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The human resources department can be accurate and quickly set up, even in smaller companies. The decision-makers have to get the basics of the HRD right. They must know the features the HR department must be bestowed with.

Even small companies can leverage the presence and implementation of uKnowva HRMS. Using the tool prepares them for the gradual growth of employed workers and workload complexity. Building an HR department in smaller companies is a smarter venture now. 

Read the blog ahead to know the steps to evaluate and follow through.



Steps To Build A Smarter Human Resources Department In A Smaller Firm:

Create an HR process:

Establishing an HR department in smaller firms must be about people and processes. A well-defined HR structure will attract, retain, and engage employees more, even in startups. Therefore, implementing uKnowva HRMS even in organisations with 50-100 employees is apt. 

Smaller teams with ten members get to set up their free instances. They can fasten their people management process using multiple functionalities in the uKnowva HRMS. Recruiters and HR generalists know the basics of leveraging the tool. 

This allows them to:

  • Make more strategic decisions faster. 
  • Align HR strategy with organisational vision and mission.
  • Keeping company goals straight and on point.
  • Acknowledging the people resources in the system. 

Establish a structure for managing human resources:

At this step, merely identifying the resources and process of HR and managing people is not enough. You need to start assigning roles and responsibilities to the staff. That means the processes will turn into a structure to follow. 

HR recruiters, talent managers, and generalists must indulge in best HR practices at this step. They must know how to hire, train, develop, engage, lay off/let go of employees, etc. 

This step clears the confusion about the successful human resources department establishment. Types of job roles that HRs have to focus on while setting up the process for a smaller firm can be:

  • HR director
  • HR manager
  • HR coordinator
  • Recruiting manager
  • Experience manager
  • Talent manager

These roles are more refined in a workflow management tool, even for smaller teams. At least, incorporating smarter tech at this stage prepares for tougher times ahead. Teams will know whom to answer and who to ask for justifications and project delivery. 

Building an HR department becomes very crucial at this stage. The structure has to be right and free from bias or manipulation. uKnowva HRMs is very helpful here. It will clearly define roles and set up employee profiles.

Each employee will have different skills to endorse. And if their profiles do not match the skill set, the system might give automatic alerts to the super admin to change or redefine HR roles. In short, it leaves no scope for favoritism. 

Fill skill gaps smartly and ahead of time:

Small firms find it hard to tackle industrial changes and fill talent gaps on the spot. Employee attrition is almost unbearable in smaller firms because the management is not prepared for employees to leave. 

They often fail to predict what skills to develop, hunt for, train employees for, and to acquire. However, uKnowva HRMS helps them tackle this challenge over time. 

It can highlight different skills to develop. HR analytics will run a predictive analysis. Based on that, dashboard reports are highlighted in super admin and reporting managers’ dashboards. 

In short, employers receive the hint of digital: hard and soft skills to acquire and develop ahead of time. The system continuously reads the historical and present employee data fed into it. In time, the system makes smarter calculations and predictions. 

Based on these datasets, it’s simpler for the HR analytical tool to recommend digital skills to hunt for in advance. This way, small firms have enough time to train their dedicated employees or hunt for the next hire. 

Their digital pre-boarding, onboarding, and talent acquisition phases are smooth and transparent. HR recruiters have clarity of thought and process. 

They can connect on the social intranet in uKnowva with other department heads to know the exact job role and digital skill requirements. 

HR professionals leverage:

  • Interactive compliance interface
  • Automated recruitment engine
  • eLMS function in uKnowva HRMS
  • HR Analytics and live insightful reports
  • Social Intranet for extending connections and collaborations

That is for strengthening their tactics to acquire digital skills ahead of time. 

Set new and continuous HR KPIs:

HR professionals must set up KRIs and KPIs to accomplish in a given time. That’s the next essential step for building a human resource department in a small firm. Setting up challenging, measurable, and time-bound goals is important. 

Without setting up a target, measuring the efficiency of the HR teams and their members is difficult. This practice is applicable in every firm, irrespective of its size. 

It is a very productive and healthy practice. The HR department will be free from ambiguity in roles, expected projects and behaviours. Some of the KRAs small firms can track in the smarter HRMS:

  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism
  • Employee retention score
  • Performance growth in terms of completed projects, tasks, or activities
  • Number of employees hired and departed in a period

Collaborate with other functional heads in the firm:

Small firm HR executives have to connect with other functional heads. It is to increase their collaboration and improve internal communication. To do so, the uKnowva social intranet instance is the best. 

It allows different teams to connect online over chat, surveys, polls, and forums. They even approach each other with help desks and live updates. Then, there are steam chats for managing the human resources department effortlessly. 

Human resource executives can easily take information from other functional heads with these tools. Some of the crucial information HR persons need from other divisions include:

  • Total cost to be spent on the next hire.
  • Total number of employees to hire or lay off from a particular division.
  • Number of activities to prepare and execute for a particular division. 
  • The extra skills or activities to list in a job role while recruiting to fill talent gaps in other divisions.


Above are the core steps for setting up a human resources department with basics in a small firm. However, even small and growing firms can leverage uKnowva HRMS for automating daily mundane work. 

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