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Belonging to the HR world, it’s interesting to always refresh our knowledge on what’s happening. The HR Glossary blog of 2023 will show you the list of normally trendy words with meanings below. 

Most of these keywords show how the blend of people and technology dynamically shapes today’s HR world. Let’s see how uKnowva HRMS also plays a role in incorporating and understanding those HR terms. 

New HR Glossary You Must Know:


It is the rate of employees failing to show up at work without a valid reason. uKnowva tracks employees' everyday leave and attendance using its smart Virtual Biometric System. 

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

It is a tool that enables recruiters and hiring managers to track their candidates' progress against the current job openings. uKnowva HRMS has an automated and fully-integrated ATS. The analytics attached to the ATS on uKnowva shows the possibility of the candidate fulfilling the application.

It also highlights the total number of candidates completing their assessments. ATS is an amazing tool to hire without bias and work closely with data-driven approaches to refine the bulk hiring process. 

Buddy System:

This system is interesting wherein the management or the manager assigns a workplace buddy to the new hire for a few days. The buddy helps the new hire to orient into the work culture. These buddies are responsible for educating the newly hired person on workplace norms and expectations. 

Career Development:

It is how the organisation readily supports the employee for their professional growth. For example, it could be through consistent mentoring, tutoring, lecturing, training sessions, seminars, project management, coaching, and more. uKnowva HRMS helps in career development through various functionalities like Project & Timesheets, 360-degree Performance Appraisal, succession planning, eLMS, and more. 


These are the skills, experiences, and knowledge employees require for a particular job or a project. uKnowva makes it easy for employees to list their skills on their employee profiles. Their colleagues can also endorse their skills that would reflect in HR analytics.


One of the popular HR terms includes cross-training. It is the process where employees learn to be multi-skilled. They train and learn from each other in the team. uKnowva’s meeting rooms are a suitable tool for employees to hold new webinars and training sessions. They leverage group chats to work on multiple projects and learn something different from their competencies. 

Digital Onboarding:

It is the virtual or online process of onboarding the new hire. uKnowva supports the process of digital onboarding with its recruitment engine. 

Digital HR Transformation:

This HR glossary term is pretty interesting. It relates to the online and digitised process of HR from hire to retire. Paperwork dependency is almost negligible for HRs because of a comprehensive HRMS suite.

Digital skills:

Employees need these skills to carry out their daily duties online. It can be the knowledge of software like HRMS. Otherwise, it relates to how employees manage their workflow online. Then, it could be related to content writing/marketing, social media marketing, reputation building, software development, research and analytics, etc. 

Diversity & Inclusion:

It is an organisation’s cultural belief which is highly in demand today by new-gen workers and employees. Diversity and inclusions ensure that every employee receives similar or fair treatment at the workplace. There must be no discrimination against workers at any cost. 

Employee Engagement:

This HR glossary term is trending already. It focuses on how employees engage with the systems and one another to complete their shared goals on time. Their interactions improve their engagement with their job roles. 

Employee Experience:

The employee experience is the experience firms deliver to their workforce from the first point of contact to the last. It could be both online and offline. This factor directly impacts the internal reputation of the firm.

Employee Retention:

Employee retention is the metric that checks how many employees are staying back in the organisation over a period. It is the opposite of attrition or turnover rate. 

Employee Self-Service:

It is a portal in the HRMS or any workflow management tool that allows the workforce to be self-reliant. They have almost negligible dependency on other departments to get their work done. For example, on an ESS portal offered by uKnowva HRMs, employees download their necessary financial and employee documents within a few clicks. They do not necessarily have to ask HRs to forward those documents to them. 

Gig Workers:

Another term in HR terminology is gig workers. These are all the contractual labourers or freelancers working for a firm based on a contract. 

Happiness Metre:

This is a feature you will find in the uKnowva HRMS. It is created in the dashboards with the help of the mood punched in at every entry or exit by employees. A happiness statistic or index helps to predict if the workforce is motivated or not.

HR Analytics:

HR analytics is the functionality you can find in the uKnowva HRMS to predict, diagnose, and prescribe strategy decisions to CHROs and teams on time. It studies every employee and client data fed into the tool. 

In time, the HR analytics feature runs several algorithms and models at the backend. It generates reports without bias on crucial and complex business and HR problems. CHROs and their teams study and dissect the effectiveness of these reports to refine their predefined HR processes. 

Learning Management System (LMS):

It is a tool or software that helps employees to learn new content and skills online. uKnowva has already launched an eLMS platform for all its users in its HRMS suite. 


We will keep bringing you the new HR glossary to get up close with the latest trends in the HR world. For now, that shall be enough. Reread the terminology to evaluate how uKnowva HRMS works in tandem with the latest HR trends and their terms. 

You can find features like Happiness Metre, ATS, eLMS, HR Analytics, and ESS in the uKnowva HRMS suite. It will automate the management of the new-gen workforce with clarity and transparency. 

uKnowva HRMS suite also improves employee engagement, experience, and retention rates with its interactive and intuitive social intranet tool. 

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