11 March 2013

There are two kinds of businesses one is product based and another service based and both have different requirements. Here we tell you about how to make your service based business a profitable ventu..

08 March 2013

It has been quite a while in the news that facebook was about to show the new look for its news feed. It created a lot of buzz by sending invite to press people along with bloggers and techno enthusia..

05 March 2013

Enterprise social network has become some sort of necessity in the modern businesses. Companies are deploying latest ESN (Enterprise Social Network) to bring about assertive changes in the company but..

28 February 2013

It was one of the biggest news, a kind of revival for enterprise social network companies, when Microsoft announced to pay a whopping $1.2 billion for Yammer. Even Yammer might not have believed what ..

28 February 2013

Ask any CEO about the companies “Real Asset” and he will quickly point out the employees working in his organization. Every company believes that if they want to succeed in the ever growing fierce..

28 February 2013

With the coming of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin big data has become more relevant to know the behavior of the users so that business decisions can be made based on the provided facts. Today with so ..

26 February 2013

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo is doing everything she can to bring Yahoo back on its feet. She made some quick changes and took some hard decisions after taking reign of yahoo last year. Her decision to..

22 February 2013

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging sites with millions of active users. Twitter has been famous with celebrities, politician, bloggers, tech users and working class people. Even though ..

19 February 2013

Today’s business is very dynamic and competitive. To survive and flourish in the business we need constant innovation and ability to change as per the market conditions. Though it is easy to talk ab..

16 February 2013

Enterprise Social Network is a new way of doing business in this highly competitive market. Though it has been proved beyond doubt that Enterprise social Network indeed helps in increased productivity..

13 February 2013

A decade back people never thought that social media can play such a huge role in their everyday lives. Similarly in enterprise sector CIOs and higher management executives are still skeptical about u..

11 February 2013

Technology is changing with time and with that we are entering into some uncharted territories of IT technology. BYOD or Bring Your Own Devices is a latest trend to catch up with Indian IT sectors, th..

11 February 2013

Year 2013 is going to bring lot of new initiatives in the field of  enterprise collaboration as more and more CIO are considering to deploy collaboration in their organization to reap the benefits of..

23 January 2013

Enterprise collaboration is not new it was there when internet was in its nascent stage. World over businesses were trying to find out how collaboration tool could be implemented in their businesses. ..

17 January 2013

Today every company wants to deploy enterprise collaboration software. Companies are investing thousands of dollars in the shiny new tools. But not all these implementation are successful and reason f..

28 December 2012

uKnowva is Enterprise Collaboration Software that offers a private and secure platform for employees to engage in seamless networking and communication, sharing of rich knowledge and leveraging the ca..

24 December 2012

We are at the edge of 2012 and within a week or so will be getting into sparkling and refreshing 2013. This year saw some great development in the Enterprise collaboration software segment. Starting w..

21 December 2012

Enterprise collaboration software is in huge demand, every company out there want one for them. But the dilemma is that today almost every vendor offering this solution has more or less same features ..

14 December 2012

Social media, social networking, and everything related to social in the internet are making great waves in the world. Companies know that social media platform is a great way to tap additional busine..

10 December 2012

Enterprise collaboration tool is primarily for everyone but it is more useful for employees, which helps them to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and work with their colleagues. Yet most of th..

10 December 2012

Although enterprise collaboration tool is fast catching up with today’s modern and high growth businesses yet the overall demand is not so encouraging. IDC predicted enterprise collaboration segment..

07 December 2012

Though the term cloud computing is recent but the technology is as old as the internet itself. The concept was conceived long back but due to technological constraint it was never put in practice but ..

06 December 2012

India is a land of perse cultures and follows unity in persity. India has been fastest growing economies in the world thanks to the strong economic policy and solid fundamentals. Even though India’s..

22 November 2012

There are thousands of websites launching everyday so it becomes very important to keep your website in sight of people who are looking for information about your company, products or services. To mak..

21 November 2012

Humans are social by nature and hence they constantly seek relationships to survive and flourish. Building a strong relationship is thus very important but when it comes to seek relationship in the of..

10 November 2012

With changing market dynamics and need for innovative solution to solve everyday business problems the global software market has seen a significant growth of 4.7% in the first year taking the softwar..

08 November 2012

With the advent of web 2.0 the face of internet has changed forever and its present form is far more dynamic and user centric than what it was couple of decades back. The success of social networking ..

05 November 2012

With the success of social networking websites like facebook, twitter and linkedin it became apparent that these sites indeed help people to stay in touch, get connected, share knowledge and do lot of..

02 November 2012

The business world is changing faster than some of us anticipated and the reason for this rapid change lies in the emergent of new technologies. World is becoming a smaller place yet communication is ..

02 November 2012

With the advent of social networking companies like facebook, twitter and linkedin the landscape of internet has changed forever. With each of the websites commanding hundreds of millions of users the..

29 October 2012

Collaboration is not new it has been there from the time human civilization came into existence. Our social nature helps us to collaborate with ease and get our work done faster. This holds true even ..

27 October 2012

Every new project requires brainstorming, planning, organizing tasks, and proper execution. But without having a proper tool to manage the project the project manager may not achieve the desire goal. ..

12 October 2012

With changing times the business is also changing and to keep up with it we need to have a different approach toward the way business is being done. Collaborative organization has an edge over traditi..

01 October 2012

Enterprise software has been used by companies from many decades to carry out their everyday business activities. But as time is changing new technology and trends are invading our lives. Social netwo..

27 September 2012

The world is changing faster than we have ever imagined, and we have to move with it lest we stay behind this race to reach the destination. Just a decade back it was hard to think that social aspect ..

28 August 2012

Over the last couple of years workplace collaboration is getting more attentions and has become a sort of reality for many companies. With change the businesses all over the world witnessing it became..

28 August 2012

In an age of stiff competition businesses all over the world coming out with innovative ways to keep their companies moving during the hard times. With dwindling revenue and wafer thin margin taking t..

28 August 2012

Enterprise Collaboration Software is not new, it has been used in some way or other by businesses all over the world. The use of Enterprise Collaboration Software is more in the developed countries ra..

28 August 2012

Today with increasing competition in the market every business is caught in the vicious rat-race. This leads to ultimate frustration and failure of the business. With the coming of internet and subseq..

28 August 2012

uKnowva, the enterprise collaboration software, when implemented in your organization offers seamless collaboration across different teams and get the best out of your employees through effective comm..

28 August 2012

It has been more than 4 years since the last recession happened in the year 2008, financial wounds are still fresh. The market was limping back to normalcy but again the world political scenario playe..

28 August 2012

Most of the Indian business even today are family-owned and run in a traditional way. But with changing economic scenario around the world and coming of internet and web 2.0 there has been a shift in ..

28 August 2012

Today any organization just cannot survive on mere technological innovation unless and until there is a real transformation happening in that company. With wealth of information at our finger tips it ..

28 August 2012

The future of Indian companies will be more of transformation rather than technological innovation. Every day with the advent of new technology the market is flooded with companies offering latest pro..

28 August 2012

There was a time when every businesses in the world had their own Intranet hosted in their premises but with changing times it has become a passé the common and one side Intranet is slowly waning awa..

28 August 2012

“Change is the only constant”, yet many find it hard to accept. Even in organization you can see change is hard, because when you make change there will be challenges and difficulties which need t..

28 August 2012

Every day while carrying out our daily business activities we come across various business problems which could have been solved if we had better tools with us. Some of the common problems that arise ..

28 August 2012

In today’s internet world the rate at which information is produced everyday is greater than what we can consume. Every company generates tons of information on daily basis but not all information i..
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