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Performance appraisals are the most motivating factors in an employees work life; make sure you do it in the most professional way.

Just like other things performance appraisal is also an activity which has started to get more automated thanks to online appraisal systems. Various platforms like uKnowva help you to perform a fair, unbiased and organised online appraisal format. These formats are widely accepted by all major companies across the world.

How do online appraisals happen?

It's a three way process where in the HR sets a common format for all employees. Every employee needs to fix his objectives in the system before the beginning of the term of appraisal. These objectives need to be accepted by the reporting head. At the end of the term the employee should claim his achievements against the objectives set by him and appraise himself. The head can then accept or reject the claims and revise the appraisal as per the performance. The same can be accessed by the HR at any given point of time.

The above mentioned is a standard format but different companies can have different formats for appraisal and customise the software to match their need.

With the system being online the format remains set for all employees and uniformity is developed l. Also online means the information is transparent to the right people and secured as a backup record.

As compared to the traditional means, online appraisal systems are far more efficient and time saving. Also chances of employees bluffing or misusing the information are very less.

Another benefit of online appraisal is that all employees who are travelling or stay on the field can access this software at anytime and anyplace and fill their appraisal related data without wasting any time.

The world is moving towards digital for every small necessity. Things like performance appraisals are highly important and there is no reason why companies should not digitize and systemize them.

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