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People have a strange notion regarding website security they think hackers only target websites of large companies and especially those who are dealing in banking and financial services or national defense or government agencies. You may think if you are a small company and keep low profile, hackers won’t target your website because they won’t come to know that you are there. Why will they target you? How will they benefit? A decade earlier, when internet was in its infancy, this question could have made sense but not today. 

You may think that you have a solution for a hacked website – just hire an expert and clean up the system and tell your employees to change the passwords and once again you are ready to roll. Earlier the hackers would be alone and target only large high-profile companies and government organization to either drive down their point or show their power. They were fired up by the though a change and revolution. But it is different now.

Today Hackers work in groups and they have their community of own and ample resources to carry out their work. They are after login details, passwords, financial data, confidential information anything that is confidential is very much they want form you. They can breach your company’s website through your employees buy stealing their login access and other vital details. Sometimes hackers also use your vendor or external business partner vulnerability to have access to your websites. Many times it happens that if you have enter into any business agreement with your vendor without looking into their data security arrangement then it can be a risky proposition for your business.

The fact is that no company is immune to hacker attack and there is no one solution that fits all. It is the early precaution that we take make all the difference, having web and data security policy in place and implementing best website security practices will help in long-term protection form hackers. Though you may be not worry about the financial losses but to put it straight website getting hacked is time-consuming, and resource-draining.

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