08 February 2016

Employee engagement is as important as customer engagement. Because the fact is your business does not run by itself, it's the manpower that makes it function. But you don't really have to drag them o..

26 January 2016

The world is moving faster, what about your communication techniques? Did you know that a lot of smart companies have surpassed the age old tradition of sending emails? Wondering why? Check out the d..

24 January 2016

Data collection, management and analysis are the reason behind the success of the big corporate giants. Want to know how they do it? If you a part of the corporate globe, you must have definitely hea..

22 January 2016

Every creature on earth has been created with a need to engage socially with like-minded peers; and your employees are no different. They spend the most important 9 hours of their day working for you ..

18 January 2016

The dynamics of today's business world asks for handling of multiple factors for smooth functioning of the organization. The internal teams, clients and associates have ever growing needs that need to..

13 December 2015

Enterprise collaboration software is the most accepted way to organize, plan and execute business tasks leading to the ultimate aim of every SME- 'Growth'. As an SME, there are several challenges f..

16 September 2015

The growing use of social networking site by community users is an indication that there is a huge demand for exclusive social networking site for communities. Today’s available social networking si..

24 August 2015

Enterprise Collaboration Software was introduced with an objective to bring employees on a single platform and to facilitate seamless collaboration among them on everyday business tasks and achieve hi..

18 June 2015

Today WhatsApp comfortably sit on the home screen of every Smartphone users. The real time messaging, user friendly UI, robust features, and high user interaction are some of the things that makes thi..

10 June 2015

Technology has played a vital role in shaping the future of the world we live in. Today most of the industries that function depend on technology that has developed with the passage of time. Whether I..

01 April 2015

What is OWASP? OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project a community completely dedicated to web application security. OWASP works with a single mission of making web applications on int..

20 February 2015

uKnowva as an enterprise collaboration platform has many uses. We like to think that uKnowva is fresh clay waiting to be modeled into what you want it to be. One of the things you can model this clay ..

12 September 2014

Wikipedia says, “In economics, a production–possibility frontier (PPF), sometimes called a production–possibility curve, production-possibility boundary, or product transformation curve, is a gr..

10 September 2014

In any organization, there is a high chance that you will find productivity decreasing because of the following seven deadly wastes. Defects: Not delivering a good-quality product or service Overp..

09 August 2014

The latest uKnowva 2.4 upgrade has introduced new features that majorly aim at making the life of the administrator easier. Other than the usual bug fixes watch out for the following new features: Us..

29 July 2014

Intranet is the communication tool used by organization all over the world to share data and information across people and work group. It started with a purpose of keeping the team connected and updat..

28 July 2014

Nasscom in association with Frost and Sullivan has come out with their third Product Excellence Matrix Report for “Indian Enterprise Software Products on Accelerated Growth Path”. This report reco..

13 June 2014

uKnowva has improved on its existing PDF Viewer by introducing yet another feature. This PDF viewer is different from other online PDF viewers because it is completely customizable. The first most im..

11 June 2014

uKnowva, the enterprise collaboration platform introduced by Convergence Services, is fairly new. But the grown shown by this brand has been immense. It has been recognized and touted as the next big ..

22 April 2014

uKnowva’s Document Repository is a place where you can store all your documents for easy access from anyplace, anytime and sharing with others. It also offers different layers of security by giving ..

18 April 2014

uKnowva, with its continuous improvement, has always introduced new features that make the user’s life easier. The latest in this line of improvements is the PDF Renderer. This renderer has been cre..

04 April 2014

Till about ten years back if you thought about software used in offices, you thought of drab, boring, email systems. These systems were quite complicated and an outsider could hardly expect to be able..

21 March 2014

For many years, companies have used licensed software for all their needs. This trend started when Windows became popular in the 1990s. Another reason for the widespread use of licensed software was t..

11 February 2014

Over the past couple of years, there has been a proliferation of social collaboration tools. Some of these are free while others are subscription based. All of them aim at one thing—improving the co..

23 December 2013

All companies have their intranets that they use for communicating with employees, but the problem that they all face is that the employees don’t really use the intranets much. A little bit of resea..

23 December 2013

ERP needs no introduction. Enterprise Resource Planning is so popular in fact that selecting appropriate ERP software for your company can be an overwhelming process. The need for choosing ERP softwar..

11 December 2013

All companies nowadays have an Intranet but also one common complaint—employees do not actively use the intranet. What could be the reason for this? In many companies, the intranet is used by employ..

10 September 2013

Enterprise collaboration platform is growing and companies are ready to take full advantage of this “new” technology. Though collaboration tool has been around since a decade but recently most of ..

28 August 2013

NextBigWhat is India's biggest platform for technology startups connecting startups to investors, other startups and offers latest news and meaningful analysis of India's digital ecosystem. Recently u..

26 August 2013

Today’s business environment is very dynamic it keeps on changing faster than we anticipate. To keep pace with this changing business scenario we need new tools and strategy. Companies invest money ..

06 July 2013

Today’s business environment is very dynamic things change faster than anyone could anticipate. A decade back who thought mobile phone would revolutionize our lives completely? Who though internet c..

26 June 2013

People have a strange notion regarding website security they think hackers only target websites of large companies and especially those who are dealing in banking and financial services or national de..

24 June 2013

With the shutting down of KineticGlue the enterprise collaboration services the existing users are in a fix, where to go and what to do next? Though they can look out for other vendors who provide sam..

22 June 2013

NASSCOM IP4Biz is an initiative to Showcase Made-in-India Software Products that are designed for global businesses. IP4Biz was started with an objective towards influencing Enterprises to buy “Made..

08 June 2013

Twitter is one of the world’s most famous micro-blogging sites which boast of millions of active users tweeting approximately 400 million tweets every day. Though twitter is a good platform for bran..

05 June 2013

Blogging is one of the best and cost effective ways to sell your product and services. But selling through blogs require certain level of expertise and skills which everyone do not posses. So here we ..

05 June 2013

With dynamics of business changing faster that it was thought, companies are building collaborative organization in a quest to better stand the competitive environment and flourish. Though it is easie..

23 May 2013

www.uknowva.comA decade back there was nothing called as web 2.0 and internet was still evolving with a rapid pace. Back then internet was mainly used for searching information, shopping and communica..

10 May 2013

Password has become an integral part of today’s web security.  IBM, in 2011 predicted that instead of typing a password user can just by their voice, look and touch can access ATM, PCs, etc. Passwo..

08 May 2013

1. Extraordinary leaders are great communicator and orators  As a leader it is important to motivate and encourage followers and extraordinary leader possess this useful skill of being a great commu..

07 May 2013

Linkedin is a platform that offers enormous opportunity for professionals to connect with each other and generate business prospects. But it is easier said than done networking on Linkedin is differen..

25 April 2013

The recent report by market research firm IDC has put a big question mark over the very survival and existence of PCs. Personal Computer has become part of our daily lives, whether we want to accompli..

19 April 2013

Skype is one of the most popular platforms extensively used for video and conference calling. Though Skype boast of millions of users using its platform there are other worthy alternatives that one ca..

15 April 2013

Cloud has made the life of IT executives easy and flexible. With plenty of Cloud latest tools available in the market IT executive can choose tools to save money and utilize resource in an optimum way..

09 April 2013

For any entrepreneur growing his business and making it successful is one of the top priorities. Though there are many ways he can do this but one of the best and easiest ways is to use Google Analyti..

05 April 2013

Today Android is one of the most successful operating system for mobile and tablet. But many of the people who say that android is their favorite OS may not know the hidden facts of Android. Here are ..

30 March 2013

There are plenty of books available for IT professionals but not all can deliver the best of experience for them. Some are better and some are the best. Here we list some of the best books for IT pros..

21 March 2013

Whenever we go for shopping we have heard the sales person telling us to go for higher mega pixel camera for stunning images or buying more gigahertz processor for superior performance or buying exten..

20 March 2013

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry Platforms. Thousands of freelance developers and app developing company put their time, money and effort to ..

19 March 2013

When you go for a Job interview your resume creates a first impression about you. It lets your employer to walk through your credentials, qualifications and past experience. But many times it happen t..
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