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Enterprise social network has become some sort of necessity in the modern businesses. Companies are deploying latest ESN (Enterprise Social Network) to bring about assertive changes in the company but they are finding little and in some case no success at all. The single most important reason for ESN failure is the employee adoption rate of this platform. Once after the implementation of ESN there is a spike in the user adoption rate but just after a month or so the enthusiasm fizzles out. There are many reasons for this and if we can find the remedy for them quiet early then we can solve the problem related employee adoption and make the platform a real success. ESN offers a social touch to the professional environment at your workplace. The platform comes integrated with many useful tools that can improve productivity of your company and help you grow in this highly competitive business world.

Below mentioned are few initiatives that can help ESN platform to be a real success.

1. Let managers encourage employees to use ESN

Leading by example is a great way to show the employees that the platform is indeed valuable and useful. Managers proactively participating in the ESN will boost confidence of the employees and encourage them to participate in it. One of the large enterprises that has deployed ESN allows his manager to answer employees queries through ESN this allows employees to use this platform to raise their issues. ESN with built-in message feature allows you to communicate with your colleagues, which reduces your dependency on mail.  This way message moves across the organization efficiently and quickly.

2. Continuous education and training on ESN

 If you want to increase the employee adoption for your ESN then it is imperative that you make training and education on ESN a part of your employee training program. Learning any new technology will find initial resistance from the employee but educating and training them on the same helps them better understand the platform and allow them to learn more about ESN. 

3. Getting feedback from employee

Most of the managers do not listen to their employees and this leads to resentment among them. It is very important for managers and higher authority to listen to their employees and get back to them on the issue. For instance if employees do not understand how to use various features of ESN then or if they find some more customization that can help them achieve greater efficiency at work then Managers to heed to this and take appropriate solutions. It is not important to cater each and every other request of the employees rather a poll based system can be helpful.

4. Internal communication and internal marketing

Just buying a shining new collaborative tools and deploying it will not increase the employee adoption or make it successful. Rather it is a systematic approach and proper strategy that will lead it to success. To make this happen there needs to be an internal marketing mechanism and clear communication across the organization must be in place.

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