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Technology has played a vital role in shaping the future of the world we live in. Today most of the industries that function depend on technology that has developed with the passage of time. Whether Industrial revolution or IT revolution it’s the technology that offer them the momentum to accelerate and move forward. With the advent of internet the world has become smaller and more approachable. Though organizations are heavily investing in technological tool to keep them abreast with competition seldom they think of having something to bring in more collaboration and engagement among employees or teams across different geographies.


Recently research done on the subject of collaboration among the workforce has revealed startling results. Social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have been successfully leveraged the social aspect of humans to drive increased collaboration and engagement. If this kind of collaboration could be brought in enterprise for work related activities the productivity could be dramatically increased. To bring in collaboration it is imperative that we bring everyone in the organization on a single platform. And the platform if integrated all business critical tools then resource productivity will get a boost. One of the ways to do this is to get an enterprise collaboration platform that offers seamless communication, collaboration and sharing features built into it.

uKnowva offers a platform for organization to leverage their resources and get more out of them through the integration of various process critical tools like CRM, HRM, Task Management, Support Desk on a single platform. uKnowva by default comes with some important features that can be used to drive more collaboration and create social engagement among the employees.

Some of the features that uKnowva offers include: 1. Social Intranet:

This feature allows you to create personal profiles post latest updates through activity stream, send personal one-to-one message, upload videos and photos. You also get instant response through likes or comments. 

2. Document Management:

Storing and accessing the digital files becomes easy and seamless with uKnowva’s document management. The robust access control level allows you to permit who can view, edit or delete the files. 

3. Knowledge Management:

You can create and share knowledge with others in the group on various topics. 

4. Calendar:

This feature allows you to schedule, manage and track your meetings and events so that you never miss anything that is important.

5. Polls:

Get unbiased feedback and opinions on subject that matters most. Convert those feedbacks into insights to make your decisions. 

6. Instant Messenger:

Strike meaningful conversation with your colleagues. Reach subject matter expert instantly to get valuable feedbacks, insights and help on different topics. 

7. Branding:

This allows you to customize uKnowva to reflect the culture of your organization with different colors and themes. 

8. Extensibility:

Increase the functionality of uKnowva through extensibility that lets you integrate various third party or custom built applications like CRM, HRM, Task Management, Support Desk etc.

9. Access Control:

This feature offers added security to uKnowva by limiting access to critical resources or data on the network.

10. Device Neutral:

uKnowva offers seamless experience whether you are using it on mobile, laptop, or tablet. 

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