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Many elements of human life have been altered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people now work from their homes.

Workplaces after Covid-19 will not be the same traditional workplaces that people have known for years. Safety will take precedence over all other considerations. 

And while wondering “is the future of HR and Attendance contactless”, know that touchless workplaces are now in trend. 


To avoid transmission of contagious illnesses and maintain staff safety, feasible and touchless alternatives will replace physical presence and touches. 

These activities in need of urgent replacement can be, but not limited to:

  • Fingerprint-based biometric devices, 
  • Touch-based screens for conference and meeting rooms, 
  • Kiosks for visitor check-in, and 
  • Handle-operated doors. 

Alternative for fingerprint-based biometric attendance management systems can be Virtual Biometric systems. 

uKnowva HRMS offers a similar one, for instance. 

Additional HR Advantages:

It may appear paradoxical at first to think and question — is the future of HR and Attendance contactless?

That, however, is a misconception. Contactless does not imply the absence of human interaction. 

Indeed, if there's one thing we've learned from the epidemic, it's the beauty of contactless technologies. They keep humans safe while taking the human approach in critical areas.

The contactless revolution began with the rise of virtual meeting rooms and cloud-enabled digital offices. 

With the passage of time:

  • More technological solutions capable of conveying 'human' elements become available. 
  • Virtual chat rooms have taken on a life of their own. 
  • Gamification was introduced to online training programmes. 
  • Projects became more collaborative than they had ever been previously. 

 As HR operations (attendance, recruiting, and learning) become more contactless, intelligent automation removes time-consuming administrative procedures. 

It's pointless to have an entire crew monitoring a desk only to keep track of who came in, when, and for how long. That is readily handled by a sophisticated contactless attendance management system. 

Similarly, such a solution may save expenses, save time, and liberate personnel. It has the potential to eliminate the extra bureaucracy they must go through just to get to work.

Is the future of HR and Attendance contactless? But why?

All personnel in an office utilise a fingerprint system. Employees enter the workplace one by one, tapping the screen of the attendance system. Because of the repeated touches on the device, it may pose a significant risk.

Your coworker may cough or sneeze while contacting the biometric scanner, or any droplet of oil may be found on its surface. The most typical route for the virus to spread is through contaminated surfaces, according to researchers. 

So, it's best to avoid contacting surfaces that can become contaminated fast as a result of human contact.

That is why many businesses are wanting to use a contactless attendance system.

Because every employee's initial point of contact is the attendance system, the virus's propagation may be stopped just outside your office's door. 

And employees may be afraid to touch the biometric scanner during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. So questioning “is the future of HR and Attendance contactless actually is useful to implement. It would boost cleanliness with the discontinuation of the biometric attendance system.


As a result, it is necessary to implement a contactless attendance system that assures employees' zero-contact entrance.

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