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As an organization or a business, when you are employing someone, it's natural to have an expectation from him/her. However, sometimes the individuals seem ideal on paper but can’t fill in the shoes in real -life. Don't stress, it's not your inefficiency. Hiring is a difficult task, and with the sheer number of prospective candidates out there, finding the correct one requires a cautious blend of good strategizing and utilizing the proper social media platforms alongside a recruitment management system and engine.

Attracting millennial talent over social media is one of the strategies that has been working wonders recently for recruiting new hires. So the’social recruitment or key recruitment metrics’ has manifested which refers to leveraging the worldwide visibility of social media platforms for talent hunting and recruiting valuable assets remotely and effectively.

With all these recent developments and new ways of recruiting you can surely turn into a RECRUITING SUPERHERO! To make this a reality we have compiled the best strategies that you can make use of. Let’s dive in!

Read how uKnowva HRMS helps with digital recruitment management system trends to follow in the long run:

Strategize your hiring and define goals.

If there's a requirement for an employee to be recruited, you have to start by making a strategy. What group of employees are you searching for? What are some must-have skills they should possess?

What sort of qualifications do they need to have? Having a well-characterized set of expectations will help you in screening candidates better and more effectively. It will likewise diminish the probability of bad hires.

Utilize the new age Tech.

With the appropriate utilization of an automated recruitment management system and engine and applicant tracking system, HR professionals can improve the recruitment procedure significantly.

Take uKnowva’s Recruitment Module, for instance, the recruitment engine has Intelligent filters to sort applicants. It's Talent management framework automatically gets rid of the unqualified applicants, which saves overall time spent on recruitment. Hiring via a cloud-based recruitment engine significantly lowers the cost per hire, attributed to the automation offered by uKnowva's smart 'Applicant Tracking System (ATS).'

Integration with other tools that use AI to unearth relevant profiles automatically amplifies your hiring process. Like the seamless integration of uKnowva with Turbohire helps easy talent spotting and syncs across the status of candidates. So it's in your best interest to get on board with the technology leaps made in the new age recruitment processes.

Adopt Social Media Recruiting.

Get on board with online and social recruitment tips and solutions. How does uKnowa come to your rescue here? Well, it's a no-sweat job with uKnowva, as it allows you to share your job posts on social media at a click of a button.

With millions of users on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter find your next hire easily by adapting to the social recruiting trend. Engaging with candidates on social media in due course building a community helps for hunting future prospective hires.

Harnessing the power of hashtags helps you reach the right audience and target the relevant candidates.

You cannot miss out on social recruiting with uKnowva!

Use best practices for feedback management.

On interviewing a candidate, the selection solely depends on the feedback made against him/her by the interviewer. Documenting these in a labour-saving way is the smart way to go.

Having the option to record online feedbacks against every candidate, uKnowva paves the way for a clear communication harmoniously.

Key takeaways

One of the fundamental duties of HR is to be available for the employees. The recruitment process shouldn't block your calendar for an entire season.

When you take advantage of Social Media Recruiting, you can free up your schedule for the meetings and activities where your presence and expertise is irreplaceable. Your recruitment process should get better by leaps and bounds by implementing a collective strategy of the following elements:

  • Setting Hiring Goals.
  • Exercising Social-media recruiting.
  • Adopting a highly sophisticated Recruitment Engine.

So get on board and get going!

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