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 Using old school technology, it was never easy for a human resource professional to track and manage employee leave while adhering to the organisation's leave policy.

The arduous process of coordinating all those urgent and frequent leave requests, which often come in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages, and other forms of communication, adds to the drudgery.

This is a problem that every HR department deals with on a regular basis. During onboarding, one of the first questions employees have is regarding the procedure of taking vacation time. It's possible that the queries will revolve on leave policy or how to apply for sick leave.

However, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular advantages that employees desire to learn more about.

When it comes to employee attendance and leave management system, the manual procedure is frequently the cause of not just increased salary expenditures, but also sub-optimal staff productivity.

Regardless of how comprehensive your leave policy is, it must be communicated, and a leave management system must be in place to make leave approvals easy for both employees and management.

 What is leave management?

 In light of the ongoing Covid Pandemic, companies are going out of their way to provide employees with a range of leave that are customisable to the employee in the pandemic that range from sick leaves to emergencies like state and country lockdowns.

Organisations are also making way to  include more unusual options like bereavement and sabbatical leaves, as well as the more common paid sick leave.

Leave management is the practice of coordinating time-off requests so that productivity is not affected and employees can take vacation when they desire.


So, what is a leave management system, exactly?

A leave management system, as the name implies, is a system that handles/manages employee leaves and allows firms to track their performance, leave usage, and so on.

Whether large or small, businesses are increasingly using automated leave management solutions. For a little fee, such systems offer a variety of services to simplify HR operations and eliminate the risk of human error. 

uKnowva HRMS is the ideal one-stop shop for leave management and other HRM solutions!


Here are a few reasons why your company should implement an employee leave management system as soon as possible:

Increased accuracy and time savings

Inefficiencies abound in today's manual leave management systems. As previously stated, the HR manager is responsible for following up on all leave requests and keeping track of each employee's leave balances.

As the organisation grows, the time it takes to process these requests will grow as well.

Errors, oversight, and manipulation are all too often in manual operations. However, with an automated leave management system, you may expect greater accuracy and fewer mistakes without having to sift through voluminous files, data sets, and paperwork.

Even minor changes in attendance, departures, work assignments, reimbursements, and other factors can be recorded and taken into account when processing salaries and other payments.

Cost savings

If not managed properly, leave and absence can have a significant impact on payroll and project expenditures, and in a longer run, disrupts company budget planning too!. This might result in exorbitant costs in huge organisations.

Because every leave can be monitored and accounted for, automating employee leave management can help you save a lot of money.

Improves Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction can be improved by using online leave management tools. Employees can apply for leaves and line managers can accept them because the procedure is transparent. Employees can use the system to keep track of their unused vacation time. Employees who have not taken leave in a long time can be coached to take scheduled leaves in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Premium HRMS software, such as uKnowva HRMS, even tracks employee overtime and makes sure it’s factored into payroll processing.

Employee satisfaction and attrition are improved as a result of the organisation's initiatives.

End Line:


The nominal installation cost of HRMS software has been properly validated when compared to the advantages. Leave management systems to have several benefits to offer, regardless of the size of your firm.

As profit margins narrow and companies fight to retain talent, investing in a leave management system can save money by reducing costs associated with lower productivity and employee turnover.

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