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To pursue and maintain full-time employment opportunities, people with disabilities frequently struggle with barriers. The environment lacks the infrastructure and support required to continue long-term employment, and there are few to no job opportunities that are simple to apply for. In addition, businesses are having a harder time than ever finding talented employees due to the ongoing labour shortage.

Hiring people with disabilities gives organisations a lot of opportunities to tap into. Businesses gain a competitive advantage and show their commitment to inclusion by finding, hiring, and retaining these people. The secret is concentrating on a person's abilities rather than their shortcomings. 

People with disabilities are recognised for their reliability, engagement, and commitment to their jobs. They quickly adjust to a new environment and have compassion and empathy for others. These qualities help them work in a team easily and contribute greatly to the work environment. 

Accepting applicants who have disabilities builds disability diversity in your organisation. There are numerous benefits to successfully hiring these individuals for your company, and there are some things you should consider before you do.  

uKnowva HRMS is a tool that has recently built a super flexible and customised instance for the visually-impaired workforce. It enables them to work without external help and makes them self-reliant in the labour market. So, read the things below to consider hiring people with disabilities using smarter HRMS tools.


Make Your Organisation Capable Of Hiring People With Disabilities In 5 Ways:

Make the workplace friendly

People with disabilities have faced some discrimination in their life because of their condition. They are familiar with feelings of bullying and rejection, which sometimes means they might be on guard in new environments. Make sure candidates with disabilities are aware that your company welcomes their applications. Inform them that you do not discriminate against individuals based on their disability, that your office is wheelchair accessible, or reasonable accommodations will be made to help them. 

This will help them feel included and cared for by the organisation. You can use the social intranet by uKnowva to recognise and reward them for their achievements in the firm. This will help you promote disability inclusion in the workplace

Encourage inclusion of people with a disability

Build a culture at your workplace which is inclusive of all people, especially people with disabilities. Train your employees not to be biassed towards these individuals but promote the idea of being respectful. 

People with disabilities are dedicated to their jobs, especially if they perceive their employers and coworkers to be supportive and respectful of them. This is one way of promoting workplace diversity for disabled workers

Providing training, mentoring, and resources to promote inclusivity and employee retention is crucial once you've begun hiring workers with disabilities. 

uKnowva HRMS helps firms to conduct online meetings and collaborate on the social intranet. Reporting managers must connect with employees from time to time and train them to respect each other, despite their disabilities. 

Clear job descriptions  

Employers should carefully review job descriptions to ensure they don't contain any requisites that would bar people with disabilities from applying for and being hired. If possible, mention that the position is open to everyone and that your company welcomes applications from people with disabilities. 

The pandemic has shown us that remote work is extremely convenient and possible for many jobs. Individuals with disabilities can take advantage of remote work opportunities, and with 

uKnowva’s HRMS, you can still manage your workforce with ease. uKnowva helps you track all your employees' performance and help them in areas they need, provides you with the faculties to manage disabilities in the workplace,

Let your workplace be suitable  

People with disabilities frequently need extra facilities and care than your other employees, depending on their needs. Ensure that your organisation caters to these needs. 

For those with disabilities, knowing whether an organisation has modified workplaces for people with disabilities is crucial because they may not physically be able to work without a setting specific to their needs and unique characteristics. 

For example, uKnowva HRMS was implemented in an organisation with customised colour themes and dedicated help desk for the disabled workforce. An automated timesheets and attendance system was integrated into the HRMS for people with visual impairments. The ESS portal helped people to work independently. The text was bigger for the employees with visual impairment issues. So, they had no trouble reporting for their duties on the smarter tool. 


As mentioned earlier, if the position doesn't require the individual's physical presence at the office, you might want to let your staff members work from home. 

People with disabilities may also be given flexible schedules or hired on a part-time basis. This will help individuals with disabilities to be more productive and not worry about the hassles of travelling to an office. 

uKnowva PMS can help record workforce performances without micromanagement. So, even people with disabilities can enjoy flexible working hours. What matters here is that they are able and competent enough to complete their work on time. 


Hiring people with disabilities has proven beneficial to organisations and shows a diverse and inclusive side of the company, which will help with a good reputation. 

It shows that your organisation cares and isn’t afraid to give your talent a chance despite their struggles. Though it may seem like recruiting people with disabilities isn't an easy task, the advantages are obvious. 

Start moving toward a future where every competent applicant is given an equal opportunity in your interviews. This will help you promote disability diversity in the hiring process more often.

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