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Implementing techniques for efficient time-management and better lead generation


Aramark is a Fortune 500 listed company headquartered in the USA. They provide a range of hospitality services related to food, facilities and clothing for different type of institutions.

  • 200%Reduction in Interdependency for standard sales documents
  • 70%Reduction in Admin Team Overhead
  • 200%Increase in Idea Sharing through blogs and forums

Challenges Faced

  • Leads were not managed on time
  • Difficulty in handling the high volume of paperwork for converting leads
  • The profitable learning experiences were not getting shared with other employees

Investigating the cause

  • There was no automated platform to manage leads and keep a time-check on the follow ups
  • The paperwork needed for client registration was enormous and maintaining uniformity among all clients was a challenge
  • There was no common platform for sharing data
  • Even through people were willing to share their experiences, there was no platform to do so

Strategy Devised

  • Integrated uKnowva for Aramark
  • Customized uKnowva to resolve the challenges of lead management
  • Automated the data management system for efficient paperwork
  • Worked on providing a common platform for discussions and thought sharing

Our Solution

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before executing the best practises in user experience design.

  • Better lead management

    For a company like Aramark, several leads are introduced each day. Handling them simultaneously and converting each of them can be a big challenge. But with uKnowva, a check is maintained for every lead. The proposal management system helps handle the initial phase of client generation with ease without unnecessary time investment.

  • No more documentation worries

    uKnowva was customized to handle Aramark’s data as per their need. All client-related forms and ready-made templates were made a part of the system. To make the work easier, an auto input system was also integrated into the system for ready-made templates.

  • Managing timelines

    uKnowva keeps track of when a lead was introduced by registering the punch in details and once the lead data is input, it auto fills the related documents to save efforts. A systematized time-cycle mapping system in integrated in Aramark using uKnowva to understand the time invested for every client and if that needs to be revised.

  • Initiating internal blog

    Aramark started its own blog called ‘Kaizen Principle’ using uKnowva, to maintain a learning environment in the organization. The blog is used to share updates, experiences and other important communication across all employees


Key Stats

  • 200%Reduction in Inter-dependency for standard sales documents
  • 70%Reduction in Admin Team Overhead
  • 200%Increase in Idea Sharing through blogs and forums

Departments benefited

  • Business Development: Efficient management of leads helped multiply and increase the average leads generated
  • Operations: With easy availability of accurate data, day-to-day transactions and tasks are done faster and in an organized manner
  • Backend data managers: Ease in managing data uniformity across clients and automation of data processing
  • Top Management: Better lead management is helping grow the business and increase company profits
  • Clients: With work managed on timelines, clients are happier to work with Aramark