29 July 2016

The technology age is here to stay and organizations that do not adapt are at risk of losing their business. To prevent this, many are now waking up to enterprise tools that help them in their busines..

04 July 2016

In recent years, technology has had a profound effect on the functioning of HR. However, as compared to other departments in an organization, the HR department has been slow to adopt technology for it..

13 June 2016

Communication is the key to success You must have heard this several times, but how often have you tried to imply this within your organization? It is not just about communicating to the outside wo..

09 June 2016

Thanks to the growing knowledge about the benefits of enterprise collaboration softwares that many companies are now showing interest to adapt to this organized way of working. Even small and medium s..

08 June 2016

uKnowva has proven itself as an excellent enterprise collaboration software. There are also many clients from the Indian SME sector that use it. However, one industry that has not used it so far or is..

06 June 2016

Enterprise collaboration softwares are no more the process organising platforms used by the industry giants for their large scale functioning. Many small and medium sized enterprises have also stated ..

02 June 2016

The main motive of most companies behind getting enterprise collaboration software is to engage their employees and increase the internal interactions for better team-work. However employees are usual..

30 May 2016

An enterprise collaboration software is full of multiple tools that make life at work convenient and fun. Right from professional applications to personally engaging tools, these software are the perf..

27 May 2016

Any new format is always an extra burden for the employees to learn and adapt to unless you make it a fun experience for them. When you get an enterprise collaboration setup for your organisation the ..

23 May 2016

Blogs, websites, e-commerce portals, social networking sites.. etc etc every digital property today claims to be responsive. It is no more a value addition but an essential necessity to have be respon..

20 May 2016

Maintaining employee leaves and attendance are one of the most critical functions of the HR. There will always be clashes with the employees regarding these topics if a systematic setup is not maintai..

18 May 2016

  uKnowva is an enterprise collaboration platform that boasts of extensibility and loads of customization options, in addition to its host of features. However, there are 2 strong contenders who can..

12 May 2016

Did you know polls can be a great way of engaging with the employees at work? It can be used for serious introspective understanding of the choices and also for a lot of fun. Enterprise collaboration ..

09 May 2016

Sharing images and videos is the biggest trend of the day and why should the same not be used to add some fun at work too. It was said that images add life to your memories but looking at the current..

03 May 2016

Instant messenger is a unavoidable part of our daily lives now. Whether we are at home, travelling or even at work our attention continuously gets diverted to the *ting* of the phone every time a chat..

12 April 2016

Access levels are like remote controls, they make the system easy and much more organized. Make full use of them especially when it comes to data management. Enterprise collaborations platforms mak..

07 April 2016

If you are already on uKnowva, you would agree that it is a treasure of features that make your daily life at work super easy and efficient. If you are not on the platform yet, youa re really missing ..

04 April 2016

In the new age work mantra socializing is one of the most important tool to strengthen teams and create more communication between the employees. And the new age trend also says that people in general..

31 March 2016

Performance appraisals are the most motivating factors in an employees work life; make sure you do it in the most professional way. Just like other things performance appraisal is also an activity ..

29 March 2016

Polls are a great you to know the choices of the masses. You can use it wisely top understand your employees and get insights about the work culture. Here are five polls you should take for your empl..

25 March 2016

The biggest misconception that companies have about such software’s is that they are high in budget and outside their reach. This may be true in case of other software’s but with platforms like uK..

23 March 2016

Whether it is personal or professional life, communication is of utmost importance. Sharing of thoughts helps understand each other better and helps in sustaining together. The same applies for streng..

18 March 2016

Did you think an employee self-service portal is only for the big companies? Think again! var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (function(d, s, id) { var ..

16 March 2016

Time is money…. Here are tips to make the smartest use of your time at work var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d...

08 March 2016

Always keep the engagements with your employees going…their involvement is important for your growth. var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (function(d, s, id) {..

03 March 2016

Managing work on the go giving you headache? Try this... var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(..

29 February 2016

var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(..

24 February 2016

Managing data for business when your setup is spread across borders can be a challenge; unless you know this trick ;-) var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (funct..

22 February 2016

If you are a company that prefers to maintain a good work culture and you’re not using polls, this is a must read. var loadAsyncDeferredFacebook = function() { (functi..

08 February 2016

Employee engagement is as important as customer engagement. Because the fact is your business does not run by itself, it's the manpower that makes it function. But you don't really have to drag them o..

26 January 2016

The world is moving faster, what about your communication techniques? Did you know that a lot of smart companies have surpassed the age old tradition of sending emails? Wondering why? Check out the d..

24 January 2016

Data collection, management and analysis are the reason behind the success of the big corporate giants. Want to know how they do it? If you a part of the corporate globe, you must have definitely hea..

22 January 2016

Every creature on earth has been created with a need to engage socially with like-minded peers; and your employees are no different. They spend the most important 9 hours of their day working for you ..

18 January 2016

The dynamics of today's business world asks for handling of multiple factors for smooth functioning of the organization. The internal teams, clients and associates have ever growing needs that need to..

13 December 2015

Enterprise collaboration software is the most accepted way to organize, plan and execute business tasks leading to the ultimate aim of every SME- 'Growth'. As an SME, there are several challenges f..

16 September 2015

The growing use of social networking site by community users is an indication that there is a huge demand for exclusive social networking site for communities. Today’s available social networking si..

24 August 2015

Enterprise Collaboration Software was introduced with an objective to bring employees on a single platform and to facilitate seamless collaboration among them on everyday business tasks and achieve hi..

18 June 2015

Today WhatsApp comfortably sit on the home screen of every Smartphone users. The real time messaging, user friendly UI, robust features, and high user interaction are some of the things that makes thi..

10 June 2015

Technology has played a vital role in shaping the future of the world we live in. Today most of the industries that function depend on technology that has developed with the passage of time. Whether I..

01 April 2015

What is OWASP? OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project a community completely dedicated to web application security. OWASP works with a single mission of making web applications on int..

20 February 2015

uKnowva as an enterprise collaboration platform has many uses. We like to think that uKnowva is fresh clay waiting to be modeled into what you want it to be. One of the things you can model this clay ..

12 September 2014

Wikipedia says, “In economics, a production–possibility frontier (PPF), sometimes called a production–possibility curve, production-possibility boundary, or product transformation curve, is a gr..

10 September 2014

In any organization, there is a high chance that you will find productivity decreasing because of the following seven deadly wastes. Defects: Not delivering a good-quality product or service Overp..

09 August 2014

The latest uKnowva 2.4 upgrade has introduced new features that majorly aim at making the life of the administrator easier. Other than the usual bug fixes watch out for the following new features: Us..

29 July 2014

Intranet is the communication tool used by organization all over the world to share data and information across people and work group. It started with a purpose of keeping the team connected and updat..

28 July 2014

Nasscom in association with Frost and Sullivan has come out with their third Product Excellence Matrix Report for “Indian Enterprise Software Products on Accelerated Growth Path”. This report reco..

13 June 2014

uKnowva has improved on its existing PDF Viewer by introducing yet another feature. This PDF viewer is different from other online PDF viewers because it is completely customizable. The first most im..

11 June 2014

uKnowva, the enterprise collaboration platform introduced by Convergence Services, is fairly new. But the grown shown by this brand has been immense. It has been recognized and touted as the next big ..

22 April 2014

uKnowva’s Document Repository is a place where you can store all your documents for easy access from anyplace, anytime and sharing with others. It also offers different layers of security by giving ..

18 April 2014

uKnowva, with its continuous improvement, has always introduced new features that make the user’s life easier. The latest in this line of improvements is the PDF Renderer. This renderer has been cre..
{uKnowva is a brainchild of Convergence Services}