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Organisations, as they grow and mature, become more multi-dimensional. We cannot ignore the need and emergence of a strong matrix organisation by then. Bosses and managerial people connect with executives to get work done faster.

However, these integrated processes and communications are not easy. As a firm and its process levels up, we see how complexities show up. These complex working environments include:

- Cognitive overload

- Conflict in job roles and responsibilities

- Coordination problems

Thus, the matrix management roles and responsibilities must get the right attention. That’s possible by aligning skill sets, behaviours, and shared goals.

To build stronger matrix organisations, our research recommends the implementation of uKnowva: a transparent workforce management tool. 

So, below you read strategies to apply using uKnowva in resolving daily challenges in weak to strong matrix firms.

Read the blog at your pace. Then, grasp the knowledge before implementing the same in your firms.


6 Strategies To Build A Strong Matrix Organisation Whenever Possible & Feasible:

Allocate resources with unmatched visibility.

To overcome weak matrix organisation challenges, your HR persons must bring more visibility in allocating human resources. It will empower employees to work with people from unmatched profiles and backgrounds. 

Dissimilar backgrounds and zeal to complete tasks on time will be a winning strategy to impress clients. Employers drive more profits with continuous appropriate human resource allocation using smarter uKnowva HRMS. 

HR people have more clarity using a fully integrated HRMS system like uKnowva. They know the list of top and low-performing employees. As a result, it’s easier for them to allocate different projects to their teams. 

This way, the project cost is reduced. In addition, employees will contribute more because they will get projects they can pull off.

Hire the right people at the right cost without location barriers.

To make a strong matrix organisation, HRs must be ready to adapt to digital onboarding. They must hire the best talent literally from any corner of the world or their country. 

Fortunately, implementing uKnowva does that for you. You can hire multiple people remotely or on a freelance basis. In addition, the digital recruitment and onboarding process is smoother and streamlined on uKnowva. 

It replaces paper-led onboarding and offboarding. The employee experience is smooth and dedicated there. So, employers save each person’s clocked-in hour at the firm. 

Plus, with hiring right from day one, the culture only improves thereon.

Enable your team’s quick decision-making strategies with HR analytics. 

Teams are going to make quick business and project-related decisions. That is possible with the predictions and diagnosis run on the HR analytics. However, not every ERP and HRM might have this. 

However, uKnowva HRMS has smart HR analytics that integrates with other tools this software offers. The tool lets the thought leaders and reporting managers know about the critical analysis of the team. 

It also reports to them about the firm's progress as a whole. That way, managers are always quick to implement critically value-adding decisions. So, there is no time for confusion or ambiguity. 

The decisions are on time, and so are the expected business results. That’s why employees will be empowered to think critically, breaking their mental and performance barriers. 

Strengthen team collaboration with complete honesty using collaboration tools.

Most matrix management roles and responsibilities are mismatched and unclear because of messed-up communication channels. The uKnowva social intranet tackles this drawback with complete honesty and dedicated streams. 

So, team connections and collaborations strengthen while implementing uKnowva’s intranet. Employees have the right platform to connect with a shared purpose. Their mindset becomes more goal-oriented. 

They can clear all confusion at once using the chat messenger. Otherwise, they can cast their votes on polls, surveys, and forums. This will enable the organisation to propel necessary changes as per the majority of the workforce. 

Such features in the social intranet help employees connect from different corners of the world. There is hardly any mess while working with different teams and bosses when a uKnowva intranet is in place.

The traditional reporting hierarchy will be removed. So, employees connect directly with the concerned individual in the firm. This could be a person at a senior, super-senior, managerial, or executive level. 

What would matter here is the connection each employee forms with one another to complete the project and improve expected performances. That’s one way to strategically build a strong matrix organisation over time.

Standardise priority projects to remove confusion. 

Employees need to prioritise their tasks. Without that, reporting to the different managers or multiple bosses could be a hassle. In addition, they must have a system to automate their mundane tasks every day. 

The uKnowva workforce management tool unlocks that leveraging position for them. As a result, employees have the advantage of getting rid of the daily burden of completing tedious tasks. 

With features like automated onboarding, ESS portal, automated salary slip generation, and automated timesheet reminder, work-life is pretty easy.

Employees have a lesser dependency on their seniors or bosses. They can exercise full work autonomy in this matter. Ultimately, prior tasks can be finished fast to remove any confusion or performance roadblocks. 

When that happens, employee engagement and retention rates improve. That is because employees get more recognition with a faster turnaround time. With regular recognition, they want to stay back and excel in their role in the firm.

Bring clarity to job roles and responsibilities. 

To build a strong matrix organisation, employees must be clear about their roles and responsibilities. They must not delay project delivery. Their management and relationship with their allotted time must be apt. 

For that, they can, fortunately, embed the uKnowva project and timesheet into the system. That will help employees to get ahead of their schedules.

They can see the projects that are lined up. In addition, their employers can leave remarks on the project’s charter sheet for them to review and revert.

Each time will get timely alerts or reminders whenever there is an update on the project charter. That way, employees have no confusion about their roles, despite working in different time zones or locations. 


Employers have multiple ways to make their teams cohesive and conducive to expected business results. The six steps explained above are proven strategic and smart ways to ensure that each business unit or team is part of a strong matrix organisation. 

Once that is sorted, employees have no confusion, ego, or ambiguity in completing projects on time.

Talent managers can trust them to get their deliverables on time without wasting clocked hours. That is possible with the workforce tracking and management tool, uKnowva HRMS.

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