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Knowing HRM characteristics is important. If you are looking for an HRM solution, then you need to find the characteristics and make a list of the same. It will help you pick or select the right tool there and then. It will help you streamline the management of hiring, evaluating, keeping, and training processes. Then, it includes managing the performance of employees at a click.

Human resources software (HRMS) assists you in keeping track of your numerous obligations and fostering a positive, productive work environment. These tools, like uKnowva, improve service quality, organisational effectiveness, efficiency, and performance.

So continue to know about the latest HRM characteristics and features that your next tool must have. 

A Brief On HRMS System 

Human resources management software assist organisations with their HR procedures. These can assist in streamlining employee data, employee performance, compensation management, payroll management, and timesheets, as well as recruitment and benefits administration.

An HRM's role is to use technology to boost productivity and assist managers in building happier, more effective teams.

Top 9 HRM characteristics to know about:

  1. Simpler employee benefit modules

A human resource management system makes it simple to access modules for employee benefits that let you consider things like pension plans, health insurance, maternity leave, sick leave, and vacation time.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Your HRMS software should provide convenient solutions while you're on the go to maximise efficiency. Your employees can access information from any location thanks to mobile compatibility and cloud solutions. uKnowva allows you the flexibility to use HRMS from every smart device at a click.

  1. Self serving portal for managers

Manager self-service functions enable you to perform various tasks, including reviewing candidate applications, entering performance review data, approving expense claims, and accessing employee information, all while speeding up HR processes.

  1. Self serving portal for employees

Your staff members can input personal information, check the status of their benefits, and request time off using employee self-service features. Acting as a liaison between your staff and this information can save your HR department a ton of time.

  1. Management of absences

You can track and manage employee absences with the aid of HRMS software. It makes it simple for managers to understand who is present today or on leave and why. They know whether their employees are on vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, or other paid time off.

  1. Planning for employees' schedules

Using employee workflow scheduling software, you can manage schedules, create attendance modules, and set notifications and alerts to make monitoring things like attendance and overtime easier.

  1. Timesheets

Employees can keep track of their hours with the help of timesheets enabled in HRMS. It helps them stay true to their commitment to work and clock hours properly. Employees become more disciplined when going to work: whether remotely or working from the office. Their timesheets are easy to access, audit, and regularise for the manager and the staff themselves before locking the attendance. Employees can easily check their timesheets on their smart devices when they do uKnowva. 

  1. Cost projections for completing projects

One of the perks of HRM characteristics is that it also allows time and cost estimation features for various projects. It uses historical HR data, enabling you to predict future resource needs more accurately. Then, managers find it easier to allocate their best talent to certain projects for better business impact. 

  1. Integrated payroll system

You can integrate your leaves and attendance modules with your payroll using uKnowva HRMS software. Doing this can obtain precise payroll cycle data that calculates employee salaries and benefits on time. It eliminates the scope of human error to a greater extent. So every human resource professional saves a lot of manual hours every time they need to regularise, audit, lock, and generate payroll.


With the continued development of HR technology in India, which now includes cutting-edge AI and ML solutions for better decision making, the future of HR technology systems is promising. These technologies can help HR managers gain more knowledge, better manage their workforces, make wiser decisions, and foster a happier work environment.

The HR community is also aware of the value of HR tech systems for streamlining daily operations. Many of these processes are carried out manually or using antiquated systems, making it extremely difficult for HR managers to maintain the status quo. Thus, it is important for today’s HR people to understand the HR characteristics from day one and learn to optimise the same with smarter choices.

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