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Four Crucial Functions to Look for In Your HRMS Software

As we are stepping into the age of digitization, cutting-edge HRMS solutions are rolling out every day. Since most of the small and medium scale firms do not have a force of Human Resource Management, it is becoming challenging to survive this competitive market. The success of HRMS software lies in productivity enhancement through automation and its return on investment. Most of the times, HRMS solutions fail because of one thing- your software does not favour your business model. Here are the top four features to look for in an ideal HRM solution:

User Friendliness

HRMS is meant to take some burden off your shoulders and fast-track your HR-related tasks. If the software you bought is challenging to deploy in your environment, requires weeks of training, and feels like it is sucking out the fun out of your job- it's not worth it. The best HRMS solution has an interactive design, easy GUI, and guide or real-time support for troubleshooting.

Degree of Automation

If the software does not sweep you off of your feet with its automatic functions, why are you wasting your time on it? The HRMS best suited to your needs will automate basic processes like Employee Attendance, Leave Management, and Payroll System. It'll also cover more complicated services like Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, and Workflow Automation. With these tedious jobs out of your way, you should be able to boost your productivity by 75%.

Talent Hunting and Employee Retaining

The tech-savvy Gen-Z is most likely to jump on the internet and social media platforms to look for jobs! Make sure you attract these gems before they move on to some other platform. Wouldn't it be amazing if your HRMS software could search all over the internet and fetch you the most talented and versatile employees? Moreover, after recruitment, you should be able to make your employees feel valued and help them grow in their career. It is 2019, and you can absolutely demand your HR solution to take care of talent hunt and keeping employees loyal to your company.

Employee Engagement

If employees are the soul of an organization, then the HR department is the heart of it. Like a healthy community, your employees should feel included and appreciated. So it is your HR team's responsibility to have an open-door policy for your valued employees. To keep everyone updated about the workplace policies, new additions to the knowledge database, keeping them engaged and motivated is a tremendous responsibility. Equip your HR ninjas with all the essential tools and have their back all the time by getting them software which keeps the employees involved and happy!

The bottom line is, an HRMS solution should be cost-effective and should provide the unique features tailor-made for your business model. uKnowva's HRMS covers all the four functions and has much more to offer! Being a cloud-based and mobile-enabled system, HRMS is highly cost-effective and user friendly. With large chunks of data on the cloud, you won't have to worry about file management and backups. With the mobile-enabled design, you can stay in touch with your employees/ employers 24/7. Switch to HRMS uKnowva, the one-stop HR portal for all!

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