs
Enhancing Employee Lifecycle Stages With Intranet Software Jun 28, 2022 Blogs
Best Practices for Digital HR Transformation in 2022 Jun 28, 2022 Blogs
The Digital Transformation of the Talent Management Process Jun 28, 2022 Blogs
HR Automation For Indian MSMEs Jun 27, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva organizes online Yoga session for 150 working professionals including clients and employees Jun 27, 2022 Newsroom
Women quitting jobs due to flexibility issues: How should companies cope? Jun 24, 2022 Newsroom
Measuring Employee Experience with People Analytics Jun 23, 2022 Blogs
Stages Of The Recruitment Life Cycle And Its Importance Jun 23, 2022 Blogs
Tech is changing HR professionals’ role, not taking their jobs away Jun 20, 2022 Newsroom
6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review Jun 16, 2022 Blogs
What Is Expense Management Software & Why Is It Important? Jun 16, 2022 Blogs
Insightful Exit Interview Questions To Improve Employee Retention Jun 16, 2022 Blogs
Top 9 Benefits Of HR Digital Transformation Jun 15, 2022 Blogs
Pride Month: Inclusion and Diversity at Work Jun 15, 2022 Blogs
Top 8 Employee Engagement Strategies for a Better Workplace Environment Jun 15, 2022 Blogs
People Analytics Will Be Important For The Future of HR Jun 15, 2022 Blogs
HR can support a healthy tech development through diversity Jun 10, 2022 Newsroom
Vicky Jain, uKnowva: “HR leaders need to put more effort and resources into data security” Jun 10, 2022 Newsroom
India-born HR Tech Startup uKnowva Accelerates Expansion in the MENA Region; partners with 1st Talent LLC in KSA Jun 10, 2022 Newsroom
How To Reduce Employee Attrition With HR Analytics? Jun 06, 2022 Blogs
How Is Disengagement Affecting Your Culture? Jun 06, 2022 Blogs
The Role of AI at Work Jun 06, 2022 Blogs
Promoting A Respectful Workplace Jun 06, 2022 Blogs
Best Ways To Improve Your Company's Culture Jun 06, 2022 Blogs
Employee Retention: How To Keep Employees Engaged In 2022? May 31, 2022 Blogs
What Are The Top Features To Look For In An Employee Engagement Platform? May 31, 2022 Blogs
ReThink HR: Rewriting the future of HR May 30, 2022 Newsroom
What is the future of HR tech with web 3.0? May 30, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva HRMS - Secure and User-Friendly Workforce Management Solution May 30, 2022 Newsroom
Budget 2022: Founders see it as a good start, hope measures will boost startup ecosystem May 27, 2022 Newsroom
How is Wockhardt Foundation managing its employees remotely? May 27, 2022 Newsroom
Employers finding it difficult to address the issue of Great Resignation: Vicky Jain, Founder, uKnowva May 26, 2022 Newsroom
Why it is High Time for the Healthcare Industry to Adopt HR Tech Solutions? May 26, 2022 Newsroom
9 Ways To Turn Your Website Into A Powerful Recruiting Tool May 26, 2022 Blogs
Data Analytics To Advance HR Practices For The Social Sector May 26, 2022 Blogs
Performance Management: How To Do It Right? May 26, 2022 Blogs
Top 7 Benefits Of An Employee Engagement Software May 26, 2022 Blogs
uKnowva Launches HRMS Solution Designed For Differently-Abled May 25, 2022 Newsroom
Singles vs parents: Does being in the latter category spell more benefits at the workplace? May 25, 2022 Newsroom
Earned Wage Access: A tool that allows access to your everyday income May 25, 2022 Newsroom
Year-ender: How Covid helped agencies change work culture for employees May 25, 2022 Newsroom
Retention over Recruitment: How HRMS can help May 25, 2022 Newsroom
uKnowva Launches Disability Feature To Help Specially-abled Improve Operational Efficiencies May 25, 2022 Newsroom
The Importance of a Structured Grievance Process May 24, 2022 Blogs
Employee Grievances: Steps To Handle Them Most Effectively May 24, 2022 Blogs
The 8 Main Advantages of Biometric Attendance Systems May 20, 2022 Blogs
HR Tech Startup Uknowva Expands To MENA Region May 20, 2022 Newsroom
How HRMS facilitates enhanced productivity in remote work setup May 20, 2022 Newsroom
8 Features To Look For In Biometric Attendance System May 18, 2022 Blogs
How HR Software Is Helping HR Teams In Reformulating Work Culture? May 18, 2022 Blogs
Performance Evaluation in the New Normal May 17, 2022 Blogs
Why HR Analytics Matter in 2022? May 13, 2022 Blogs
Human Resources Management In Health Care: Roles & Importance May 12, 2022 Blogs
HRMS – Complete Guide on Managing Your Human Resource May 11, 2022 Blogs
The Difference Between Payroll Services And Payroll Software May 09, 2022 Blogs
HR Management System: Challenges, Features And Advantages May 09, 2022 Blogs
Choosing the Right Payroll Software for Your Organisation May 06, 2022 Blogs
Performance Management System: Expectations vs. Reality May 04, 2022 Blogs
10 Key Features That Make A Payroll Management System Perfect May 04, 2022 Blogs
Corporate Vs Startup HR—Which One Suits You? Apr 30, 2022 Blogs
Why Employees Demand Remote Working Flexibility? Apr 30, 2022 Blogs
How to Win BIG At Employee Management In Your Firm? Apr 30, 2022 Blogs
How To Streamline HR Communication In 5 Ways Apr 23, 2022 Blogs
12 Must-Have Payroll Software Features HRs Must Know About Apr 23, 2022 Blogs
5 Benefits Of AI In HR Apr 23, 2022 Blogs
How HR Chatbots Transform Your Employee Experience? Apr 23, 2022 Blogs
What Are The 8 Qualities Of A Good Human Resource Professional? Apr 18, 2022 Blogs
Why Should You Choose Cloud HRMS In 2022? Apr 18, 2022 Blogs
Top 5 Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For In First Quarter of 2022 Apr 18, 2022 Blogs
5 Reasons Why Hybrid Work Model is The New Normal Apr 16, 2022 Blogs
Impact Of Payroll Errors On Employees & The Firm In 5 Scenarios Apr 16, 2022 Blogs
8 Innovative Ways To Minimise Workplace Negativity Apr 14, 2022 Blogs
Latest 7 Benefits Of An Expense Management System Apr 14, 2022 Blogs
How Technology Increases HR Management Efficiency in 6 Workable Steps? Apr 14, 2022 Blogs
Understand Importance of Technology in HR Management In 5 Ways Apr 14, 2022 Blogs
List Of 6 Payroll Horrors To Get Rid Of From Your Modern Firm Apr 08, 2022 Blogs
5 Important HR Hurdles We Need To Address Immediately In 2022 Apr 05, 2022 Blogs
7 Dos & Don'ts Of Employee Recognition Activities Apr 05, 2022 Blogs
How Employees Enhance Their Work Performances In 6 Organisational Tips? Mar 31, 2022 Blogs
8 Executable Employee Efficiency Improvement Tips To Implement In Your Organisation Mar 31, 2022 Blogs
4 Ways A B2B Business Can Excel In Employee Management! Mar 31, 2022 Blogs
Post-Pandemic Leadership: How It Has Changed & Evolved? Mar 31, 2022 Blogs
7 Benefits Of An Online Leave Management System Mar 23, 2022 Blogs
Why Employee Management Is Important? 5 Things To Know Mar 22, 2022 Blogs
Factors That Help Analysing The Value of Employee Recognition During a Pandemic Mar 21, 2022 Blogs
The Future of Work in India Mar 21, 2022 Blogs
Five Things Every CEO Should Do in Support Of HR Mar 17, 2022 Blogs
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Mar 14, 2022 Blogs
Top 10 Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) Mar 10, 2022 Blogs
Streamlining HR Communication In 2022 With 5 Workable Ideas Mar 10, 2022 Blogs
The Rise of Technology in HR Mar 09, 2022 Blogs
7 Trackable Employee Engagement Metrics for the Modern Organization Mar 04, 2022 Blogs
5 Ways Company Culture Impacts Business Strategy And Employees Mar 03, 2022 Blogs
5 Tips To Retain Top Performers In Your Company Mar 02, 2022 Blogs
5 Factors Hindering Effective Employee Engagement & Tips To Tackle Them Feb 28, 2022 Blogs
HRMS, HRIS, and HCM - Differentiating factors and choosing what works best Feb 28, 2022 Blogs
Is The Future of HR and Attendance Contactless? Feb 28, 2022 Blogs
Is Workplace Automation The Future Of Work? Feb 25, 2022 Blogs
Virtual Onboarding Process & Its Do’s and Don'ts Feb 25, 2022 Blogs
Closing the Gender Pay Gap In 6 Efficient Ways Feb 25, 2022 Blogs
How To Improve Exit Interviews? Feb 24, 2022 Blogs
10 Top Features You Must Look For In Your Next HRMS! Feb 23, 2022 Blogs
How An HRMS Software Like uKnowva Drives Better Employee Experience? Feb 23, 2022 Blogs
5 Common HR Technology Myths To Debunk Feb 21, 2022 Blogs
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